Mississippi Teen Robber Shot Dead

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. Read them and see went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from defense with a gun.

Performance Oil Equipment Inc (Photo: Harold Gater)
Performance Oil Equipment Inc (Photo: Harold Gater)
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- The Clarion Ledger reports this week (7/22/2016) in Jackson, Mississippi, police say a 17-year-old was apparently burglarizing a Lexus sedan that was parked at Performance Oil Equipment Inc. located at 920 East McDowell Road.

The owner of the business, armed with a handgun, approached and attempted to stop him.

At that point the 17 year old teen didn’t stop but instead lunged at the armed business owner.

“There was a struggle between the burglar and the armed individual. The criminal was shot multiple times in the upper torso,” said a Police Commander.

The shooter was detained and questioned at police headquarters but later released. There were no other injuries reported. The Lexus sustained damage that was consistent with an auto burglary.

The teenager ultimately was transported to the University of Mississippi Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. The identity of the man who shot the teenager is not being disclosed as police say no charges are being filed against him at this time. The case will go to a Hinds County grand jury.

Police say they have surveillance video and statements from witnesses they are using in their investigation.

Employees told the media this isn’t the first car burglary they’ve had to deal with. “We get broke into all the time here but never somebody attacks us. We scare them off. This time he attacked my boss. He was just defending himself.”


One can reasonably expect a car burglar to surrender or run when approached by an armed citizen. Sometimes the bad guys do the unexpected.

Criminals resist more often these days than in the past decades. Everybody’s a tough guy from watching their peers fight the authorities at school or on the streets in our constant media glorification of criminals!

If you or your co-worker shoots someone, don’t talk to the media. It won’t help and your opinion could actually hurt his case if this ends up in court.

A plan: a crime in progress, first call the police! The street criminals are too dangerous to play with now-a-days. Keep yourself safe!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Your not going to believe this, but….the perp was BLACK, yep black. Another classic example of the morph from black lives matter to black lives splatter. They are sooooo deserving!

Wild Bill

@Bob Irwin, I don’t think that it is a reasonable expectation that a car burglar will surrender or run. And based upon your second sentence under your “Comments:”, I don’t think that you do either. And with regard to your plan: If you fail to move to cover first, you may not be able to complete your call to the police. First, stay at cover or move to cover. Second, ask yourself “Do I need to be involved in this?” Third, prep the jury (which may include calling the police) by yelling ” Don’t shoot! Drop the weapon! Help, help… Read more »


Average prison stay PER DAY, paid for by taxpayers, $40.00… Average bullet cost to ELIMINATE said criminal and save $40.00 per day, 10 cents per round. ZERO cost to law abiding taxpayers…. Win-Win situation !


10 cents a round ,??? where have you been hideing,but a good analogy anyway…


What ammo are you buying for 10 cents per round? The cheapest I can find for my 40 S&W is 40 cents. The premium self defense ammo is $1–>$2 per round, but still bargain compared to the $40/day. Want to hemake the crime rate crash? Declare open season on criminals. The bleeding hearts say it is not worth killing over property. I say make the criminal ask themselves “Is stealing this worth the risk of death?”

Wild Bill

, He bought in in 1999! Still has some on the shelf.

Chris Cliff

Got what he deserved. But I know the lamestream media doesn’t give a crap about the safety of the common American.