Open the Cage, LLC Creates OTC Music Group, LLC

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Ammoland.ComOpen the Cage Gear, LLC, a multifaceted lifestyle company, has launched its record label company based in Nashville, Tenn. with OTC Music Group, LLC. Three friends and partners operate the new music label: artist Michael Connors, multi-platinum producer Mike Hartnett and award-winning videographer and songwriter, Jim Kinsey.

Kryptek Album Michael ConnorsOTC Music Group’s first album “Overcome” dropped last month and has seen great success, including availability for streaming on Pandora. “This has been two years in the making from the three of us getting together to write the song that started it all – Open the Cage – to working with several up-and-coming artists,” said Kinsey. “Hartnett, Connors and myself know so many talented people in Nashville that it just seemed like the right time to form our own label. Especially with ‘Overcome’ now touring.”

From the title song, “Overcome” to “Open the Cage,” which was one of the first songs Connors, Hartnett and Kinsey produced together, the album features rock and metal songs that speak of survival and living out passions for an authentic life.

OTC Music Group is already seeing success with a recent agreement with Penguin Random House New York for two new songs included in Medal of Honor recipient Clint Romesha’s audio book of “Red Platoon.” “Red Platoon” tells the story of Romesha and the 13-hour battle he and his men fought on Oct 3, 2009 against 300 Taliban fighters. “Remember the Fallen” and “Red Platoon” are the official songs of the audio book, which is currently ranked No. 2 for non-fiction downloads on Amazon. “With SONY pictures currently owning the rights to the book, who knows what the future holds for the soundtrack, but it’s exciting!” Kinsey shared.

“OTC Music Group is a support team and a place to create art,” said Connors. “I know what its like to be the new kid in town where no one will talk to you. OTC might not be the biggest label, but we all have all the connections and can offer an opportunity. It’s up the artists where they want to take that next.”

And Connors should know about taking a chance as he fully moved from corporate to the music side in 2011 and has relied on friends and faith since then. Besides writing and singing for tracks in the “Overcome” album, Connors is also working with country music artist Cody Johnson and helped write “Wild As You” along with Trent Willmon and Jeremy Spillman. “It's a slamming combination of collaborations that makes Music City a place for creative dreamers to gravitate to and watch what they dream about become reality,” said Connors.

Hartnett, who originally hails from Atlanta, says the people they’ve all met are creating a unique sound for OTC Music Group. “Being from Atlanta, I have a large hip-hop and R&B background and Connors is more of a metal-head, with Kinsey bringing a little country to the mix. We are creating a niche for our label and brand that carries a great message,” he explained.

“That's where our motto, ‘life is a fight …open the cage’ came into play. The brand is really an inspiration and metaphor for life. When you're facing something tough in life you have to open the cage get in and fight that obstacle,” concluded Kinsey.

About Open the Cage, LLC

Open the Cage, LLC is a multifaceted lifestyle company that includes Open the Cage Gear and OTC Music Group. The music side started first and gave birth to the Open the Cage Gear clothing line. Three friends and partners operate the music label: artist Michael Connors, multi-platinum producer Mike Hartnett and award-winning videographer and songwriter, Jim Kinsey. The success of original songs such as, “Red Platoon,” “Remember the Fallen” by Billy Dawson, “The Legend” and “What Say You” have helped expand the Open the Cage brand.  These songs will have their own line of OTC apparel emerging soon called the “Hero Line.” The Hero Line will draw attention to heroes that have served America and sacrificed for the cause of freedom. Chris Kyle, American Sniper said it best, “It's our duty to serve those that serve us.” Open the Cage, LLC, wants to give back to the many different veteran groups. The Open the Cage Hero Line will raise awareness with current issues that face servicemen and women. Other groups that will be a part of the hero line are Mark OZ Geist from 13 Hours, the movie and Medal of Honor recipient Clint Romesha, author of “Red Platoon,” with more to be named. Learn more at

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