Sheriff Clarke: Black Lives Matter Has Nothing To Do With Black Lives


Frontlines | S4 E10:”Sheriff Clarke: The Thin Blue Line”

( – Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. has had enough of the dangerous Black Lives Matter ideology and the media who support it. Following a weekend in Milwaukee that saw Black Lives Matter extremists, along with anarchists, burn down businesses and attack innocent bystanders, Sheriff Clarke was interviewed on NRA News’ Frontlines, hosted by LtCol Oliver North. Speaking about Black Lives Matter, Clarke asserts, “It’s a dangerous, hateful, destructive ideology,” and that they are “purveyors of hate toward American police officers.”

Clarke also takes on the political correct portrayal of the extremist ideology as some type of new civil rights movement: “How did we fall this fast? From Rosa Parks to Mike Brown.” The Milwaukee County Sheriff also points out that Brown, along with Eric Garner and Freddie Gray, “are criminals who engaged in behavior that contributed to what happened to them.”

With Sheriff Clarke’s on-air takedown of CNN anchor Don Lemon (who Colion Noir recently labeled “the ultimate troll”) still fresh, the interview turns to the subject of the mainstream media. “The media knows better. This stuff has all been debunked,” says Clarke, adding, “By a two-to-one margin, more white males are killed in a police interaction than black males.”

Sheriff Clarke’s commentary comes at a time when being a law enforcement officer is exceedingly dangerous due to elitist media and politicians who put targets on the backs of America’s police, while Black Lives Matter fuels the flames of anger, chaos and destruction. Clarke isn’t backing down: “We have to win because ordered liberty is at stake.”

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  • 17 thoughts on “Sheriff Clarke: Black Lives Matter Has Nothing To Do With Black Lives

    1. If Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr was running for President, I think he would win hands down.
      I like many others rather enjoy a no Bull Sh*t. person in power. Even if its something that I don’t want to hear.. Give it to me straight and I can live with it. We are all tired of lies and more lies
      He would get America on track, out of debt and do it with ease.

      1. “If [Donald Trump] was running for President, I think he would win hands down.
        I like many others rather enjoy a no Bull Sh*t. person in power.”

        Did you happen to notice how well it worked out for him when people refused to call him out for blatantly lying?

      1. @Irontiger65 if you want to see what a racist looks like, look in the mirror. There is no shortage of responsible, hardworking black folks such as Sheriff Clarke but there are plenty like you who want to shut them up before they cut off your free stuff.

        1. Do you actually not see the racism in your own position? Like a few others on here, it is not Clarke’s position or words that envelope your support, it is his skin color. It is his race that fuels your accolades and that is Irontiger65’s reason for calling him out.

          It is not hard to see Clarke despises African Americans and it should not be hard to understand why he pretends racism does not exist.

          1. You obviously can’t see the woods from the trees. When you use the term African American it shows you want separation from the rest of us Americans. Answer this for me. When you watch any news channel in any big city how many times have you seen these atrocities commited on black people by white people.
            A white person walks up to a baby in a stroller and shoots the baby in the face and shoots mom in the leg, a white person pours gasoline down a black girls throat and catches her on fire, how many rapes have been commited by white men on black women daily, how many white men have car jacked black ladies, how many white men have robbed black women for their IPhone and then still kill them, how many white men have burned a city down in the name of a thug, etc. This could go on all day so I am going to stop. Call me what you want but I despise city dwelling black thugs that hate white people for no reason except being white. When you get all of these thugs to leave working class people alone then I will change my position. Further, piss on your African American term. Either you are to ignorant to see how that creates a separation from the rest of us Americans or you don’t give a shit. Your ignorance is astounding.

    2. It would be a great accomplishment if the blacks that follow this sh*t would learn that it is not in place to help them and as long as they support slick willie and hiLIEry they are only putting more money in the clinton pot and they are getting nothing other than more poverty. More blacks like the sheriff need to be more vocal.

    3. And once again Clarke chooses to be outright dishonest:

      “says Clarke, adding, “By a two-to-one margin, more white males are killed in a police interaction than black males.”

      There is no database capable of determining the number as highlighted by FBI Director Comey:

      ““It is unacceptable that The Washington Post and the Guardian newspaper from the U.K. are becoming the lead source of information about violent encounters between police and civilians. That is not good for anybody,” he said.

      In addition, since the populations are different you have to compare by rate and not pretend they have the same starting line. I can see why certain groups like this clarke guy.

      1. Just look at the FBI crime stats for last year. Even the New York Times reports the same data. Whites were killed by police by over a 2 to 1 rate.

        Now you say since the percentage of the populations is different for Whites and Blacks, we should look at the rate not raw numbers. OK.

        Then you must also adjust for the crime rate between the 2 groups. Where the rate of crimes are committed. If you do that then the raw numbers of Blacks killed by police is small compared to the rate of crime in their neighborhoods.

        For the record, I am Black and grew up and spent the first half of my adult life in Milwaukee.

        1. You were provided with direct quotes from the Director of the FBI highlighting the FBI data is insufficient for any accurate accounting. So you respond by saying…..look at the FBI data.

          How long have you been discussing this issue? Only ask because both you and Clarke make the following claim:

          “Whites were killed by police by over a 2 to 1 rate.”

          Not having sufficient data is not the main problem because that is not the issue being raised by BLM, so even if that number is accurate it does nothing to respond to BLM. Having seen the facts are not on your side let me help you avoid the grievous mistake of assumptions on my views regarding BLM because I will not join them so long as they use race as a primary feature. Race itself does not exist so they are perpetuating a biological myth and the group has not demonstrated in action about their claims of everyone is equally valued. I have not been able to find a single BLM public protest that was not centered on a victim being African American.

          “For the record, I am Black”

          Just like BLM, your skin color is the most important aspect. Do you have any idea how sad of a display is found in begging for praise based on race?

    4. I agree with Sheriff Clark and feel that this group is only looking out for themselves and not the black people of any others. There are reports that they have received more then 100 million dollars in donations from rich democratic groups and individuals and that can mean a lot to those that now have become super rich. They have not used any of that money to help anyone around there and no one knows what it is being used for. This kind of money can buy a lot of illegal guns if spent that way and that would not be a good way to use it. This group has shown how radical it can get by calling for blacks to riot and shoot police and they along with another radical group the New Black Panthers who have had many photo’s taken with then carrying guns does not make for a very comfortable feeling. We do not need open gun battles in Wisconsin and I am praying that does not come to pass. Sheriff Clark has his hands full in Milwaukee with all the problems that are normal there but does not need these groups pushing for burning and killing people. It will be a sad state of affairs if Our Gov. has to call out the National Guard to go after our own citizens but if that is what it takes then it must be done. I am sure he will work with the cities Mayor and Police in anything that does happen. God Bless these brave police officers and those that put their lives on the line each and every day. Gunny

    5. “are criminals who engaged in behavior that contributed to what happened to them.”

      That is more than sufficient to prove Clarke is incapable of upholding his oath because the only time you need to make such stretches is when the facts themselves are insufficient to support your position.

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