NOTE to Donald, Stay on Target

By Pat Buchanan

Stay on Hillary Target
NOTE to Donald, Stay on Target.
Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

USA –  -( At stake in 2016 is the White House, the Supreme Court, the Senate and, possibly, control of the House of Representatives.

Hence, Republicans have a decision to make.

Will they set aside political and personal feuds and come together to win in November, after which they can fight over the future of the party, and the country?

Or will they split apart, settling scores now, lose it all, and, then, after November, begin a battle to allocate blame for a historic defeat that will leave wounds that will never heal.

Republicans have been here before.

After the crushing defeat of 1964, Govs. Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney and William Scranton, whose principles required them to abandon Barry Goldwater, discovered that, when the cheering of the press stopped, they carried the mark of Cain.

As national leaders, they were finished.

Richard Nixon, who had lost to JFK, lost to Gov. Pat Brown, quit politics and moved to New York to practice law, took off two months in 1964 to campaign for Barry Goldwater.

Four years later, with Barry's backing, Nixon was rewarded with the party's nomination, and the presidency.

Now between Goldwater and Trump there are great differences. A relevant one is this: Trump still has a chance of becoming president.

In August 1964, Barry was 36 points behind LBJ. As of today, Trump is 10 points behind Clinton. From Harry Truman to George H. W. Bush, many presidential candidates have been able to close a 10-point gap and win.

What does Trump need to do? In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “Keep your eyes on the prize” — the presidency. And between Trump and the presidency today stands not Paul Ryan, but Hillary Clinton.

The Donald, his campaign, and party need to cease attacking one another to the elation of a hostile media, and redirect all their fire on the sole obstacle between them and a Republican sweep.

Nor is it all that complex or difficult a task.

For, as secretary of state, Clinton made a compelling case for her being ranked as about the worst in American history.

She began her tenure by breaking State Department rules and setting up a private email server in her home. She compromised U.S. national security, setting off a criminal investigation that ended with the director of the FBI virtually accusing her of lying about everything she told the country about her misconduct.

As of mid-July, 56 percent of Americans thought the Democratic nominee should have been indicted.

She is a compulsive fabricator, telling a harrowing story about running under sniper fire across the tarmac of some Balkan airfield, until TV footage showed her accepting a bouquet from a little girl.

Her “reset” with Russia was brushed aside by Vladimir Putin. Spurned, she now compares him to Hitler. Is this the temperament America wants in the First Diplomat, in dealing with nuclear powers?

She was a cheerleader for a war in Libya that left that nation a hellhole of terrorism, requiring another war to clean up.

Benghazi” has today become a synonym both for the selfless heroism of American warriors, and for the squalid mendacity of politicians desperate to cover their fannies. Clinton is in there with the latter, accused of misleading families of the fallen about why their sons died.

Twenty years ago, The New York Times' William Safire called Clinton a “congenital liar.” Has her subsequent career disproven or validated that judgment?

Trump, though, needs not only to make the case against her, but for himself, and for the ideas that vaulted him to victory in the primaries that brought out millions of new voters.

What are they?

Trump will secure the Southern border and halt the invasion of illegal immigrants.

Donald Trump Points
The Donald, his campaign, and party need to cease attacking one another to the elation of a hostile media, and redirect all their fire on the sole obstacle between them and a Republican sweep.

He will throw out the Obama tax and trade policies that have betrayed American workers and bled us of our manufacturing power. In all future trade deals, Americanism will replace globalism as our guiding light.

Where Clinton regards Ruth Bader Ginsburg as her model Supreme Court justice, Trump's nominees will be in the tradition of Justice Antonin Scalia.

“America First” will be the polestar in foreign policy. Cold War commitments dating to the 1950s, to fight wars for freeloader nations, will all be reviewed. Allies will start standing on their own feet and paying their fair share of the cost of their own defense.

As for the defense of the United States, Peace through Strength, the Eisenhower policy, will be the Trump policy. And as our strength is restored, Trump will, like Ike, Nixon, Reagan and Bush I, negotiate with enemies and adversaries from a position of strength. But we will negotiate.

America's era of endless wars — is coming to an end.

Where Clinton will continue all of the policies that produced the unacceptable present, we will change Washington as it has not been changed since Ronald Reagan rode in from the West.

As for the renegade and cut-and-run Republicans who just won't come home, as they say at Motel 6, “We'll leave the light on for you.”


Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 19 thoughts on “NOTE to Donald, Stay on Target

    1. Pat Buchanan was put out of politics when he lost his bid for POTUS, but still keeps a keen eye on it. This is a very well thought out and reasoned article. Trump is the only hope that we have to save America. Obama and Clinton have destroyed everything that they have touched. “Hope and Change” was Obama’s call and many listened that are now hopeing and praying for a change from the destruction we have been led into. So many look at Trump just to find fault and forget that we’re not voting for a Sunday School teacher, but for a President. Obama lets load after load of terrorists into our country who WILL kill many, yet the timid taunters say, “I don’t trust Trump’s finger on the button.” I don’t trust Hillery with ANY finger anywhere. Google “The Mena Connection” and read “Hillary’s America” and look at the body count that already is, then tell me truthfully that you can trust her more. YOU CAN’T DO IT.

    2. Overshadowing it all, Trump is mentally incompetent to govern. He has no idea of diplomacy as he has always just dictated. He has no concept of other, only self. He has no idea to support a Democracy or Republic as he is used to reigning on his gold throne. Bottom line Trump is dangerous, he has practically destroyed the Republican Party, don’t let the U.S. be next. Many brave Republican leaders are acknowledging this. Write in your own name, vote Libertarian or just don’t vote if you can not stand Secretary Clinton, just do note for D. Trump.

      1. That is the most asinine comment I have ever read! People have a choice ! To continue the oath of career politicians forcing their ways on the people or leaving the mainstream and choosing someone who has made a fortune zone but lost a fortune and did it all again. For the most part I believe Trump has followed the rules. No matter how vague they may be. He is a civilian and the courts have not thrown him in vacation jail. The government works for us and somewhere along the way they took power for themselves. We need VB this powet back, and I believe Trump but is the first step. For instance. Obama doesn’t enforce the laws because he believes this is a crucial step to transforming America. I am thankful Americans have not received evolved yet, keeping this a-hole from retaining office under martial law! People need to think about the future and t heir children’s future if things don’t change. If we lose the world currency label, could you live like they do in Mexico, Africa, the middle East?

        I for one am not going to knowingly let these people ruin my FREE COUNTRY!

        1. Turning auto off on texting it adds words I don’t type. Can’t edit the mistakes I found.

          Path not oath
          No word zone after fortune.
          No VB insert in we need this power back. ( I have never heard the word power before)
          Revolted yet. Not received evolved yet.

      2. NEVER confuse bravery with stupidity. By the way, the RINOS have destroyed the GOP, not Trump. P.S. If you believe Trump is mentally incompetent to govern you are mentally incompetent to cast a ballot.

      3. @John C, I am so disappointed that you are trying to manipulate people. “Write in your own name, vote Libertarian or just don’t vote if you can not stand Secretary Clinton, just do note for D. Trump.” How rude to use the command form. Additionally, your argument is so vague that I could delete Trump, edit in Clinton, and have the same result. This is not your best work.

      4. JohnC, this is the exact division that the Rhinos support to give validity to their leeching off the public teat… brave indeed! I may not like Trump but I’ll damn sure support and vote for him, the alternative is unthinkable and should be for ANYONE that values freedom! He may not be the best, but he’s the best we have. Give this presidency to Hillary and the SCOTUS will be stacked through our children’s lifetimes. I personally don’t want to hand them a judicial branch that would destroy the Constitution and promote socialism in its place.

        Maybe one day the blinders will come off and the people will see Rhinos for the asses in thin disguise they really are!!

    3. Trump is his own worst enemy. He could rise above the intra-party bickering and shine….. but then he opens his mouth about some perceived slight and his numbers fall. It becomes EXTREMELY hard to support someone that acts like a petulant three year old today and a seasoned statesman tomorrow. I will not for him no matter what, because a Clinton presidency would be far more disastrous. But if Trump could stay focused, tear down Hillary decisively through fact instead of rhetoric, and ignore the bickering of the Republican party, then he would return to what galvanized people behind him in the first place….. someone outside the “politics” of a campaign who only wants to help make America great again. That is a man that independents and even Democrats could get behind!

      1. @Robert, Aren’t we all our own worst enemy? Don’t we all have a vast capacity to impede ourselves (read screw ourselves) better than anyone else ever could? Don’t we all fall to the temptation to bicker, insult, and engage in capricious ill humor? Brother, it is just human nature.

      2. I received a “survey” in the mail from the Republican party, which in all was a request for money. I answered the survey and wrote on the form that I was not interested in contributing to a party that did not support their candidate, chosen by the voters. The power people in the party are hell bent on giving the big H. the presidential appointment on a silver platter.
        It is obvious that Trump has to play “political correctness” or get thrown under the bus which is against his nature as a self made business man.
        He will have to stay focused on the Hiltery’s bad actions to win.

      3. Thats because Trump is not good for America and he is a Sociopath. Its really sad that he is all the Republicans have to offer and they have to endorse him. There is no way he should be President. It will be a sad day in America if he is elected.

        1. @Joe, What specifically do you mean by “not good”? Any evidence for your “Sociopath” (sic) allegation. The repubs offered 16 others that Americans rejected, so your second sentence is simply untrue. Third sentence void for vagueness.

    4. @TEX – Bill gave her the ‘crows feet’. Her usual reply to him was probably a squint and “You want me to do what?”. That’s how and why Monica came into the Clinton’s lives.

    5. Some are saying that she has had strokes, and can’t take pressure. That is why she only has speeches, but no press conferences. A really massive October stroke would be perfect.

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