Pre-Season Hunting Checklist

Pre-Season Hunting Checklist.

Dove Hunting
Pre-Season Hunting Checklist
Burris Optics
Burris Optics

Greeley, CO -( With big game hunting seasons right around the corner you want to make sure your gear is good to go.

Before heading out on your next hunt, we recommend the following:

Check Fasteners: Make sure all the screws on your rifle, rings and bases are secure. A dab of Blue Loctite on the treads of the screws will keep them from slipping.

If you have access to a torque wrench, make the screws uniformly tight to the following specs:

  • Action Screws: 65 in.-lb.
  • Bases: 25 in.-lb.
  • Scope Rings: 25 in.-lb.
Ryan Cleckner
Ryan Cleckner cleaning his Big Game Rifle

Clean Your Rifle: Give the bore and action on your rifle a good scrubbing to remove fouling and accumulated debris. One-piece Cleaning Rods used with Bore Guides will protect the rifling in the barrel. Wipe out the action with solvent soaked cleaning patches or, if you’re feeling ambitious, remove the stock from the action and blast it out with brake cleaner. Apply a thin layer of gun oil to the metal and place some grease on the rear face of the bolt lugs and on the cocking ramp at the back of the bolt.

A-Zoom - Ammo Snap Cap Dummy Rounds
Practice loading and firing your gun without loosing ammo. A-Zoom – Ammo Snap Cap Dummy Rounds

Confirm Zero: Invest in a box or two of quality hunting ammo and spend some time at the range to foul your barrel and making sure your rifle is sighted in. Practice a bit running the rifle from kneeling and offhand positions and spend time dry firing with an empty gun loaded with Snap Caps to master your rifle’s trigger. All this will lead to better marksmanship in the field.

Weatherproof Your Rig: Cover your muzzle with electrical tape before going hunting to keep debris and moisture from entering your barrel. Fill the fastener heads on your scope and rifle with lip balm to keep them from rusting. Bring along Scope Caps and a microfiber cloth to make sure your optics will stay clear in the rain and snow.

Thanks you to Burris and their high quality products for bring this helpful tip guide to AmmoLand readers. ~ AmmoLand Editor

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