Does the Recent Obama “Executive Order” Really affect your ability to do Gunsmithing?

Gene Kelly, President of AGI
Gene Kelly, President of AGI


If you listen to the wagging tongues, SupposedAmerican Gunsmithing Institutely all Gunsmiths are going to have to register with the State Department DDTC and pay bigfees…. Well NOT So Much….

The First Thing I want to tell you is Don’t Panic. Things are not as dire as initially broadcast widely over the internet. The Current Government would Love nothing better than to have you throw up your hands and quit Gunsmithing or stop working on your guns. In fact, this Current President has only 5 months left. So these are acts of desperation of a fading administration. After his term ends, depending on who is elected, all of this may just blow over and go away.

So in Spite of the Intent of our Ever Expanding Government, I have GOOD NEWS for Most of you!

In fact I am going to tell you; How the Recent Obama Executive Order will enable some Gunsmiths to even Make More Money!

But First – I need to tell you who I am and why our company exists. My name is Gene Kelly and I am president of the American Gunsmithing Institute.

The American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) was Established in 1993 to Preserve the Gunsmithing Arts and therefore protect our Firearm Freedoms.  That is our mission. We have done that by training thousands of Certified Professional Gunsmiths, through our Study-at-home Professional Gunsmithing, Design, Function and Repair Courses. Plus we have created over 60 Firearm Specific Armorers Courses and Numerous Specialty Gunsmithing, Welding and Machining Courses.

The Gun Club of America (GCA) is another entity that I started over a Decade Ago to expand our ability to provide individuals that want to be True Firearm Experts with High Quality Information and resources.

But now I have to do my disclaimers:

I am NOT an Attorney. I am NOT giving you legal advice. – Each individual’s situation is different and You need to seek your own legal advice with regards to your individual situation.  I am ONLY GIVING YOU MY well researched OPINION.

With all that said I will tell you that I have already spent numerous hours over the last several days reviewing this information and checking with some of my sources.


As you may have heard, the Obama Administration issued an “Executive Order”, which inspired the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) to issue new “Policy Guidance” dated July 22, 2016 on the “Applicability of the ITAR Registration Requirement for Firearms Manufacturers and Gunsmiths”. (ITAR stands for the “International Traffic in Arms Regulations”.)

This has caused a great deal of unnecessary concern and distress in the firearm community.

But DON’T Panic! When you read the actual document you will realize:

  1. These rules Do Not apply to Hobby Gunsmiths (as they are not engaged in the “Business” of Gunsmithing)

2. Most Gunsmiths DO NOT have to Register, as long as you are not offering & perform specific tasks that are now classified as “Manufacturing” by DDTC.

3. There is an Opportunity for the Gunsmiths that do preform the services that require Registration to make more money. Keep reading to find out how.

In an attempt to clarify and illuminate the actual impact of this new “Guidance”, I have provided extracts of the “policy guidance” in quotes below. Bold and underlined emphasis is mine.

(As usual with any government agency, not everything is Crystal Clear and some areas are open to interpretation. I am only providing my opinion of what I think it says. However I am not an attorney, so this is just my opinion. If you need a legal interpretation please contact a qualified attorney).

So First The Good News: It is pretty clear that this Does Not apply to Hobby Gunsmiths that are doing their own work, as they are Not;

engages in the United States in the business of manufacturing or exporting or temporarily importing defense articles, or furnishing defense services, is required to register with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls under §122.2. “

So my read on this is that if you legally modify your guns for your own use and purposes, these regulations Do Not Affect You, as you are Not “in the Business of”. So take a deep breath and carry on enjoying your hobby!

It is also clear that many licensed Gunsmiths (FFL’s) WILL NOT have to Register depending on the Services that they offer. The “Policy guidance” also specifically exempts most things a Gunsmith will need to do:

“The Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) has reviewed and consolidated policy guidance about whether various activities related to firearms constitute manufacturing for International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) (22 CFR Parts 120-130) purposes and require registration with DDTC and payment of a registration fee. DDTC has found that many – but not all – traditional gunsmithing activities do not constitute manufacturing for ITAR purposes and, therefore, do not require registration with DDTC. The following guidance is confined to DDTC’s ITAR implementation. You must also comply with all other relevant laws.”

“Registration not Required – Not Manufacturing: In response to questions from persons engaged in the business of gunsmithing, DDTC has found in specific cases that ITAR registration is not required because the following activities do not meet the ordinary, contemporary, common meaning of “manufacturing” that DDTC employs in implementing the ITAR and, therefore, do not constitute “manufacturing” for ITAR purposes:

a) Occasional assembly of firearm parts and kits that do not require cutting, drilling, or machining;
b) Firearm repairs involving one-for-one drop-in replacement parts that do not require any cutting, drilling, or machining for installation;
c) Repairs involving replacement parts that do not improve the accuracy, caliber, or other aspects of firearm operation;
d) Hydrographic paint or Cerakote application or bluing treatments for a firearm;
e) Attachment of accessories to a completed firearm without drilling, cutting, or machining—such as attaching a scope, sling, or light to existing mounts or hooks, or attaching a flash suppressor, sound suppressor, muzzle brake, or similar item to a pre-threaded muzzle;
f) Cosmetic additions and alterations (including engraving) that do not improve the accuracy, caliber, or other aspects of firearm operation beyond its original capabilities;
g) Machining new dovetails or drilling and tapping new holes for the installation of sights which do not improve the accuracy or operation of the firearm beyond its original capabilities; and
h) Manual loading or reloading of ammunition of .50 caliber or smaller.

Activities limited to the domestic sale or resale of firearms, the occasional assembly of firearms without drilling, cutting, or machining, and/or specific gunsmithing activities that do not improve the accuracy, caliber, or operations of the firearm beyond its original capabilities (as described above) are not manufacturing within the context of the ITAR. If you are not manufacturing, exporting, temporarily importing or brokering defense articles or services, you are not required to register with DDTC. “

So if you are Not offering Services that constitute “Manufacturing”, then you are exempt! They say it directly in the “Guidance” quote above.

Also some firearms are not covered by the ITAR.  So if the firearm is Not a “Defense Article” then it is not covered by this regulation. What exact firearms are “Defense Articles” is not clearly covered in the provided “guidance”. The definitions listed in the regulations on their website appear to be pretty broad to cover many firearms. You can check directly with DDTC to see if a type of firearm is an ITAR firearm.

(However if a firearm is not covered by the ITAR, then their regulations do not apply):

“ Because the GCA (Gun Control Act of 1968) is intended to cover a broader scope of domestic activity than the AECA, the ATF regulations define the term “firearm” more broadly than the ITAR. As a result, not every firearm controlled by the ATF regulations is also controlled by the ITAR.”

“Persons who do not actually manufacture ITAR-controlled firearms (including by engaging in the activities described below, which DDTC has found in specific cases to constitute manufacturing) need not register with DDTC – even if they have an FFL from ATF. “

“DDTC has found that many traditional gunsmithing activities do not constitute manufacturing for ITAR purposes and, therefore, do not require registration under the ITAR, particularly where such activities do not require cutting, drilling, or machining and do not improve the accuracy, caliber, or operation of the ITAR-controlled firearm beyond its original capabilities.”

So there are another large percentage of Gunsmiths that Do Not need to Register with the DDTC.

It is very clear though that, other common Gunsmithing services Would require a Gunsmith to Register according to this “guidance” if you are “manufacturing” firearms that are covered by the ITAR.  This could include; cutting, drilling, or machining, or improving the accuracy of the firearm beyond its original capabilities.

But use common sense. For example mounting a scope might improve the accuracy of the shooter, but it Does Not improve the inherent accuracy of the firearm.

But here is where they say it they say the difference is;

“ Required – Manufacturing: In response to questions from persons engaged in the business of gunsmithing, DDTC has found in specific cases that ITAR registration is required because the following activities meet the ordinary, contemporary, common meaning of “manufacturing” and, therefore, constitute “manufacturing” for ITAR purposes:

a) Use of any special tooling or equipment upgrading in order to improve the capability of assembled or repaired firearms;

b) Modifications to a firearm that change round capacity;

c) The production of firearm parts (including, but not limited to, barrels, stocks, cylinders, breech mechanisms, triggers, silencers, or suppressors);

d) The systemized production of ammunition, including the automated loading or reloading of ammunition;

e) The machining or cutting of firearms, e.g., threading of muzzles or muzzle brake installation requiring machining, that results in an enhanced capability;

f) Rechambering firearms through machining, cutting, or drilling;

g) Chambering, cutting, or threading barrel blanks; and

h) Blueprinting firearms by machining the barrel.

The primary effect on the Gunsmiths that Do want to offer those services on ITAR Controlled Firearms that the DDTC claims falls under their purview, is that they will have to fill out a form and pay an annual fee of $2,250 as a registration fee. It’s just a fee to register and is required even if you do not intend to export. Actual exporting requires specific permission from the DDTC.

In my opinion this is just typical expansion of the law beyond it is intended purpose, so as to create a vehicle for harassment and financial burden on the firearms industry. With an overall goal to further suppress gun ownership if you let it.  All of this may pass away if the right individual is elected to the Presidency.

But another way of looking at this is that it is that for Gunsmiths that want to do this type work or provide those services, it is simply just an additional “cost of doing business” that only works out to less than $200 a Month. This is not really such a big deal in the overall scope of things if you actually do have to register.

Gunsmiths that do work that falls under these regulations will just have to raise their prices and be a bit more professional in operating their businesses. (Part of what we teach at AGI is how to Make Money Gunsmithing, through the appropriate application of best business practices).

I think a simple solution for Gunsmiths that Don’t Want To Register, is to job out any of the work in the Above “Guidance” that is “manufacturing” to Gunsmiths that ARE Willing to Register.

One Possible Example: Gunsmith “A” does all of his non-registration required work as outlined in the “DDTC Guidance” and when he gets in a project that falls into the “manufacturing”, he lets the customer know that he is sending that to a “DDTC Registered Gunsmith”, subcontracts it to Gunsmith “B” who is “Registered” who then receives and does the work, and then sends it back to Gunsmith “A” who makes a mark-up on handling the transaction.

Gunsmiths that Specialize in Barreling & Accurizing work are going to probably end up making more money as a result of the new restrictions. As always less competition equals opportunity to raise prices.

Our company intends to Register and I will share with you what we learn from the process. We also are retaining a law firm that specializes in this area of activity.

But you may or may not want to wait to register (if required) to see what happens in the November Election. – If Trump is elected this entire problem may go instantly away. So again, don’t panic.

Hobbyists are not affected and half to 2/3’s of Gunsmiths are not required to register, depending on the services that they offer.

We will be monitoring this to see where it goes. Hopefully the NRA, National Shooting Sports Foundation and other groups can get Congress to clean up this mess by exempting Domestic manufacturing with intent for domestic sales and the related “Gunsmithing” aspects.

But for now, I want to assure you that there is no reason to “Jump out of the window”.  It appears that Many, if not Most of you, who want to or are doing Gunsmithing are already exempt from this Registration process.

What I have stated is only my personal opinion after a careful reading of the DDTC issued “policy guidance”, I am of course NOT an Attorney and I am NOT offering legal advice, only my personal opinion after having read the information distributed by the DDTC. If you have specific questions, seek qualified professional legal advice.

Now I am going to give you my Political Opinion.

Quite honestly, unless we all work hard to elect Trump, (like him or not), we will end up with a lot worse than this crippling the industry and destroying our freedoms. Hillary is toxic and will ruin the country for the rest of our lives and beyond, just with her control of the appointments to the Supreme Court.

Let alone all the other decisions and appointments that she would make. We need to give people the backbone to vote against her and to vote for Trump. We also need to open our wallets and support Trump and maintain a Republican House & Senate. I would hope that Trump would unwind many of these executive orders and overreaches.

The fact that the Elites on both sides are so wound up and don’t want him is enough of a contrarian reason alone for me to vote for him.

But personally….The sweetest revenge is to make money!!

At AGI we have consistently provided knowledge and assistance to Gunsmiths on how to make Money Gunsmithing. We have provided specialty courses and even include “The Money Makers” with our Professional Gunsmithing Courses to help Gunsmiths start making money as soon as they have their FFL.

I want to help more Gunsmiths & FFL Dealers Make Money.  I want them to Survive and Prosper. Our Country Needs Gunsmiths and FFL Dealers! Part-time Gunsmiths that properly run their business should be making a minimum of $1-2 K per month and Fulltime Gunsmiths who work efficiently the way we teach them are capable of making as much as a $100,000 a year or more. As a number of our students do. You need to Survive AND Prosper.

If you are not yet a Certified AGI Gunsmith, and don’t yet have your FFL, Now is the time to enroll the Professional Gunsmithing Course and Apply for your FFL while it is still easy. Get on the inside now, in case things don’t go our way in the election. People on the Inside always find a way to get by.

I hope that this has been helpful to you. If you want to get more information on how to become a Certified Gunsmith, go to: or for Armorer Courses

Best regards,

Gene Kelly
American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI)

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Everybody has gotten all worked up about ITAR and the Munitions List, but there’s a very important detail that’s getting left out: the ITAR does not apply to gunsmiths or manufacturers of domestic firearms not intended for export. I’ve read The ITAR sections defining things, as well as the munitions list (§120.1), who must register (§122.1) and so on. I learned in law school that you can’t just read the body of any statute or regulation; if you want to understand what it says and how it applies, you also have to follow the trail through any cited authority, especially… Read more »

John T.

I love the term “hobby gunsmiths” as if there is such a thing. Sort of like hobby HVAC repairmen, hobby plumbers or electricians. AGI has billed itself as a stepping stone to a career in gunsmithing. Although I’m sure that many hobbyists buy AGI videos, why would someone spend thousands of dollars on a complete AGI gunsmithing program and not expect to get something out of it other than working on your own guns? I have nothing but the greatest respect for Mr. Kelly and his crew at AGI, but his spin on this situation is that essentially this isn’t… Read more »


This is not a matter to be taken lightly. The repercussions of I.T.A.R. Regulation violations can range up to $1,000,000.00 not to mention the time in Club Fed. I am/was a working Gunsmith. I built my business over 15 years and I am well respected in my region. The author of the article needs to understand this “Guidance” letter thoroughly BEFORE making any assertions or statements pertaining to it. I paid an I.T.A.R. Compliance attorney a tidy sum and consulted with 2 Industry Compliance Officers for interpretation of this document. To the letter of the document- if you so much… Read more »


It’s been a while since I read through the above letter, but if I remember correctly, he neglected to state that the State Dept. has the power to charge the $2250 fee retroactively. I’m also a licensed gunsmith. I got my license four years ago with the intentions of building it up slowly by word of mouth over time so I could have a decent little cottage business when I get near retirement age. Get a bureaucrat on a power trip with a hair across his ass and I could have to pay $9000. Your case it could be $33,750.… Read more »

Gary Paro

It is high time that we the gun owners of this country openly and notoriously defied these orders that clearly seek to infringe our rights under the 2nd Amendment. Northern NY county Sheriffs refuse to send their deputies against otherwise law abiding citizens to enforce that states SAFEACT. Enough!

Wild Bill

P, If we do as you suggest, what will prevent the gov from picking us off one by one?

Jim Pericaud

Sorry Mr. Kelly, but you are what Lenin called a “useful idiot”. Please don’t take it personally. There are many like you in our Country, both Republicans and Democrats, who naively believe that things will be alright, no matter how bad they are. The Secular Progressive (Communist) in our Country will not stop until all firearms are out of the hands of private citizens. If you want to see the blueprint for the future of our Country, read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. Our current president and possible future president are both disciples of Mr. Alinsky.


While I am a fan of Capitalism,using spurious government regulation as the reason/excuse to raise your prices doesn’t serve your customers, yourself or the industry you represent. Shame on you.


I had my FFL and my local ATF agent told me if I was to add a laser or a scope or anything to an AR I was classified as a manufacturer and must file as such. So it doesn’t only mean drilling or anything else..


Hi Mark,
I’m a basic FFL gunsmith as well. Did the agent tell you this recently after the EO was passed?


So, if I ask a gunsmith to drill and tap holes and mount a rail so that I can attach a Doctor’s optical sight, which I hope will considerable improve my accuracy with the weapon? Listen Pal, my heart goes out to you that after all of your years of hard work, your Gunsmith Training Business is now looking into the deep dark bottomless pit of extinction. And, while I agree that some of what they are doing does not apply to some aspects of gunsmithing, the bottom line is that the gray areas you refer to, can just as… Read more »


I am in total agreement. I am ready to march on Washington right now. I want to march armed and take our country back from these tyrants that think of us as their children needing their protection .. I am ready to throw them all out on their asses. 8 yrs maximum for any politician to hold office and when their done no more health insurance on the people’s back and no more pay. They’ll have to get jobs and normal health insurance like the rest of us.


Chip – chip-chip and soon the Island is chipped away. I believe Churchill said something like if one stone is thrown into the sea then England is less. This is far from correct but I believe the idea is there. Every time a freedom is taken away, we have fewer freedoms left and are one step closer to Marxism/Communism.


Gene, Why don’t you just pucker up and kiss it while you pay your fee ? First, they came for the gunsmiths who manufacture, but I don’t manufacture so I did not speak out. Then they came for the gunsmiths who accurize, but I ……… Then they came for the gunsmiths who correct head spacing, but……. Gene, What part of Martin Niemoler’s words do you not understand. First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I… Read more »


It is very clear to me that this is targeted directly at those who finish 80% lowers. They will use it as a way to significantly chill the demand for building your own unregistered firearm at home. Just wait & see if this is not one of the first uses of this law to prosecute someone.


Don’t panic, but just pay more money…for everything.


This article really irritates me. I jumped all around the real reason the order was put in place.
I lost a lot of respect for the writer today.


Somehow I suspect this whole article is one giant load of idiocy and BULLSHYTE; The EO was an ILLEGAL UNJUSIFIED usurption of power that IS NOT granted to the traitor in the white house and is an out and out violation of the 2nd Amendment.
Gene Kelly;
GO get your head extracted.


> … you can expect a UN Army of Occupation …

Not to worry. The blue helmets tend to stand out of the way every where they are employed. Its much safer to be an observer than to engage in the fire fight. The only thing the blue helmets are good at is rape and with all of the armed citizens in the USSA, that is an unlikely scenario because, again, they are good at being observers but unwilling to put their own lives on the line.

HMLA-167 Warrior

“USSA”? United Socialist States of America?


Actually it should be UZSA, United Zionist States of America. It is not Socialism that we are being overrun with, it is the control of the Zionist elitists. They are the ones whose agenda is to collapse all of the world’s economies and currencies so they can usher in a one world order where they have complete control over the world’s money, assets, and populations. They use socialism to get a nation indebted to them.


Are you a Nazi or just an anti-semite ignorant fool ? The global powers have a serious lack of Jews. The UN is anti-Israel and anti-Jew. Maybe you meant to post this crap on the Aryan Brotherhood web site. It has no place here.


First of all you show your ignorance by confusing zionism with being a Jew. Zionists are ant-God and use the Jewish people as their crutch to push their globalization agenda. Secondly, The Jews are NOT God’s chosen people, that is a misinterpretation of scripture/lie that that zionists continue to push to convince Christians to support Israel. The nation of Israel is NOT of God, it a created by zionists. God cursed the Jews and threw them out of Israel and said he would not let them return until they repented. Well guess what, they have NEVER repented. Jews do NOT… Read more »


Tex, You need to put DNR on your forehead. A vast majority of the life saving technologies used to save lives were invented by Jews. Cardiac defibrillators, vaccines, cardiac pacemakers, and more come from Jewish or Israeli companies. That computer you are using is based on a computer processor (Intel 8088) that was designed in Israel. USB thumb drive technology, instant messaging, even Google are Jewish inventions. The Desert Eagle, Uzi, IMI Tavor, Galil and others are some of the finest weapons made. The basic technology used for cell phones was invented by a Jewish woman, Heddy Lamarr. Drip irrigation… Read more »


Idadho, WOW so there’s a few things that “Jews” have done, yet there are millions of technologies and discoveries that have improved the world. Additionally, being a “Jew” has nothing to do with it, considering that you can be considered a Jew by genealogy or by religious conversion. So your whole point is POINTLESS, and shows your ignorance!

Wild Bill

, I have a KJV. Where do I find this mention of unicorns in the KJV that you mentioned?


Actually, Wild Bill, it is mentioned. I provided the info in the chain of comments containing unicorn. Idadho is like the idiots who can’t understand that the definition of Natural Born Citizen in the Constitution is the one known in the 1700’s not present day; equally the word unicorn in the bible comes from the definition that was relevant at that time, not the imaginary one of present day. This idadho is a loser with a large L!


Rattler, Answer a simple question. Do you believe in unicorns ?
We have plenty of problems in the world as globalists pursue their agenda. Zionism is far down the list and only of interest to the conspiracy theory followers. Revelations say these things will happen.


Actually I do believe in unicorns – the narwal is a unicorn and well known arctic inhabitant. What is obvious is fools on the left always use the word(s) “conspiracy/ conspiracy theory” when they cannot disprove facts, they never call it a lie (because they know it isn’t and eventually may have to admit it is true). Zionism is the tool that Satan is using to achieve what God tells us about in Revelation, so it is quite high on the list. If we had been vigilant when this zionism first appeared and stopped it, we would not be in… Read more »


A narwal is a whale with a tusk. A unicorn as I am referring to is a 4 legged animal.
So, you think we can overcome God’s timing ?
Are you trying to imply that I am a fool on the left ?
Did I ever mention conspiracy ?


So I guess you believe in unicorns considering that you claim they are only four legged animals! Of course the break down of the word uni (one) and corn (horn) doesn’t specify as you didn’t! You really don’t comprehend well, do you? When did I say we came overcome God’s will? I said, “we are not able to change biblical prophesy.” Did you mention conspiracy? Let me quote you since you can’t even remember what you say, “…and only of interest to the conspiracy theory followers.” Yes I’m implying you’re a fool and on the left. It is blatantly obvious… Read more »


You must believe in unicorns of the 4 legged kind. The ‘authorized’ KJV mentions them. Just one of many errors in the KJV.
So, what is the difference between being vigilant and stopping zionism and not changing bible prophecy ?
Interesting how KJO’s and others like you call anybody who does not agree with them leftists. Is salvation reserved for only those who believe in KJO ? Or, only for those who believe in Replacement Theology ? So many tilt at windmills based on cultish beliefs. They don’t even realize how much they sound like students of Alinsky.


The more you open your mouth the dumber you look. Here is a complete explanation in the bible: NONE of the verses says anything about four legged or horse-like. But an idiot like you will still argue because you are not intelligent enough to understand plain language! Numbers 23:22 “God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn.” Numbers 24:8 “God brought him forth out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn: he shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them… Read more »


Look it up. Unicorns are mentioned 6 times in the KJV. King James even changed Yakov (Jacob) to James as an act of self-importance. When I need to do deeper study, I refer to the Greek and other manuscripts. They are so much better than KJV.


Rattlerjake continues to show his conditional understanding of Scripture. He denigrates people in ways that defy God’s commandments. The self-righteous KJO crowd commonly denigrates those they disagree with as they pat themselves on the back. So similar to what Alinsky teaches.

HMLA-167 Warrior

8 hours later and my comment still hasn’t shown up… :-/

Shanaynay Garthbrooks

Yep, mines not showin up either. It was a bit fiery. Patrick Henry surely would not disapprove. We’ll see if it shows up, but Veto/Nullification by mass citizen non-compliance and unified state/local govt. intervention (harsh penalties for attempts to enforce) is the answer. Couple of interesting articles to read that cover the concept (and the related concept/tactic of Jury Nullification/Veto By Jury: We are not subjects of the U.N., nor are we subjects of “The State” (the U.S. government). We own the U.S. government and they work for us. It’s time for buckets of “You’re Fired” to be… Read more »


@HMLA,I have the same problem with my posts too. If I use my IPad it takes an hour or two. If I use my IPhone they post immediately.

Al Feldore

Be very careful that you understand the article above. If you take any payment or trade for your services you are in the business. Like doing a favor for a friend and they give you something. Or you say if you pay for parts I’ll do the work. Sound crazy? Every year over 5,600 people get hit with taxes from the IRS for not reporting income. Think that the IRS and ATF and State Dept. don’t talk? People need to wake up. Do not trust your government or the politicians that are in Washington today. NONE OF THEM! I have… Read more »


I totally agree! When you apply for a FFL (this is left out by mr. kelly), your saying that your in the business to “make a profit”. So your not a hobbyist, your a business person and in order to do gunsmithing for others you have to have a FFL, legally that is. So Im not really sure how Mr. Kelly can say that your not in business. Further, Mr. Kelly state that he will register, which sounds like giving in and following a rule that is obviously an over reach of government power. If AGI is so vast and… Read more »


If you were to replace all five uses of ‘your’ with the contraction ‘you’re’, your post will make more sense. Maybe you are using SIRI to post your comments. I bet SIRI gags when she hears firearm terms.

Wild Bill

Maybe we should all register, and overwhelm the system. Leave one or two thing off, by accident, so that the bureaucrat reviewing the document has to send it back. Maybe smudge something so that it is illegible. Hey, where do we get this paperwork, anyway? Oh and remember to wait to file your federal income tax on the afternoon of the last day this year, and pass the word.


Air conditioning repairmen are already federally controlled. They have to pass EPA 608 certification.
But, there is not a 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear air conditioners or automobiles.


Wild Bill, The feds would love your $2250 registration fee along with all of the other personal information they would gather. I doubt many have $2250 laying around to send to the feds just to bog the system down in incomplete applications.

Wild Bill

, Well, make lots of informational errors and send the applications COD. When are you going to invite me to that kids birthday party? I have lots of good jokes that I have heard over the years.

Richard Fair

I am upset with this order. I still have wonder if you could send out a bad part to a local machinist to make you a new one? Thank you for the information. I have been looking to get started in guntil smithing.


This is the insidious nature of these things. Technically no you cannot. The reality 99.999% of the time it will not be an issue. It’s when they want to investigate you for something that it be comes a problem. If they find out you had “parts manufactured” they will go after the machine shop in the name of your investigation. The shop has now committed a Federal crime and you aided. I was interrogated when my neighbors dog got hit by a car. They were talking to all the neighbors, but Police came by asked If I knew anything, I… Read more »


@Lowell – If it gets that bad you can expect a UN Army of Occupation provided by ‘Banana Republic Dictators’ from around the world. Right now believers in UN globalism are holding the ‘reins of power’ in America. They’re doing everything they can to divide the American people. ‘Executive Orders’ are part of the strategy since they undermine the ‘rule of law’. Was any of this “Hope and Change” on a ballot question? Was any legislation that Republicans proposed able to get past Barry and his veto pen?

HMLA-167 Warrior

Gene, Don’t panic or worry? Seriously? This executive order is another direct assault on the second amendment. That is all it is. They are redefining, by executive order, the nature and definition of gunsmithing. He who controls the words controls the ideas. He who controls the ideas controls the actions. He who controls the actions controls the people. Every gunsmith in America should be livid at this and do all they can to rid this regulation through every legal channel possible, not be complacent with more regulation and fees and not simply see opportunity for less competition and more money.… Read more »

Shanaynay Garthbrooks

Well said. Veto/Nullification by mass non-compliance and state/local govt. interventions (see my other comments, if they show up).


How can the government pick out one specific group of people and penalize them. Is my opinion that this law should also apply to auto mechanics air conditioning mechanics and so forth, are they not in the business of repair and replacement and Improvement.

Wild Bill

@Dean, The “government” is not doing this. Obama is doing this. The bureaucrats in the executive branch follow Oblabla’s orders to remain employed, and get their pensions.


Yeah, can we just please get on with the violent overthrow of the regime in Washington, DC and put and end to all of this idiocy?


I’m in when u need help


It won’t happen. Conservatives will not rise up, they have been programmed to be passive and perfectly law-abiding. It will take a major chaotic occurrence to get them off their asses, by then it will be too late (already is too late)! When SHTF it will not be to recover our nation it will be every man fior himself in a fight for basic survival!


People like this “author” are exactly the idiots that allow government to wittle away at our rights with their “harmless” laws!


You know, Rattlerjake, I’m inclined to agree with you. A literal reading got the text is fine for those inclined to abide by it. When the ATF comes knocking on your “home gun-smithing” hobby with a “letter” that magically makes you a manufacturer of ITAR Controlled firearms, even if they’re wrong, you still have to go through the motions. If they win, then a precedent is set.


Just remember the old saying, “Loose lips sink ships”. They can’t find or control a “hobby” that “doesn’t exist”.

As well there will always be those who will fall to a tyrannous government,it is inevitable and unpreventable, yet in the long run it will be worth it.

Our currency and economy is about to fail, with it will go our government. No matter what they do they will receive resistance, yet we eventually will come under a one world order – you can’t change biblical prophesy.


so this author is an idiot. Peole that go into gunsmithing don’t do it for a hobby. They do it because they want to make money doing something they love. Gunsmithing is an art and you do it because you want to create something and say, “I did that.” The first thing my instructor told us is you are not a gunsmith unless you have a lathe and a mill. Gun smithing is more than just dropping in a new trigger or assembling an AR15, which any monkey with a basic tool set can do, it is taking something that… Read more »


This law should apply to air conditioner repairman and auto mechanics just for a few examples.