Flood of Pet Dogs Killed by Wolves in Wisconsin Continues – GRAPHIC IMAGE

Editors note: That brings the total number of known pet dogs killed or injured by wolves in 2016 to 26. As the season progresses we can most definitely expect more beloved pets to be killed more as wolves expand their pack sizes.

Pet Hunting Dog Killed by Wolves
Pet Hunting Dog Killed by Wolves
Wisconsin DNR
Wisconsin DNR

MADISON, WI –-(Ammoland.com)- Seven more Wisconsin pet dogs have been killed and another one left severely injured.

  • On August 5th 2016, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves injured a seven-year-old Walker hound in the Town of Solon Springs, Douglas County.

  • On August 6th, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated (killed) a two-year-old Walker hound and a two-year-old Walker/Plott hound in the Town of Delta, Bayfield County.

  • August 12th, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated (killed) a 3-year-old Walker hound. It was killed on 8/12/16 in the Township of Drummond, Bayfield Co.

  • August 13th, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated (killed) a 4-year-old Walker hound. It was killed on 8/13/16 in the Township of Drummond, Bayfield Co.

  • August 13th, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated (killed) a 2½-year-old Black and Tan hound and a 2½-year-old Bluetick hound. Both were killed on 8/13/16 in the Township of Drummond, Bayfield Co.

  • August 13th Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated (killed) a 4-year-old Plott hound. It was killed on 8/13/16 in the Town of Tipler, Florence Co.

More information and caution-area maps are available on the gray wolf webpage.

Hunters are reminded to use the caution-area maps on the DNR website (dnr.wi.gov, keyword “wolf management”) to help reduce conflicts during this year's bear dog training and hunting seasons.

**Anyone suspecting a wolf attack in northern Wisconsin should call USDA-WS immediately at 1-800-228-1368 (in state) or 715-369-5221. In southern Wisconsin call 1-800-433-0663 (in state) or 920-324-4514.

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    1. Your dog goes in the woods where wolves are and what?
      You go into a violent hood and you get shot and what?

      how did wolfs killing dogs became political? The dog isnt loose until the owner lets him loose and in the wild thats just how it is…… Id stop letting my dogs run off into the woods seems like the logical thing to do otherwise if a wolf gets it thats LIFE…. let your dog run the streets and it gets hit by a car….. what do you do……

      but dont make the article sound as if pets are being snatch in their own yards outta their kids arms..

    2. @freedom1080, wolf pimps? Liberals sure come up with some off the wall names. I can guarantee that there are no dog owners that are feeding their best friend to the wolves. Dogs to hunter are family and just like every other member of the family they have a job to do. You liberals need to stop defending the predators and support the victims. It amazezes me how much garbage can fit into such a small brain.

      1. @biker, all those libs and peta people depend upon us to keep the world civil, so that they can exist. When the world devolves into less civil times, the predators will take care of them, and we won’t even have to take them to the woods.

        1. Amen Brother! I am sick and tired of people putting more value on wild animals than humans. Before you liberals chime in , I am all for wildlife conservation but not of the expense of people’s property , pets and livestock. If you all hate urban sprawl why do you live in housing developmentSituation? There isn’the once animal on earth that is worth a human life. Get your priorities straight. While you liberals are out there yelling and screaming about animal right our government is taking ours away. You must realize that not only are the wolves killing pets, they are decimating wildlife hunters have helped grow in numbers over the years. California found out what happens when humans think they know more than nature does. They had a moratorium on killing Coyotes. It took thousands of farmers and people living in the foothills to complain that the population has gotten out of hand before they lifted that moratorium. That is exactly what letting know nothing liberals set the laws can do. They do it with wildlife, health care, the economy and our countries security.

    3. The normal worthless wolf pimps are here crying the normal crap. It’s the worthless vermin wolves fault. Kill the vermin off they are non essential vermin pest equal to sewer rats. That must be why the city people love them so much.

    4. Again, these dogs aren’t pets. They are deliberately put in harm’s way strictly for the amusement of their owners. These “dog lovers” don’t hunt bear with hounds because there’s no other way to bag a bear. They do it because, to them, it’s fun. They take their dogs into wolf country and expect taxpayers to pay for their losses when the wolves defend their territory.

        1. @Mike and the Gray Wolf is not even a native species. Usually the government spends a lot of taxpayer money to eradicate invasive non-native species. So what is going on here?
          @Susan, I did not read in the article about these pets being taken into wolf country. I think that you are adding facts to support your agenda.

          1. @Wild Bill
            The gray wolf is absolutely a native species. The two states where they were not completely exterminated by humans are Alaska and Minnesota, next door neighbor to Wisconsin. I do not know if wolves were reintroduced in northern Wisconsin or if native Minnesota populations expanded across the border, but in any event, wolves are not an invasive species.
            As for the hounds being in wolf country, check out a map. Delta, Tippler and Drummond Township are all in the heart of the Chequamegon-Nicollet National Forest. The DNR posted warnings and designated certain parts of the forest “wolf caution areas.” So yes, this is wolf country and bear hunters know full well the risks of running their hounds there. The other town mentioned is Solon Springs. It is in the Brule River State Forest, very near to the Chequamegon. It, too, is a popular hunting area.

            1. @Susan, I grew up in Minnesota, and the native wolves were called Timber Wolves. I think that Gray Wolves are smaller, and not from this country. I would like to know where you get your information, not for the sake of arguing, but rather for my own edification. Oh, and thank you in advance.

            2. Wolves were not reintroduced into any of the Great Lake States. The gray wolf is the timber wolf. In Canada, coyotes were sometimes called “brush wolves”. The wolves in the Great Lakes Region are smaller (average male is about 80 lbs; female is smaller) and pack size is smaller (4-5 animals) because their primary prey is deer – it takes fewer animals to bring down a deer compared to elk.

            3. Wow, really? Your going to compare what happened to the Buffalo to the over populated wolves and Coyotes? I would say rhat is like comparing apples and oranges but even that is closers than your comparison. So you would rather allow pets and livestock to get killed than thin out an over populated predator. Makes sense to me. Why not stop the slaughtering of cows,pigs,chickens and sheep , or even lettuce. I heard that lettuce once used to be more plentiful. Same with corn. Now they use corn for fuel. Poor corn. Try putting some thought into what you post. Please don’t reply with a bunch of liberal false facts. Like ” climate change”. That is terrible. We need to cut climate change to two seasons. Again, wow!Unfortunately part of what you say is true. The gray wolf is also known as the timber wolf. Their numbers have been coming back but they are nowhere near what they were. This is not because of hunting. Some is due to pesticides (that aren’t used anymore) . Some due to farmers protecting their livestock. Most is due to nature doing what nature does. Their range is parts of Rocky Mountains , Alaska, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. They use to be all across the North American continent but hasn’t been that way for quite a while. That’s it for my biology lesson. Please don’t ask for more. To much reading. If you want to check the facts, look on the National Geographies site.

            4. @Cry Wolf, If gray wolves only go up to 80 lbs, then Gray Wolves and Timber Wolves can not be the same species, because Timber Wolves get up to 150 lbs. Even the Timber Wolves that I have seen are as big as a miniature horse.

            5. The grey wolf and timber wolf are the same thing. Just as some white tail deer are smaller in some areas and larger in another. Every article and encyclopedia I checked confirms they are the same. I agree that liberals will make chocolate pudding out of mud and call it ” chocolate pudding with all natural ingredients “. What these wolves are called is beside the point. There territory has been invaded and those that invade it are thinking the wolf needs to learn not to be mean. Kind of like teaching a fish not to swim.à Relocation would be a better way to deal with them rather than exterminating them.

            6. @Joseph V, I checked with the MN DNR website, and yes, the “experts” are not calling the Timberwolf the Gray Wolf. I suspect that the “experts” have done a language change since I learned about them. What ever the “experts” want to call them, our grandfathers went to great effort to get rid of them for a practical, realistic reason. Wolves are devastating the ungulate herds, again, and again need to be exterminated.

          2. First of all, they are NOT introduced species. The Gray/Timber wolf is native to North America. Secondly, they do NOT need to be exterminated. What needs to be done is to keep their numbers in check. They are essential to maintaining healthy populations of deer, elk, etc. BUT meddling government and animals rights dumbasses insist they they know better. These animals do NOT need to be reintroduced to areas where man maintains the animal populations, they are just fine in wilderness areas, but their numbers need to be managed so they do NOT overpopulate and then cause negative effects.

            1. Ia. DNR introduced Mtn. lions a few yr. ago. They denied it for quite some time, until enough folks spotted them . DNR claimed the action was to help manage the deer pop.. The Gov. promotes an anti gun, anti hunting culture, then brings in a predator to manage deer herds ? Ia. has lots of bike trails, hiking/jogging trails. Of course they attract the criminal element and now, Folks think the big pussy cat will not be a problem. LOL, far as I know, only liberals use those trails. Praise & kudos to the Ia. DNR !

      1. Do all of us a favor and wear a meat necklace on your next walk in the woods. Get one for Hillary while you’re at it and take her out into the woods with you.

    5. All this happened in 5 days?! Imagine hat will happen in a year. You can begin to see what we have faced out west now. Find them and kill them as fast as possible. Tell the Disneylanders to take a hike.

      1. There are tons of bear bait in the woods; wolves are attracted to the bait as a food source; wolves are still caring for pups at rendezvous sites and are protective of the pups; Wolves will kill other canines perceived as intruders including other wolves, coyotes or hounds released by hunters. Most hunters that use hounds, heed the warnings and stay out of caution areas however, some continue to use the areas, then cry wolf when their dog is killed, laughing all the way to the bank with a $2500 check in their pocket courtesy of WI taxpayers.

    6. who’s replacing who at the top of the food chain? did anybody else study darwin in school? at least the wolves don’t flood the nation with propaganda first

      1. Darwin realized the stupidity of his THEORY and recanted. But liberals saw evolution as a way to dehumanize people. People now are animals just like the wolf/rat/pig/whatever. Right ? Hard as they might search, and quote supposedly smartest man in the world,Hawking. They fail to prove the theory. In the face of overwhelming physical evidence that the unthinkable, forever deniable God of creation actually exists. But hey, if you think your ancestors crawled out of the primordial ooze, then I will not argue.

          1. So many years ago ( 20 + ) that I read that in several places. We were in a fight over what was then called “outcome based education”. There was a man/wife team in Texas who were well known as text book researchers. Finding errors in text books. Texas is the largest buyer of texts. Their name was Mel & Norma Gabler. I don`t know if their org. is still active or not. Their info helped us decide to yank our kids out of public school. They tried to make him feel bad(a 8yr. old kid) that his parents were pulling him out. They & his friends would miss him,etc.. Just before Darwin dies, he said he was wrong in his theory.

    7. I don’t know how the dogs got eaten, but it would seem to me that they are easy marks, especially the Walker Hound. But if you know your dogs can’t stand up to a wolf pack, my recommendation would be to keep them closer, and adapt to the changing conditions. I’d also watch my own back, as brother wolf is not my brother, and only sees me a potential meal as well. I know the feds like to downplay wolf-human contacts, but the wolf will kill and eat you if it can. It’s just a matter of time before a wolf/coy-wolf snatches and eats a kid.

    8. I must have some sort of content filter working on my machine. Nowhere in the article did I see a call for people to buy more guns, nor did I see any encouragement to rush to kill more animals. I did see a cautionary statement referencing a set of maps to be used to AVOID encounters between hunter/dog and wolves. and a request for reports concerning encounters with wolves which I guess relates to keeping said maps current. Sounds like prudent wildlife management.

      1. I am a dog lover, I also live in an area where there are wolves. Wolves, bears, coyotes and an assortment of other animals that could potentially harm my pets use my property on a regular basis. My dogs are not left outside unattended. They are walked on a leash. These precautions are similar to what I would do if I lived near a busy road instead of near a national forest. These were hunting hounds released in areas of known wolf activity. Blame the owner, not the wolves.

        1. Crying Wolf: You are correct. The author loves to continue writing misleading articles…”pet dogs”?? No. Bear hounds training to hunt bear in wolf territory. These dogs were not depredated on their property. They are unleashed and unsupervised in the national forest. Facts are not clearly stated. The so-called writer loves to get attention by using “pet dogs” in the headline, subtitle and copy. How talented. For those who are not familiar with WI compensation for hounds depredated by wolves; payoffs for each depredated hound is $2,500. Now connect the dots then visit the DNR site. Your hound not performing? Go bear hound training. According to posts…the hounders are also poaching wolves. This is a violation of the ESA, sec. 9 I believe. A violation of shooting an endangered species as well. This does not reduce the wolf population…it increases it.

    9. Keep your pet’s inside then idiots! Especially at night.

      But really, such crap and utter nonsense. You know how many dogs are slaughtered each year at the kill shelters? I rented a building for my business that routinely had these poor pooches wind up outside. I was feeding them and taking care of them until I could find their owners. I wouldn’t let the animal control office take them if I could hlp it-the upshot of my story is how many owners DIDN’T wan the dogs back.

      Or lets talk about my favorite people, the Thugs In Blue. There is now in the country an EPIDEMIC of domestic animal murder by cops.



      Now if yo want to hunt vicious predatory animals killing dogs, even CATS…….

      So really, I don’t like to see animals killed by wolves or Coyotes but it’s not a remotely valid reason for Wolf slaughter..

      1. The dogs that are being killed are bear hunting dogs not your normal house dog. These dogs are being killed while hunting bear which is a legal method of hunting in Wisconsin. I have a cabin in northern Bayfield county and grouse hunt with yellow lab and can’t let him get too far away as we’ve had very close encounters with Wolves.

        You wouldn’t believe how bold wolves are they will come very close and try to get him even within thirty yards. What this article is trying to say is trying to explain is there is a problem and people must take with it. The wolf population is very high and needs to reduced in my opinion drastically. It’s not going long before there is a human wolf encounter as the wolf population is so large.

        The state originally only a wanted 300 wolf population and they are pushing close 5000 wolves in the state. Wolves are also hunting much closer to major metros in the southern part of the state so it’s just going to be a matter of time.

        1. Dan Dundovich. The wolf population in WI is not 5000. The wolf population in WI is around 850-900. Get your facts straight. You are correct re: the fact that the depredated hounds are bear hounds training for bear hunting. The original goal of 300-wolves was developed prior to various forms of research.
          Wolves do not attack people. That is a fact.
          I live with them. So, does my “pet dog”.
          Learn to share the landscape.

          1. Wow, a real Dancing with wolves. There are more than 500. I live in a country of about 100 million of them. All liberal hacks that believe they are the only ones that know what is right. I am fed up with you female PETA people. Oops did I guess your gender wrong? Wonder why. Maybe it is all the sniffling and whining. No one hunts Wolves! Coyotes yes because liberals saved them into over population. By Coyotes being over populated they consume most of what wolves eat. So nature takes care of that by limiting the numbers. Oops did I confuse you? Yes nature knows how to take care of itself if given the chance. That is what conservation is all about. It kills me. If you liberals can’t control something you go into a fit. No matter what man does nature will correct it. You also like to rename things so it fits your narrative. Like changing ” global warming” to ” climate change “.

      2. Sounds to me like they are fixing to protect their animals! lmao. Dumb ass city folks.
        Why don’t they just feed the shelter animals to tell wolves? Save alot of taxpayers money.

    10. Troll alert. What’s it to you if people who read this want to buy another gun/s ? Wolves need to be managed like any other animal . I have no idea what kind of point you are trying to make comparing to the situation with buffalo 130 years ago ?????? No management, quotas , licensing , in this days……. Go back to your peta website and tell your pals how you trolled a pro gun and hunting website toughguy…….

          1. It all started back in the Garden of Eden when a Liberal gave Adam and Eve a pomegranate. Same old snakes today as they were back then. Still about as ignorant too.

      1. Another pussyfied liberal/progressive/socialist/communist(all the same). Come to make nasty, taunt us anonymously,with the usual cave men mentality. Mastered the language but still a savage at heart. Well, my friend, doom on you !

        1. Have no fear, they are killing them selves with abortion. I find my self in a quandary over abortion, on the one hand it is Demon-craps killing their future voters, and on the other hand, I don’t believe in murdering innocent babies. But they are replacing those future voters with illegal aliens and terrorists who will murder anyone who believes in One GOD, and that’s not Allah.

      2. Aren’t liberal a**holes just great. They are so aw-inspiring, inclusive, and loving of their fellow man. They have such a large heart and welcome everyone into their tent, oh yes.

    11. This just seems another way to not only promote the sell of firearms, but also a reason to exterminate more animals (refer to the Buffalo/bison killsof times gone by)

      1. How does stating the facts, providing links to related information, providing contact information promote sale of firearms and reason to exterminate animals? Your logic is as poor as your grammar.

        1. Wow, I read that twice I still didnt see what you make claim too… exterminate wolves? Buffalo kills are not good at any level of comparison, buffalo were slaughtered for several reasons, none of them a good reason, nor where they ever a predatory species, killing predators that prey upon domestic animals is a far cry from what you make claim of being used to create firearms sales and extermination lol… WAIT! I know you, you did those 70’s commercials of “this is your brain, and this is your brain on drugs”, while not based in reality, much like your post, they were humorous to watch.

      2. Can you be any more dim-wittedly clichéd? Your collectivist brainwashers really did a number on you.

        I’m surprised you didn’t bring up the KKK (founded by Democrats),

          1. In Chicago dog on dog murder ( AKA dog fighting ) is a cultural thing. The Catch-22 is that Chicago police receive ‘cultural sensitivity training’ yet they continue to make arrests for dog fighting.

      3. That is silly. We have quite a few wolves in North Idaho, and I see no rush to buy wolf guns and go on massive kill and destroy operations. They sell wolf tags each fall and a few get shot. Hardly an attempt to eliminate the species. Here it is mostly deer and elk that are getting eaten.

        1. As you say it is mostly deer and elk that are getting eaten, and that is exactly why the whack jobs want them to be reintroduced. When the numbers of elk and deer get low enough we will be told that we can no longer hunt them because the wolves will starve to death, and we can buy our meat in a store and the nut cases like the above will have accomplished their goal. No hunting, well then you don’t need any guns, it all is a long term plan by these nut jobs. Just like the anti foresting crazies, even though we plant more trees than we harvest they want to end that industry. I love it when someone burns one of their WOODEN houses to the ground.

          1. If you click on the DNR link you will see these were hunting dogs killed in known wolf caution areas. It has nothing to do with being a liberal or conservative, it has to do with common sense.

        1. I agree. All hunting dogs killed/injured. I love dogs. As well as wolfs. But when it’s all hunting dogs. It’s from people hunting them already. The people encroaching on their territories to hunt them. So what do you expect? Fucking nit wits.

      4. @RidgeRunner, You coming to this pro hunting, pro Second Amendment Civil Rights forum is as suspicious as a nail salon in the middle of a cow pasture. And yes those pre-Lacy Act and pre-Pitman/Robertson Act days are gone due to American hunters.

      5. The U.S. Cavalry was in charge of the Bison slaughter to starve out the Indians and force them to move to reservations. (American Indians survived on the Buffalo and used every part of the animal too) Custer delighted in this particular assignment. …well until June 1876.

        1. @tex Okay, enough of the misinformation. Yes buffalo were slaughtered but not just by the Calvary. The Indians use to gather them into a herd and run them over a cliff while “braves” waited below to kill any that didn’t die from the fall. Back then there was no conservation. Just hunt for food and make money on furs that kept people alive in the winter. Liberal revisionist history is nothing but bits and pieces of history to make it suit their agenda. As far as the swearing goes, try reading and educate yourself. That way you can express yourself in a civilized manor.

      6. Of coarse you and your ilk never promote your opinions or disregard facts that don’t jive with you goals, right ? No one has ever said that the wholesale slaughter of the buffalo was the right thing to do. It was done without thinking of the impact it would have. Also like you and your ilk they did things that would have an adverse impact on the animals and other creatures without any thought as to what the result would be when they were finished. For your information it is Hunters and Shooters who have paid for and worked to correct the mistakes of greedy thoughtless fools. You obviously don’t believe in hunting or gun ownership, and like the buffalo hunters, when you and people like you, are successful in your endeavors, you either don’t know or care, what those goals will do to America or the American citizens. Hunters and shooters put more money where their mouth is by accident in one day than you or your kind do in a year.

        1. Thank you Raymondville. I can’t tell you how much I have spent on hunting,fishing and outdoors. All of that goes into conservation and keeping the herds healthy. It is Liberal laws being made from emotion instead of fact that causes in balance in areas of our great country. The same ideology that has plagued our big cities have caused an imbalance of predator and prey. California in their infinite liberal wisdom put a 25 year moratorium on Coyotes. No one could touch them. It wasn’t until it got so bad that not only wildlife , livestock but some family pets were getting killed by an over populated coyote packs. Then they didn’t know what to do. Through gritting their teeth and meaningless tears they opened up season on coyote hunting. So before you blame the plight of the wolves on hunters (because we want a healthy population of wolves,predators help) do some real fact checking and not from CNN or Wikipedia. From good sources. No I will not lead you there. No freebies from me. You’ll find that it is Liberals that have destroyed everything they touch.

      7. Buffalo number in the millions today, as are wolves, they must be controlled, or that pic could be your kid that wandered from camp a few 100 feet. or your dog, or you. A Pack of hungry wolves is a cunning killing team. They have a female lure your dogs away then the group descends on the poor pet. Better dead wolves/predators than dead pets & Humans

        1. At one time there were 20-30 million American bison – but due to over hunting and habitat loss, there are about 500,000 bison – not millions… And there are about 5600 wild wolves in the US – not millions. Wolf populations self regulate…within an established pack (while there are some exceptions) the breeding female does not allow any other females to breed. There is absolutely no science to support your statement that “a female lure your dogs away, then the group descends on the poor pet” . WI has exceptionally an exceptionally long & liberal baiting season (which is not healthy for bears). After leaving the den, wolves establish rendezvous sites. Research suggests the wolves select the rendezvous sites based on the availability of food – bear bait. They then become protective of these food sites. When dogs are released into these known caution areas, conflicts with dogs will occur. Limiting the amount & time bait is placed out would go a long way in reducing conflicts.

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