Sportsman Channel Weekly Programming Highlights ~ August 22–28

Pursuing: Argali Rams, Hogs of Texas, Florida Gators, South Dakota Mule Deer and a Kansas Winter Wonderland

Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

Denver, CO -( During the week of August 22–28, Sportsman Channel presents the outdoor-enthusiast lifestyle in the truest manner with attention-grabbing, tenacious and inspiring programming.

First up, Thursday Trailblazers features Mark Peterson  – in Cabela’s Instinct – helping his brother-in-law, Eric, take an Argali Ram from the Altai Mountains in Mongolia. The evening continues with Steven Rinella in MeatEater visiting Maverick County, Texas to trap wild hogs with ranch manager, Ben Binnion.

Saturday morning, viewers will join Jeff in The Lindsey Way as he chases a mature Kansas whitetail in the middle of a real life, frozen wonderland.

Sunday evening, Pigman: The Series receives an invitation to Florida for a hog and gator hunt. Then, it’s game time for Benny and his buddy, Shane, in Gun It With Benny Spies as deer season in South Dakota has begun.

Highlights for August 22–28:

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