The Veterans Family of Brands Welcomes The Tactical Edge

The Veterans Family of Brands (VFOB), a Forward Operating Base for Veterans, is an organization bringing together like mission-minded companies, and individuals with a passion for supporting US Military Veterans and their families!

Veterans Family of Brands (VFoB)
Veterans Family of Brands (VFoB)

Minden, NV -( The Veterans FOB was founded in 2016, after a small group of companies decided to work together to do more than they could accomplish by themselves from product demonstrations, customer events, and ultimately Veterans support.

This vision quickly spawned interest from like minded companies with great brands who wanted to be part of the mission and as such the VFOB came to life! Check out our mission, our family of companies, our VFOB dealers, and get info on memberships at

“The Tactical Edge is a rifle manufacturer based right outside Ft. Campbell, KY. that specializes in tried and tested battle rifles. We innovated the DLC BCG movement that has become a staple in the industry today as well as our fully adjustable, slide in trigger.” stated Bobby Snyder, CEO of Tactical Edge Arms. ” We’re excited at the opportunity to join VFOB and look forward to working and networking with like-minded Veteran owned businesses. For more info on us, visit

“The Tactical Edge is a natural fit into the VFOB given their attention to quality and product detail, as well as their attitude toward our Veterans.” stated Casey Betzold, acting CEO of VFOB, LLC. “We can rest confident in our mission to do more for our military and first responder vets if we continue to have folks like Bobby and his team join up!”

PR and media questions can be directed to [email protected]

Interested Manufacturers, Dealers, and Individuals can visit for more details and follow VFOB on social media at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Veterans Family of Brands (VFOB):

The Veterans Family of Brands (VFOB) is an organization with a mission focus to become the Forward Operating Base of veterans through the facilitation of high quality products and financial support for vetted charities. VFOB provides a platform for companies, dealers and individuals to become members of this mission. The VFOB is generated for the benefit of its manufacturing members, supporting Dealers, and a large group of vetted Veterans Charity Foundations. Individuals likewise, who resonate with the mission, will have the opportunity to be coin carrying members of the VFOB. It is focused on the promotion, vetting, and supporting of those like-minded businesses that support veteran programs directly. It provides advertising, support and mentorship from already successful businesses that support, hire, and or donate to VFOB approved charities. VFOB drives a mission that every time you buy a product from one of our manufacturing and dealer members you are giving back to veterans.

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