Small Game Beware: New Slick Trick RipTrick Head Is Here

Slick Trick Broadheads
Slick Trick Broadheads

(Rochester, NY) With many of today’s bowhunters obsessed with deer and other serious big-game hunting, Slick Trick is bringing back the fun with its new RipTrick broadhead that’s designed specifically for small game and the simple pleasures of stump-shooting with friends, family, and youngsters.

The unique RipTrick features a 7/8-inch cutting diameter complete with four extra-durable .035-inch steel blades, and a SuperSteel ferrule that delivers a perfect combination of durability and field-point accuracy. Slick Trick’s proprietary Alcatraz BladeLock system helps retain maximum energy that you can deliver to your quarry, whether it be a gray squirrel, cottontail or woodchuck. And when your target is a rotten stump or dirt pile, the special four-blade construction grabs and holds vegetation to help ensure quick and easy arrow recovery.

Slick Trick RipTrick Head
Slick Trick RipTrick Head

“Every bowhunter needs to carry at least one RipTrick-tipped arrow in their quiver, whenever they go afield,” said Paul Vaicunas, Slick Trick Brand Manager. “Whether your goal is a dedicated small-game hunt or simply keeping your shooting eye sharp and helping pass long hours on stand by targeting the local squirrels, the RipTrick helps make any hunt more fun and productive.”

The new all-steel RipTrick is available in three models: The 100-grain RipTrick 100; the 100-grain, Deep Six-compatible RipTrick 100 D6, and the 125-grain RipTrick 125. All feature four-blade construction and 7/8-inch diameter that delivers a total cutting diameter of 1 3/4 inches.

Make no mistake, the RipTrick is a deadly small game head, but you can also consider this head accuracy insurance. Long hours in a treestand often come down to one single, fleeting opportunity, and often, in bitter temps that can challenge cold, tight muscles and erode good shooting form. Taking a practice shot or two while on stand with a RipTrick-tipped arrow can help build confidence-and deliver ultimate success when the true trophy appears.

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