Smart Gun Lock ZORE X Reaches $500,000 Milestone on Indiegogo

IDF Combat Veterans Raise $500,000 In Indiegogo Campaign for ZORE X, a Smart Cartridge Shaped Lock That Secures Semi-Auto Guns from Within the Chamber, Providing a Solution for Gun Safety That Gun Owners Actually Want to Own

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AmmoLand Gun News

Jerusalem, Israel -( While politicians continue to debate legislative reforms on gun control policy, private companies like ZORE are taking matters into their own hands and creating viable gun safety solutions.

ZORE X is a smart cartridge-shaped locking device for semi-auto guns that prevents unauthorized use and alerts gun-owners by phone notification if any attempt has been made to move or unlock their firearm.

Other smart solutions have been wholly rejected by the gun community and the large majority of smart gun companies have gone out of business. ZORE, however, is actually receiving a positive reaction from the gun community, raising $500,000 in purchases of its gun lock during its two month crowdfunding campaign – more than any smart gun campaign or gun safety device has ever succeeded in raising before.

ZORE X utilizes a patented cartridge that locks the majority of semi-auto guns (providing calibers for 9mm, .40 s&w, .45 ACP, and 5.56 NATO guns), by simply pressing a button. The device can then be unlocked manually, using RAPIDial, a unique unlocking mechanism that allows the user to turn the code without looking at the lock, simply by feeling the number of clicks between each turn. Once unlocked, charging the gun will eject ZORE X and chamber a fresh round immediately. ZORE also offers gun owners the option of unlocking the device via their smartphone. However, the device can only be locked manually by physically pressing the lock button and is not dependent on the phone in any way.

Gun control is one of today’s more controversial political topics, with many, including US President Barack Obama, pushing for smart gun solutions. Unfortunately, in real life, smart guns make guns less reliable. Smart guns’ dependency on fingerprint reading technology is too unreliable, being easily affected in a time of need by sweat, rain, or blood. Other smart guns are only activated by nearby bracelets or watches containing corresponding RFID chips, meaning the gun-owner has to wear this bracelet 24/7 to have constant access to his or her gun. The alternative mechanical devices, such as safes and locks, are often unaccessible, with many gun owners afraid it will take too long to reach their firearm during an emergency. For this reason many gun-owners forego locking their guns altogether.

That’s why ZORE X is a game-changer in gun safety. The gun lock combines old school mechanics with modern day technology in order to create a safe yet accessible and effective gun storage solution – all without changing the gun’s mechanism. Moreover, ZORE X’s unique design and engineering allows users to swiftly unlock and eject the cartridge, offering the quickest way for guns to go from locked to loaded.

The founders of ZORE, a group of IDF veterans from elite combat and technology units, came up with the idea for ZORE X after an event of “friendly fire” in which a fellow soldier was accidentally shot. The incident got them working on solutions for gun safety. The team decided to tackle one of the biggest problem with guns: incidences of misuse and accidents, in order to find a safe, accessible, and effective solution to this worldwide problem.

“ZORE brings the 21st century to the gun world,” said Yonatan Zimmermann, CEO and Co-Founder of ZORE. “But it does so without compromising the mechanism of guns, achieved by years of fine engineering. We are gun-owners ourselves, and we wanted to create a solution that fits our needs. The versatile options of using ZORE X create a set of solutions that fit gun owners’ changing circumstances.”

ZORE X will be available for a retail price of $199, but is now available on Indiegogo, starting at $95.

About ZORE:

ZORE was founded in 2014 by IDF veterans from combat and technology units. After two years of development, ZORE X is now being launched for presale on Indiegogo. ZORE’s unique design and engineering brings forth the 21st century into the gun world – without embedding technology in guns and reducing their reliability.

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    no thank you sir, if this device fails to work do i get my life back or a magic do over. i know were my firearm is at all times, locked and loaded.
    good day


    Of course all of my weapons are locked up and locked down with an exception or two but I’m not a huge fan of trigger locks for the simple reason that in a time of immediate need there is a hurdle to clear that may cost me or a family member dearly. This seems to be the best option and one I’d very much be interested to put to the test myself.