Standard Manufacturing Company Is Pleased to Announce LGBT Firearms Training

Global Dynasty Corps in Orlando
Global Dynasty Corps in Orlando
Standard Manufacturing Co, LLC
Standard Manufacturing Co, LLC

New York, NY -( Standard Manufacturing Company, LLC headquartered in New Britain, Connecticut is pleased to announce their new alliance with “Empower Firearms Training,” the non-profit organization “Pink Pistols” and “Global Dynasty Corps.”

As of August 2016, Standard Manufacturing Co., LLC will be providing the necessary funding for both of the lead instructors Miss Jo and Mr. Joseph of the organizations to train members of the LGBT Community at the renowned Global Dynasty Corps establishment located in Orlando, Florida.

In light of the recent tragedy at Pulse nightclub in Orlando on June 12, 2016, Louis M. Frutuoso President of Standard Manufacturing was compelled to give back to the community in the most positive manner possible.

As his company does not even manufacture handguns, he will not be providing any arms for the classes offered at Global Dynasty Corps.

Mr. Frutuoso references the FBI Hate Crime Statistics, “The LGBT Community has the second largest percentage of Hate Crime violence due to their sexual orientation, and thus it is imperative that what happened in Orlando is never repeated. I urge the entire American Firearms Industry to unite with the Pink Pistols organization and help support our fellow Americans no matter what their sexual orientation is.”

The Pink Pistols since inception in 2000 has more than 45 chapters throughout the United States. The members of Pink Pistols are dedicated to their legal right to self-defense while practicing the legal, responsible and safe use of firearms. The Chapters meet at least once a month at their local firing ranges, helping members select a firearm, acquire a permit and receive proper training.

Miss Jo, states, “Pink Pistols of Central Florida Chapter was formed after the terrorist attack at Pulse nightclub this past June. Our goal is to encourage a professional, safe and comfortable learning environment in the field of firearms and self-protection for the LGBT Community while ensuring that our Second Amendment Rights are cherished and upheld for every law abiding citizen.”

Miss Jo is a Certified Firearms Instructor with the NRA, an Elite Instructor with Florida Concealed Gun Training and a Martial Arts black belt in several disciplines. She teaches novice through advanced firearms classes for all and specializes in training particular groups including women, families, Churches and the retired community in both lethal and non-lethal self-defense.

Junior Joseph of Global Dynasty Corps in Orlando will be the other lead instructor alongside Jo. He has over 20 years of firearms experience and has been a firearms instructor for more than 10 years. Mr. Joseph is a certified K licensed law enforcement and security D & G instructor trainer. He holds a Criminal Justice Degree and is a U.S Marine Corps war veteran. He has domestic and International experience with both rifles and pistols and has trained thousands of individual’s firearm safety including young adults and women.

The objective of this program is to encourage a professional, safe, and comfortable learning environment in the field of firearms and self-protection for the LGBT Community while ensuring that our Second Amendment Rights are cherished and upheld for every law abiding citizen.

We look forward to serving the Orlando community as we work together to build a stronger and safer future.

Contact Global Dynasty Corps in Orlando at 321-946-5202 and

About Standard Manufacturing Company, LLC:

Standard Manufacturing Company, LLC, is based in New Britain, Connecticut and is recognized in the industry as manufacturer premium and innovative shotguns. Though partnerships with established charities and non-profit organizations Standard Manufacturing Company, LLC is proud to support community initiatives.

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What happened to all people are equal!

Lee Hubbard

Equality has nothing to do with it. The company is tagging onto a horrific incident to get free advertising/promotion of their business. LGBTs are no different than anyone else. The same as the race cards… We all are the same when treated the same by all. Only the ignorant will hang onto a title just for the extra attention garnered by that title. When all peoples loose this “I am special because I am (insert your title)” then, maybe, all will be equal, Not just TREATED equal! Then and only then will the need to say, “I am an ??????… Read more »

Lee Hubbard

Why specific LGBT firearms training? Do they require a different means of holding, sighting, triggering to fire a firearm? Are there different requirements for holding a firearm? It really burns my butt when people/businesses USE a group of people to further their business/supposed cause. Just another greedy way to get publicity, what a shame!

Dr. Strangelove

Exactly. It’s just another case of a minority group making themselves special.

Junk Bin

what would be the reaction if the name of the Group was the White Male Pistols???


The time to stop dividing ourselves is here. The world of firearms enthusiasts, personal defense and the shooting sports can serve as as a catalyst to unite us as citizens.

Wayne Clark

I welcome the LGBT community into the world of self defense. At first, I am ashamed to admit, (old mentaIities are sometimes, hard to overcome…& I apologize) was a little put off that the pistol I chose as my EDC, was symbolic of what the LGBT community should be inducted with. Why a Beretta PX4 Storm…why not a Glock, or Sig, or Kimber? Then it hit me. We are not welcoming the LGBT community…we are welcoming yet another informed group into the carry world…& what better gun to use, than the Beretta? Maybe I’m biased, but there is none better… Read more »