Teen Shoots Burglar In Leg With Shotgun

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Teen Shoots Burglar In Leg With Shotgun
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- KCBY TV-11 reports this week (8/5/2016) in Myrtle Point, Oregon, Police received a report that a would-be burglar had entered a teen’s home on Spruce Street just after 8 on Wednesday morning.

He was the last one to leave the house that morning and it appears the burglar thought everyone had left.

Officers say the 15-year-old boy grabbed a shotgun and shot the suspect in the leg. The teenage resident feared for his safety and was justified in the shooting of an individual police believe was trying to burglarize his home.

Under Oregon law, if someone commits a burglary in your home and you fear for your life, you can use deadly physical force.

“That’s clearly what happened here,” Coos County District Attorney Rob Frasier said. “This guy was committing a burglary and the young man in question was obviously scared about what was going on and so, no question in my mind that this was justifiable.”

Police identified the suspect as a 33-year-old and responding paramedics transported him to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. There’s no word yet on the charges he’s facing.


We’ve run several stories in the past few months of armed teenagers being able to defend their families and homes. If your teens are mature enough to understand the decisions that need to be made, see to it that they have some instruction in what to do.

The run, hide & fight comes to mind coupled with firearm practice. Each child is a unique person, the amount and type of instruction is a parental decision.

In this case, the 15 year old was the last one out leaving for school, the morning this happened he was a bit later than he planned.

We can be sure he will not faces charges and will be a hero to his school chums. Perfect!

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