The Trashing of Conservative Gun Owners

Gun Owners Fight Back
The Trashing of Conservative Gun Owners
Robert Deen
Robert Deen

USA – -( “Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

At the end of the movie “Falling Down”, Michael Douglas’ average Joe character remarks in puzzled shock, “I’m the bad guy?”

Gun owners must feel the same way.

I own guns. Other than a few traffic tickets, I’ve never had a brush with the law. I served in the Marines, held a job, went to church, raised a family, and hunted my whole life. Pretty much normal, as most gun owners are.

But today, if you listen to politicians and the news media, I’m the problem. Terrorists kill dozens of Americans at a nightclub, in the work place, on a military base? That’s on me. Gang members kill each other off by the hundreds in major cities? That’s because of selfish, brutish, unhinged gun owners like me. Mental cases kill other people or themselves – that’s my fault. Guns are the problem – not the terrorists, criminals and mental cases that abuse them.

I’m told that – as a gun owner — I’m responsible for the carnage.

How can that be?

Sadly, there’s a simple explanation. Americans as a people historically have been reluctant to reduce freedom, to take away rights and impose new restrictions. The federal government, on the other hand, virtually exists for that purpose. Government is all about control. Public opinion can be an inconvenient obstacle to increased control, and to the imposition of more rules and restrictions on individual behavior.

Largely for this reason, it is necessary for the government to vilify a certain group of people before acting. The bulk of the public will not object if the victims are “bad people” who “get what they deserve”.

Smokers, after all, where originally just normal people exercising their right to smoke. For years the government – and organizations subsidized by the government – undertook sustained public relations campaigns to attack smokers as individuals.

A Christian business person who refuses to prepare a wedding cake for a gay couple isn’t simply adhering to their religion, they’re ugly bigots filled with hate who deserve to be put out of business – or at least that’s the news media’s version.

Remember Obama’s famous line about Americans being “bitter people clinging to their guns and religion?”

Successful business people are greedy and evil (“You didn’t build that”). So tax them more, pass more regulations. Do you hunt? You’re a cruel, sadistic murderer. Have questions about climate change? You’re stupid, a denier, you don’t believe in science – you’re personally responsible for risking the future of the entire planet.

Forget the facts, it’s about trashing the people who stand in your way, and gun owners, you’re in the cross hairs now.

And because you have a constitutionally guaranteed, 2nd amendment right to own guns, it’s going to take an awful lot of character assassination to justify taking those rights away.

Expect things to get real ugly, and here’s why. If you’re going to trample on the rights of a minority – and gun owners are a minority – you’ve got to manufacture and spread enough dirt and slime to ensure the American people will tolerate it.

Tyranny of the minority, as DeTocqueville named it, is unfortunately a feature of Democracy. If there are three people and two of them agree, number three is out of luck.

So what’s the answer?

One is to fight back in the court of public opinion, and not let the lies, distortions and mistruths go unchallenged. Gun owners have organizations for that purpose and they should be supported.

Second, the political system matters. Vote. The founding fathers built checks and balances into the system to prevent the abuse of minority rights. One is the Supreme Court.

The next president will appoint one or more justices that will determine whether the 2nd amendment as it was originally written and intended will continue to exist. Your vote for president matters.

Thin Blue Line Flag
Thin Blue Line Flag Original Image by M. Zalewski “Mrkoww” [email protected]

Another check and balance is representative government. We don’t decide things by direct democracy – a vote of the people. We elect representatives who can give careful consideration to issues and protect minority interests. Your congressional representatives matter a great deal. Your vote matters.

My brother is a retired cop. Neighbors told him that they assumed he owned guns and would no longer allow their 8-year-old son to play with his, because “they didn’t want him exposed to the gun culture.”

Bigotry, hate, unreasoning persecution, blame for others actions and crimes, public shaming – those are the tools that the anti-gun community employs. Harden yourself for even worse abuse in the future.

“Wait, I’m the bad guy?”

Yes, they want to make you the bad guy, because that’s how you get away with taking away someone’s rights in America.

Get ready for it, and get ready to fight back.


(Robert Deen is a retired public relations executive whose agency specialized in government “public education” campaigns. Read more at )

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Gregory Romeu

ANYBODY that is stupid enough to try and alter, remove, destroy or otherwise, “fold spindle mutilate” MY rights is just asking t have his ass handed to him / her.


The main point of said article pertains to our rights to own guns. This proverbial tyrannical so called government is stepping on the wrong toes. I can guarandamntee you this. As for yhe lgbt/gays, I’m damn sick n tired of this bullcrap rhetoric they continually spew. It goes against my moral code to recognize that they exist. I’m not a homophobe, I have morals and these inidividuals gripe my ass because they want this n that. Tough. The writer was using this example to show that the tyrannists believe they have the power. Well, I for one will not cower… Read more »


In a country dedicated., as we are, to the ideals of equal opportunity for everyone, and the concept that “all men are created equal,” it seems to me that it is not merely immoral, but should also be illegal, for a business that offers products or services to the public, to deny their service/product to any specific segment of that public. In a nutshell, if you go into business to serve the public, then you should be expected to serve ALL of the public, whether you like or agree with them or not. I see no problem with exceptions for… Read more »


In the country you describe, a person aho participates in an activity he KNOWS to be disturbing to a particular businessman will seek out someone who supportsor approves of that activity. Further, the government of said country is charged with PROTECTING the right of each individual to exercise their religion of choice…. and to force ME to participate in an activity that is directly condemned by my religion is to fail to do that. Remember back when the mormon religion was growing rapidly? They held that polygamy is fine, and wished to continue in its practice. Government detarmined FOR THEM… Read more »


so is it OK to refuse to serve Blacks, or Jews, or Wiccans, because you don’t like them, or only if your religion can be interpreted to mean they are sinful? I’m not sure how old you are, but I can clearly remember the use of Biblical quotes to justify slavery, segregation, and discrimination against Blacks after desegregation. There is a well known aphorism that the Devil can quote Scripture to His purpose. Many Muslims want to live under Sharia law because their religion advocates it. Does that make it OK for a Muslim father to kill his daughters for… Read more »

Pantera Vazquez

It seems that I am one of the bad guys, as I support freedom.

.I.. <my response…..

Steve Cullen

It’s not that all gun violence needs to be reduced by eliminating the guns… That’s just the liberal way of saying guns are dangerous… They need to be banned… The real reason goes much deeper…. It’s the radical /progressive left needs to disarm those who have guns in order to put into effect their ideology… This comes out of the Saul Alinsky books…. Eliminate the guns and they win… So the choice is disarm and lose your freedom or stand your ground and fight back… “Live Free or Die “…. I will die on my feet rather than live on… Read more »


I’m with you brother.


“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of basic human liberty; it the argument of tyrant’s; it is the creed of slaves.; William Pitt


Old William sure knew what he was talking about !

Roy F. Wilt

Sad to see Comments that are completely off The Subject of Saving the Second Amendment as it was written! Personally, I could care less about Gays! They are a Illness of which is a Terminal One! It Can’t be passed down to their Offspring be cause they can’t reproduce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the True Judgement against Them! Who Cares about a Cake for Less than 3% of the Population!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want a President that will appoint Judges that Support and Defend Our Constitution!

2nd Amender

Never argue politics and religion, in the same sentence!

If you’ve ducked enough bullets, you’ll usually get to know who is on your side, and I’ll guarantee, a lot of those are very different from you!

Casey Cameron

“A Christian business person who refuses to prepare a wedding cake for a gay couple isn’t simply adhering to their religion, they’re ugly bigots filled with hate who deserve to be put out of business – or at least that’s the news media’s version.” I was with you until this paragraph. I am a staunch pro-2A person and see this homophobic crap about wedding cakes pop up often. I mean, do the Christian business people kick out divorced people? Wearing different fabrics? NO. We all know this is about disdain for gay people just like the anti-gunner’s blaming the gun… Read more »


That lawsuit payout wasn’t so much about not baking a cake but the bakery owners released the personal details of the couple so that there would a harassment campaign..


The “couples” details were released when they “gay couple” filed suit!!


You completely miss the point of freedom to do business. If they don’t want to serve them that’s their choice, whether or not you agree with it is their right to decide who they want to do business with. Dragging them to court because they won’t serve two gay couples a cake is nothing short of tyranny and if we are going to do that then why don’t we also apply the same rules to Muslim bakeries that do the same thing? Or do the rules only apply to one demographic?


Hey, pal. Show me where in the Constitution that LBGT’s are a protected class? You can’t because they’re not. You have no right to violate my 1st Amendment rights. As a private business, I do not have to serve everyone who walks through the door. Period.If you come into my store reeking of beer and cigarette smoke, I will invite you to leave. You’re sick of the “homophobic crap” and I’m sick of the militant LGBT assholes who go out of their way to find a Christian-owned business to attack. This is total and complete bullsh*t and you know it!… Read more »


If you have read the constitution. We have the right of association and it is NOT within our governments duties to declare what or who we associate with or to dictate what or when we choose to purchase something. Gay rights ARE “special” rights over and above everyone else. Homophobia is a fantasy buzz word created for the sole purpose of denigrating and silencing dissent. We have the right to disagree without being persecuted and loosing our freedoms. Firstly these “discrimination” laws violate the first amendment, openly and clearly. Personally I believe homosexuality is a mental disorder and I refuse… Read more »


SO go ASK an ISLAMIC MUSLIM BAKERY to bake a cake for a JEWISH WEDDING; HOW ABOUT THE GAYS go ASK those Muslims to bake them a cake.
It’s sad to see people like YOU that FAIL to recognize that in THIS country people have the RIGHT to follow the dictates of their religion.


You are DUPE! They only go after CHRISTIANS. The gov is not doing the same to muslim bakers, why???