Shooting Illustrated Checks out the Awesome Nighthawk Custom Hi Power

Shooting Illustrated - September 2016 issue
Shooting Illustrated – September 2016 issue
Shooting Illustrated
Shooting Illustrated

Fairfax, VA -( NRA members who receive Shooting Illustrated as their magazine will get a close look at the Browning Hi Power—as updated and upgraded by Nighthawk Custom.

A litany of custom gunsmithing, improved parts and aesthetic touches make Nighthawk’s take on this octogenarian design really stand out, and Shooting Illustrated’s Richard Mann puts this high-end Hi Power through its paces. Are the upgrades worth it? Are little green apples green?

For a custom pistol feel at a factory price, we have the Smith & Wesson Victory. With the ability to change out grips, barrel and even the sights, the Victory is a truly modular handgun. Myriad options and configurations can be achieved on this rimfire, but the most impressive feature isn’t really noticed until it comes time to clean it—then the Victory’s advantage over other rimfire semi-automatics really comes through.

The CZ-USA 805 Bren S1 also gets compared to other, somewhat similar rifles and it, too, is modular, but that’s where similarities with the Victory end. The Bren is chambered in 5.56 NATO and it can accept USGI magazines, but that’s where its commonality with the AR-15 ends. The Bren offers ambidextrous operation, side-charging and a folding stock, all thanks to the short-stroke-piston operation.

Rifle shooters of all persuasions, not just those who like the Bren, can make good use of Richard Mann’s informative treatise on the proper use of a sling. Numerous options, different products and several different ways to employ a shooting sling are discussed, along with full-color examples of the correct way to set up and use such an aid. If you’re looking to improve your rifle-shooting skills, this is a must-read.

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