Styrka Hardcore Pursuit: Montana Muleys

STYRKA Hardcore Pursuit
STYRKA Hardcore Pursuit

Montana-( Travel west again with Mike Pelletier as he heads back over to one of his favorite areas to rifle hunt Muleys with good friend and outfitter Craig Schell near Terry, Montana. The vast country is amazing and the bucks are plentiful! Check your local listing for STYRKA's HARDCORE Pursuit on Sportsman Channel.

About Hardcore Pursuit:

The team's hardcore attitude, tremendous work ethic and down to earth appeal around the sport have them producing an exciting and entertaining show that is one of the top rated shows on the network. Be sure to tune in each week for adventures from all over the US and Canada and check out their Facebook page for trailers and sneak peeks of upcoming episodes.

About Styrka:

STYRKA is an optics company dedicated to providing hunters with outstanding products, exceptional customer service, and an unmatched, unconditional, unlimited, lifetime warranty. With over a century of experience, we see things differently. We feel like there's a place for a hunting optics company to illuminate the science of optics for the hunter. No spin or embellishment. Just the facts. That's our ongoing goal. We also think it's time for a hunting optics company to really stand behind their product. To make a commitment of excellence to you, the customer. We call it STYRKA Pride. It's the warranty to beat all warranties. It's simple, direct and all about you, our customer. We want you to know, before you buy a STYRKA product, that we are committed to – and invested in – making sure you have a wonderful and world-class experience.

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