NJ Conceal Carry Permit Finally Issued

Battle New Jersey Gun Rights
Battle New Jersey Gun Rights
New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey-(Ammoland.com)- After dealing with years of life-threatening situations from violent gang members in Newark, and battling almost 3 years in New Jersey's courts for his basic constitutional and human rights, Albert Almeida has been issued his concealed carry permit.

Albert, a father of two girls, owns a property management company which collects rent from many buildings in Newark and surrounding areas. After having his life threatened several times by tenants who were known gang members and convicted violent felons, he sought a conceal carry permit which requires approval from his local police chief and a Superior Court Judge. After his permit application was denied due to not satisfying the albatross of justifiable need, he filed a lawsuit against the State.

Albert spent years in court to exercise his constitutional and natural right to protect himself–a basic right which is exercised by tens of millions in other states, including 11 states which do not require any form of permit (Constitutional carry).

“Only in New Jersey do the Prosecutors and Judges claim the reason why they plea bargain with violent felons (by providing reduced sentencing and dropping the worst offenses) is because the courts are overwhelmed, but then simultaneously fight honest law-abiding citizens to the fullest extent. New Jersey citizens want nothing more than to protect themselves against the same violent felons which the courts plea bargain with and release from prisons early under compassionate release programs” said Alexander Roubian, President of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society.

Albert's lead attorney, Stephen Stamboulieh, said: “It is a fantastic result, given that Mr. Almeida has waited years to exercise his Second Amendment rights in New Jersey, only to be forced to file a federal lawsuit to be vindicated. While this process is slow and takes a considerable amount of time, energy and resources, we are pleased that New Jersey finally admitted Mr. Almeida met justifiable need; something it knew back when it first denied his permit in October, 2013 and gave him three options: which included to shut down his business, conduct his private business in a different manner, or hire a private armed security guard.”

Albert's organization, the Party of Six, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, and attorneys Stephen Stamboulieh, Ryan Watson, and Alan Beck, will continue to work for New Jerseyans and seek to restore their Second Amendment rights through strategic litigation.

About New Jersey Second Amendment Society:

Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit: www.nj2as.com

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    1. Very happy for Mr. Almeida. He will have his permit for 2 years and when time for renewal he will be quietly denied. This is based on what happened to Mr. Muller (the pet store owner in Sussex who was mistakenly kidnapped by the mob) who also received a carry permit after the threat of federal lawsuits. He was quietly denied on renewal when all of the lawsuits went away.

      The fight is far from over, and this November you have to decide whether you are voting your “principles” or your gun rights. Principles in this case really means your pride, because the alternative to mr Trump is far, far worse. Chris Murphy in Connecticut is already talking about how a Hillary loss would be a setback for gun control. Gains we’ve made in states like Illinois and the small victory in DC will be wiped away, or rather, Mrs Clinton, Bloomberg, Ms Giffords and all of their co-horts in the gun control cabal will be wiping their asses with the 2nd amendment before it is promptly flushed down the toilet.

      You see, the Supreme Court has an open vacancy and Mr Trump is the only one who can fill it with someone who will do the right thing. Don’t fool yourselves. Ted Cruz, Jeb, Mitt Romney or any of the others aren’t coming to save us. We have Trump, and despite your misgivings about him regarding his (partial) support for gay marriage or whatever else, he is the only choice we have left to save the republic.

      Running away to Pennsylvania won’t help you either as the state has been slowly but steadily turning blue.

      It’s time to put away your pride. Mr Cruz is history, and he is continuing to make himself history. Vote for Trump. Hold your nose and vote. Primary him after 4 years when he puts as much as 4 young conservatives on the court who will preserve our rights for decades to come. Otherwise you get Mrs Clinton who will instantly abolish the 2nd amendment, with the Australian gun control tour on our shores.

      Your choice.

    2. Why on Earth would anyone beg the state/local government for a permit to exercise constitutionally guaranteed rights? The Supreme Court ruled long ago that states cannot convert rights to privileges and issue licenses and charge fees for their exercise. It’s “settled law.” (Even though Court Opinions aren’t listed in Article VI, paragraph 2 as “law” in the U.S.

    3. What about the inaction of Chris Christie in NJ ? That fat SOB has done nothing to help the good people in NJ and protect their 2A rights guaranteed by the U.S. constitution. I was really worried Trump would pick that fat SOB as his running mate. I hope Trump doesn’t nominate the fat SOB for a cabinet position.

    4. The federal government should have stepped in when they saw New Jersey violating the Constitution. The fact that they didn’t should tell the people something.

    5. NJ is one of the most corrupt shitholes in the US. They go out of their way to punish law abiding gun owners. In order to hold office in NJ a person has to be convicted of some sort of stealing. A conviction is a resume enhancement in NJ but the assholes who live there are to blame as they vote in the same crooks over & over. You would think that they would learn something but apparently not. You get the government that you deserve so NJ live with it

    6. Politcians forget they are elected to work for the people, not for themselves. Term limits are needed to get the onesout of office who have forgotten.

      1. Term limits won’t wake up stupid voters. And THAT is the problem. NJ have the government they want to have. If they did not want this type of abuse, they’d vote the tyrants out and some good guys in. Don’t forget, term limits also make good guys disappear. Bad scehe.

      2. So true Mr Sir. What’s even more true that one of the biggest anti gun advocates Senator Sweeney has A concealed weapons permit in NJ keep reflecting these anti gun Senators Let them know soon will be their time to go. Forever We need a voters referendum but again they block the very idea of it.

      1. That’s the very reason this permit was issued.. NJ hooh hahs knew if it went to trial, the dam would be destroyed and everyone else WOULD get them. So they “caved” and delivered one stinking permit to one abused and wealthy/connected citizen. Now the case is done. HE has no more standing to persue it. No one else gets their permit.

        What SHOULD happen is that about fifteen thousand New Jerseyans need to jump on as co-defendants and persue this.

        1. Albert Almeida is not rich and or famous. I got to meet him and the party of six who supported his case. I donated to the cause because I believe in civil rights in New Jersey. He’s not some rock star buying himself what we can’t afford. He’s a man with a family and a small business who’s fighting for all our rights.

    7. In my opinion and this is just my opinion any state government who goes again the Constitution of these United States and basically the oath of there office should be impeached PEARIOD no questions ask, no committee looking into it, no appeal, and any state who lets it go on should lose all of it Federal funding until all laws going against the US constitution are done away with. This country was built on the Constitution our Founding Father who wrote it and voted it in and who so whole heartedly believed in. I tire of these career idiots who govern our lands doing just what the hell they please and other governing idiots letting them get away with it. It is time we the people tell our elected officials where to get off and where to go by voting them out and voting other in who will and do work for us the people of America.

          1. I respectfully suggest you do not realize how perilous our situation is in this the United States.
            The Democrat Party and their Presidential hopeful are openly hostile to the 2nd Amendment. They are using illegal means from money laundering to using their positions in government to harass and jail those who do not agree with their socialist/communist doctrines. There is no middle ground anymore choose a side. Choose the Constitution rule of law and liberty or the tyranny of the Democrat neo fascist left.
            Want to see your future in socialism? Just look what the people of Venezuela brought upon themselves.

            1. including the government of Venezuela confiscating and destroying thousands of citizen owned guns…..
              Lee is right. No neutral ground, no more waiting, pussyfooting about, lurking in the shadows…… either we turn things about or we will be Venezuela in ten years.

      1. @JMO, a “… state government…” can not be impeached. I grow weary of those career politicians that think of themselves and their progeny as America’s elite ruling families. Maybe it is time for strict and short term limits, the peoples’ right of recall, make governments and politicians subject to the same laws as they make for the general population, and define violation of one’s oath as a felony.

        1. the entire government cannot be, but every elected official within that state’s government can, and most ought, to be.

          Term limits will not cure the problem of stupid and.or uninterested voters. And the right of recall exists, it is just not used often enough. Colorado recalled two, and the threat of number three caused her to flee the office (so the D party could replace her with a carbon copy). Violation of one’s oath of office IS a felony, it is a form of perjury, and actionable at law. )go find a prosecutor who will press such a case, though…… time to elect some HONEST prosecutors, eh?)

          You are spot on the mark with government officials being required to follow the same laws we do. This business of “us” and “them” has got to go. No different than the old English system of “landed” and “peon”, wherein the landed classes could pee on the little guy at will. Two sets of laws. The poor could be sent to gaol or a work farm for “poaching” the “king’s deer”, where the king’s pals and crones would be supported whilst they go out for “sport” then return and debauch themselves at the king’s table feasting on the deer they had got. Our Constitution makes clear ALL rights extend EQUALLY to ALL MEN. (and no, that use of the term “men” is not gender exclusive)

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