Racist Hit Piece on Self-Defense Smears Gun Owners as the Bigots

By David Codrea

Who thinks gun owner rights are going to get a fair shake in this magazine? (The Nation/Facebook Timeline photo)

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “The ‘Ground’ in ‘Stand Your Ground’ Means Any Place a White Person Is Nervous,” Columbia School of Law Professor Patricia J. Williams claims as the major premise for her litany of unsupported conclusions published by The Nation. “It’s not just about property anymore.”

Assuming she’s talking about shooting someone, who said “it’s … about property” in the first place? And what’s with the article’s supporting photo, a candlelight vigil for Trayvon Martin, as George Zimmerman’s lawyer did not even present a “stand your ground” defense.

Facts don’t matter when there’s an agenda to exploit, and it’s not hard to determine the game being played here.

First, consider the source: The Nation is a longtime lefty publication (they endorsed Bernie!), presenting current headlines/subheads like:

“The Scary History of Trump’s Second-Amendment Call to Action: In North Carolina, we have heard this before, and lived through the bloody consequences of white terrorist rhetoric”


“‘They’re Coming for the Ones You Love’: My Weekend of Gun Training in the Desert – At Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, fear is a booming business.”

Any doubts where they stand on guns? And that in itself is curious, because what power sharing arrangement ever devised by man is more egalitarian than the right to keep and bear arms?

As for Williams, we’re talking about someone who still championed Tawana Brawley as a victim “even if she did it to herself.” We’re talking about someone whose prejudices on “progressive” and racial issues trump reality, as the rest of her disjointed hit piece shows.

Williams quotes from a “civil rights” careerist who maintains “society … worships the gun culture.” Sorry, but I just don’t know anyone who fits that description, although I have known some fine people of faith who own guns.

She complains that it’s white men who carry guns, disregarding longtime concerted efforts on the part of gun owner rights advocates to reach out to women and minorities, and the growing interest acknowledged in that Front Sight article referenced earlier:

There are some 350 students in the room. The crowd is more diverse than you might expect. In front of us sits a white woman with deep-red dyed hair and a full-back tattoo of Chinese characters. To our right is a lean, olive-skinned man with a perfectly groomed five-o’clock shadow. He’s got a desert-camo baseball cap with a patch that reads Infidel on his head and a keffiyeh around his neck. A black woman in her 30s sits next to him, her hand on his forearm. About a quarter of the students are women. There are around 20 African Americans that I can see, and about as many Latinos and Asian Americans.

It’s not our side that wants to keep women and minorities disarmed – it’s theirs. Funny, how self-styled “progressives” actually want to return to the roots and then expand on the evil of the past.

Williams cites a Harvard professor and author with a “stand your ground” book to peddle, who smears armed self-defense as “legal vigilantism.” And she brings up two other “concerns” that have a questionable relationship with the hit piece headline:

She says “white men … do not need to retreat from domestic disputes while on ground deemed ‘theirs’” (having evidently never heard of Lautenberg, and without citing one case where a man has gotten away with murdering his significant other by using that defense).

This is not an exaggeration of what “progressives” have to believe.

She also talks about police officers killing a suspect armed with what turned out to be air rifle. Lord knows what point she’s trying to make about non-LEO armed citizens, but it is certainly contradictory (!) that a major contention of the gun-grabbers is police should be the only ones carrying guns.

I still haven’t read any examples of “nervous whites” murdering blacks who just happened to be near them, and then getting away with it. So I’m not sure what Williams thinks she’s proving here, except maybe the ability to work emotion-driven “progressives” into an indignant frenzy over a headline.

Those would seem to be the same types as the neurotic in the stupid poem about killing a spider at the end of Williams’ equally stupid, hysterical and racist insult to white men, and to all who exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Jeffrey W. Howard

This “Professor” is an old, black communist infiltrator and this is par for the commiecrat course This is the type of self proclaimed expert on all that I wish I could sit down, face to face and every time she spit out a communistcrat lie I would ask her to give me an example or if she brings up Traygone Martin or L’il Mikey Brown or the blacks that had a gun, fought the cops and was shot as examples of the white man’s system holding a brother down I would tell her the facts that were put out by… Read more »


Excellent takedown of the cultural marxist gun banners. Hilarious that the idiot professor still believes tawana Brawley – I bet she also believes the rolling stone story about the rampaging rapists at UVA.

Craig Butelo

The designers of the poster shows the girl holding a empty gun without a magazine. They were so untrained that they had to be extra careful because they know nothing about guns. I will bet that they picked it up with tweezers!


I have to agree that the fear factor is a big selling point for firearms – fear of home invasion, fear of criminal assault, fear of government stripping the 2nd Amendment. And a large number of trainers, videos, “tactical” classes capitalize on some of these fears. So articles in The Nation which focus on these fears are not out of line with ideas expressed in pro-gun publications; the difference is the intent of that focus. I often am inundated with promos from preppers, CHL trainers, advertisers, all of whom are preaching gloom and doom. So it is easy to see… Read more »


Why even bother bringing it up here? The readership of The Nation will never come here, and vice versa. Tergiversations, repeated often, still doesn’t make them the truth. Gun owners win all arguments because we have facts of our side, and do not use fear and scare tactics to try and influence people. Even the FBI’s statistics prove out that an armed American decreases crime. We’ll always have these radical rags with their staff racists, but we need to go after the mainstream media whenever they try to use the same garbage. The major networks must be held accountable and… Read more »


People like codrea defeat these arguments on an intellectual level so that others can repeat the counter attack when zombies repeat the same lines after they trickle down into mainstream media and social media.


The only “fear” I have is the lack of logic and reason in arguments that people like Law Professor Patricia J. Williams make. It shows a profound bias and willingness to propagandize. For example there is a movement by the likes of Sen Chris Murphy of CT to continuously exploit the Newtown tragedy, and he has partnered with the lawyer (Josh Koskoff) that is suing Bushmaster and Remington. Latest is they are having a “Factual”

“presentation on guns, the 2nd amendment and the public health and safety issues posed by easy accessibility to high-powered, rapid-fire assault rifles.”





That the great and essential principles of liberty and free government may be recognized and established,


SEC. 15. Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.

That, folks, is the STATE Constitution.


White males who legally carry a weapon is not to be connected with the high murder rates of high crime black communities where only a few weapons are carried legally. White makes that legally carry guns is not the problem, nor are their guns. If we were a problem, it would be well known as we are large in numbers. As for the fear thing! Crime is at an all time high. Cops are being shot in the street and marches are allow to take place chanting about killing cops. Terrorist activity in the US has never been higher. Obama… Read more »


Actually, the data tend to show the opposite – that the rate of violent crime, murder, etc. currently is at the lowest point in several decades in the USA. “Terrorist activity” has also been higher before, perhaps most recently when the “Weather Underground” faction of the SDS was bombing American government and academic buildings, bomb threats were fairly common, airplanes were being hijacked by the PLO, etc., back in the late ’60s and early ’70s. And that’s just how things were during my own lifetime. I think “the fear thing” today is almost entirely the result of two factors: 1)… Read more »


Having grown up through the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and so on I remember the times you speak of. I remember the bells during school and having to get under our desks ” to protect us from the fallout”. I also remember that when hunting season opened, many would bring their rifles to school and the principle would hold them until school was out and we would ride the bus to where we were going to hunt. Dang, now I feel old!


I was born in the early ’50’s and remember what you speak of perfectly. It does make me feel old because many people here just read about this stuff. It seems like two lifetimes ago. I just realized that I am getting old !


Yep, getting old sucks, but it sure beats the alternative!!
Whenever my arthritis gets bad or other “Old Guy Stuff” bothers me, I just have to remind myself of how much trouble I went through back in my Viet Nam days trying to avoid dying young, and it suddenly doesn’t seem so bad!

Wild Bill

@hijinx, TEX and old shooter, We all remember the freedom of buying any gun that you wanted from the hardware store. The only paperwork was filling out the receipt, and the waiting period was while the clerk counted the money. The succeeding generations have no idea what freedom is. It is up to us to tell them. They think FFLs, waiting periods, background checks, extra taxes, and bans are the norm, rather than an infringement. There are people that actually think that all guns should be registered all the time. It us up to us to tell them all about… Read more »


You are the types of gentlemen I remember teaching me in Boy Scouts(yes, I made Eagle) in the LATE 80’s and early 90’s. Teaching us respect, self reliance, and preparedness. I wish more people would take advantage of the wealth of knowledge our older generations can teach us. Thank you gentlemen for ALL your services.


Ever wonder who and how it was decided that “Only cops should have guns?” What conclusion can you draw if a) “cops are the only ones that should have guns” and b) “Police are racist murderers?” From what I have read, most cops know very little about guns and how to use them effectively. But they are the ones who are going to protect the populace from crime, riots, crooked politicians (wink, wink) and other society perils. Only one question: If the cops can’t protect themselves, how are they going to protect others?

Dave Bientz

Cops carry firearms for one reason and one reason only…to protect themselves. They will be happy to use it to protect you if they are able, but that is not the reason they carry them. Ask any cop you know and they will tell you. It is also a fact that the courts have opined that the police have NO DUTY to protect us. We are on our own, especially until help arrives. Think about that for a moment. My two cents: I’ll take care of myself and family and let the cops do the paperwork and notify the perpetrators… Read more »


After every act of terror we are told we must not punish all Moslems based on the actions of a few. Shouldn’t we extend that same courtesy to America’s 80,000,000 gun owners?

Actions of a few

Craig Williams

The pseudo intellectual drival and for that matter intellectual dishonesty of the left on display by PatriciaJ Williams. Driven by emotional hysteria and the resulting tortured insanity that passes for thought justified by the moral equivocation card we descend once again into the realm of absolute blather. The domain of LEFTIST thought. Aka PSEUDO INTELLECT.


I just checked out Patricia J. Williams’ Wikipedia page. Here’s how it begins: “Patricia J. Williams (born August 28, 1951) is an American legal scholar and a proponent of critical race theory…”

That’s the same ‘theory’ espoused by Barack H. Obama’s mentor when he was at Harvard Law, Derrick Bell.

Racists of a feather flock together.


Many among the civilian disarmament crowd believe even the police shouldn’t carry guns. Sort of like Europe. Who does that leave? Criminals and terrorists. Again, sort of like Europe. But even they’re wising up. Many, if not most, of the police in Europe are now carrying their issued service weapons routinely.