Start Ringing Steel With The Mule Kick Target From Birchwood Casey


Birchwood Casey
Birchwood Casey

USA – -( new Mule Kick AR500 Steel Target from Birchwood Casey provides shooters a tough, high quality target that will provide years of shooting practice.

The Mule Kick Target is 15 ½ inches in diameter and made of1/2” AR500 steel so it will absorb rounds from centerfire handguns and rifles without a hitch. The target eliminates the need to walk down range, as hits create a loud “ring” that can be heard at distances over 300 yards. The simple, yet innovative stand holds the target low to the ground at the proper angle to the shooter, so that bullets are deflected downward. The target can also be suspended from, or bolted through the holes in the gong as long as the proper angle to the shooter is maintained.

The Mule Kick is rated for centerfire handguns and rifles up to and including magnum calibers. Handguns require a minimum distance of 25 yards. For rifles, the target should be no closer than 100 yards. High velocity rounds (3000+ fps muzzle velocity) or magnum calibers should only be used at ranges of 200 yards or more.

The Mule Kick Target is proudly made in the USA and sells for a suggested retail price of $233.40.

Mule Kick Target From Birchwood Casey
Mule Kick Target From Birchwood Casey

Visit the Birchwood Casey website at, write to 7887 Fuller Road, Ste. 100, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 or call 800-746-6862 for more information.

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3 years ago

That’s quite a price, even for a 15.5″ target. You shouldn’t need a 15.5″ target any closer than 600 yards and, at that range, you don’t really need 1/2″ steel. I’m sure it’s nice though.