Officer Survival Initiative Announces Custom IFAK Builder

Build Your Own Custom Tactical Medicine Kit on Online

Officer Survival Initiative Announces Custom IFAK Builder
Officer Survival Initiative Announces Custom IFAK Builder
Officer Survival Initiative (OSI)
Officer Survival Initiative (OSI)

Seattle, WA -( Officer Survival Initiative (OSI), a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality, innovative medical solutions for high risk and tactical environments, is introducing the New IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) Builder feature to their online presence.

OSI has a built a system that allows first responders to build their own response kits online at the IFAK Builder web page – Kits are custom built by the user starting with the of bag and color, and followed by a selection of contents from some of the leading names in the industry: combat dressings, tourniquets, QuikClot and other hemostatics, chest seals, decompression needles, PPE, tape, gauze and a wide selection of tools.

Once you select the contents you need to do your job, OSI fits your items into your selected pouch prior to shipment. In the event that some items won't fit, they’ll use their judgment to pack by care priority and the rest of the items will be shipped along with your completed kit.

OSI’s new custom IFAK builder allows the end user to build a truly custom solution to their unique needs and saves a significant amount of cost off the traditional, pre-packed IFAK option.

Any custom kit can be configured for the outdoor enthusiast, recreational shooter, or hobbyist as well.

About Officer Survival Initiative:

OSI is the modern American mom and pop. We're the scrappy start up on a mission*; a bunch of current and reformed medics, law enforcement, military, and general trigger puller types who want to help you come home at the end of the day. Throughout our previous careers we've traveled to some of the worst places in the world to ply our trades and now we're translating that experience into an honest evaluation of every piece of gear we’re approached to carry. If we wouldn’t use it, we won’t sell it. Got a question, a comment, or a random thought? You can call us directly and talk to a real person: 206.641.9620. Or you can always find us at the shows; we're the bearded long hairs. Except the ladies; they don't have beards.

Visit us at

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