Trophy Taker Option 6 Review

By Jason Reid

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

(Rochester, NY) ( I like the idea of gear designed through the inspiration of the mountains in which the manufacturer calls home. Not to say that gear designed elsewhere is terrible, but when it comes to gear like clothing, boots and in this case, bow sights, it is comforting to know the inspiration comes from years of understanding the demands of the mountains.

If the gear can hold up in the West, then it should have no problems in the East on my cold mornings in November.

The Trophy Taker Option 6 sight provides not just the rugged construction, but the functionality hunters on both sides of the Continental Divide can benefit from. There are two versions of this sight, one in aluminum and the other in titanium. I left college two years ago making the titanium version not really an option. The idea of having the strength with even less weight is great if you are really trying to cut ounces for your hunts high above timberline.

Confidence out to 70 yards.
Confidence out to 70 yards.


At 8.8 ounces it doesn’t really raise any problems for me, but I did learn quickly I needed to swap peep sights in order to adjust for the two inch diameter housing.
Micro adjust windage and elevation knobs are helpful, but I learned a few tricks to making the best out of these while sending several thousand arrows through my rig this summer. When you are trying to micro adjust the sight elevation and windage, make sure you don’t loosen the hex screw too much or it becomes hard for the track to move the sight. Loosen slightly so you don’t have to make extra turns and cause yourself additional headaches. The four inch extension bar was new for me this year. I’d never shot with an extension bar and I really like what it does for the bow and accuracy. I usually need .10 size pins, but I am able to shoot the larger .19 pins because of the extension bar. The signature part of this sight is the five fixed pins and one moveable pin which provides the peak in functionality for the multi-species bowhunter.

While I once had sworn off using sight tapes, I caved in order to use this sight. I found the sight tape system fairly easy to use, but the toughest part of using the sight tapes, at least in my opinion, is making sure the pins are actually on the tape line and not above or below the distance I wanted it to be at. This part of micro tuning the sight I’ve had to spend extra time with since I have to make the best visual guess when putting the permanent tape on. I will say moving the pins is super easy and after some bad experiences with sight pins last year, I love the simplicity of moving the pins on the Trophy Taker Option 6.


Functionality is the cornerstone of this sight. Regardless of what game you chase or what your strategy is, tree stands or stalking in open country, the adjustable single pin and moveable outer housing makes this a fantastic sight. If time allows, being able to flip the housing out and focus on one pin does eliminate sight clutter and allows you to focus and not have to guess at those middle distances you would have to gap-shoot. I will likely set the single pin at 20 during the whitetail season and at 70 during elk season. Now, one aspect I find interesting about the set pins and the moveable pin comes down to the size of the pins. The set pins are a.19 size while the moveable pin is .10. It does help with long shots and the ability to see what you are trying to zero in on as opposed the larger pins. It has become standard practice for me when practicing out beyond 50 yards to use the smaller pin. Having these options is the best of both worlds. I wouldn’t want to have a straight single pin sight for the West, but love having the choice for sitting in my stand in the East.

Hit your mark with confidence.
Hit your mark with confidence.

Concluding Thoughts:

Buying this sight means you have a passion and appreciation for quality gear. You are the type of hunter that does not quit and cannot have gear quit on your either. It is well built and after you get it all put together, is fairly simple to work with. I can safely recommend this sight to my friends and can confidently give my approval to the Trophy Taker Option 6.


Jason Reid strives to find and tell the next great outdoor stories to lead the next generation of conservationists and hunters. Assuring the future of wild places, wildgame and the culture of hunting are his mission. Follow him on Instagram.

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