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Ridge Road Outdoors Network
Ridge Road Outdoors Network
Ridge Road Outdoors Network
Ridge Road Outdoors Network

Rushford, MN -(AmmoLand.com)- “Today’s consumer marketplace has continued to change like wildfire. We have had to retune the dial several times to keep up with this trend. We now have it down,” says CEO Geoff Heppding, “and companies are seeing the effect.”

A strong mobile web presence is no longer an option — brands must have an engaging, robust, and easy-to-navigate mobile web experience. Whether or not they’re making purchases, customers use their smartphones to access store information, research products, and find promotions. Smartphones streamline consumers’ to-do lists and give them the ability to be more efficient.

“We have found that over 92% of the visitors to our website are experiencing it on mobile phones,” explains Geoff Heppding.

Today’s consumer habits have changed so much in the last 2 years. Box store sales are down, and even harder to get into. Dealer sales are minimal, with the few orders having insanely large discounts. This is all because consumers are turning to the digital platforms.

People connect, learn, shop, eat, navigate — all through a roughly 5”- 6” smartphone. The smartphone has become as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife but it’s TSA approved. A global study from Qualcomm and Time uncovered three-quarters of Americans surveyed said being “constantly connected by technology” is helpful. And consumers spend an average of 4.7 hours a day on their phones, according to Informate.

Recent studies reveal 71% of consumers indicated they used their smartphone most often compared to their laptop (11%), tablet (10%) and other devices like desktops (7%). 86% of people use their phone for two or more hours with 27% of people using their phones for 6+ hours per day.

84% of respondents have shopped or browsed via their smartphone in the past three months but only 27% made a purchase. In an additional survey, 91% of people said they used their smartphone for retail activities including finding store information like hours of operation (59%), finding promotions and coupons (51%), researching a specific product (51%) and making a purchase (48%).

*Research is based on data compiled data from of over 4,000 members, as well as the billions of data points from SessionM’s proprietary mobile audience intelligence platform. The survey & platform data were collected from December 10th – 12th, 2015 and January 19th – January 21st, 2016.


We now have a GUARANTEE that we will deliver a predetermined amount of targeted consumer digital engagements to your Ridge Road Outdoors Showcase (webstore) every month, or your next month if FREE. This engagement is validated by Google Analytics through our Brand Intelligence Monthly Report.

We go and grab the consumer online, engage them with stimulating content, and then bring them back to your showcase to experience your complete line of products, services, and brand message. And of course it all works and flows seamlessly with a customer’s thumb. For most of our manufacturers we then give the online consumer the option to check out through Ridge Road Store, but here’s where it changes…. We also give them the option to FIND A DEALER from your website, or take them to the point of purchase to your box store accounts or directly to your own AMAZON store. With consumers being more discerning and shopping around, we want to focus on teaching them about your product and show them everywhere they can buy it from. No one else is doing that for you!

If your company doesn't have a simple, clear, easy-to-navigate with your thumb website, you are losing online sales daily. We can help you with that.


Impressions may be as simple as a logo going by on a page, or a bumper sticker on a car passing by. There’s no guarantee the person they passed saw it, and in most cases the impression doesn’t give the consumer any valuable information if it was even noticed. They don’t do anything to inform the customers, and they don’t get them excited; they are static at best. We focus on Engagement. Engaged consumers are seeing you and clicking on you. They are viewing your products, watching your videos, and finding out where they can buy. We guarantee a targeted engagement every month, or your next month is free.


Watch this video http://ridgeroadoutdoors.com/media-intelligence-marketplace.

For more on Ridge Road Outdoors, go to www.RidgeRoadOutdoors.com.

Manufacturers/TV Shows: Learn how to get involved with special introductory rates by calling (888) 776-9858, or email [email protected]

About Ridge Road Outdoors Network:

Passionate about the outdoors, RRO provides the ultimate outdoor online network of products, interactivity, information, and entertainment; giving outdoor Television Shows, Retailers, Manufacturers, Associations, Outfitters, Guides ,Taxidermists, and Entertainers the opportunity to generate additional revenue by joining the RRO Super Online Network. From apparel, home and office products, to outdoor equipment and more, RRO is creating the super online network for the outdoor industry. RRO makes online shopping more accessible, efficient, and cost effective for avid outdoorsmen and women, allowing them to spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

For more information, visit: www.RidgeRoadOutdoors.com.

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