Trump Takes First Steps To Free Blacks Stuck In Democrat Voting Rut

By Thomas Sowell

Donald Trump Meets with Black Pastors
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to the media after meeting with a group of black pastors.
Thomas Sowell
Thomas Sowell

USA –  -( Who would have thought that Donald Trump, of all people, would be addressing the fact that the black community suffers the most from a breakdown of law and order?

But sanity on racial issues is sufficiently rare that it must be welcomed, from whatever source it comes.

When establishment Republicans have addressed the problems of blacks at all, it has too often been in terms of what earmarked benefits can be offered in exchange for their votes. And there was very little that Republicans could offer to compete with the Democrats' whole universe of welfare state earmarks.

Law and order, however, is not an earmarked benefit for any special group. It is a policy for all that is especially needed by law-abiding blacks, who are the principal victims of those who are not law-abiding.

Education is another area where something that is needed by all segments of the population is especially needed by blacks and other low-income minorities. In other words, here again there is no need for a divisive policy of earmarked benefits, in order to attract new voters into a “big tent.”

No matter what policy Republicans follow, they are not going to win a majority of the black votes this year, nor perhaps even this decade.

Nor is that necessary. Just an erosion of the Democrats' monopoly of the black votes can benefit both Republicans and the black community, who are currently taken for granted by the Democrats. Republicans may also get more white votes if they are no longer seen by some as racists.

Education is a slam dunk issue for Republicans trying to appeal to black parents with school-age children, as distinguished from trying to appeal to all black voters, as if all blacks are the same.

Education is an issue with little, if any, down side for the Republicans, because the teachers' unions are the single biggest obstacle to black youngsters getting a decent education — and among the biggest donors to the Democrats.

Among the few signs of educational success for low-income minority children in the public schools are the KIPP and Success Academy charter schools. But teachers' unions are bitterly opposed to increases in the number of such schools, and Democrats do what the teachers' unions want, because money talks.

As long as blacks vote automatically for Democrats, while the teachers' unions insist on getting their money's worth, it is all but inevitable that the education of black children will be sacrificed in the public schools, wherever Democrats are in control.

Republicans have nothing to lose by taking on the teachers' unions, which donate more than 90 percent of their money to Democrats. Again, Republicans may not win a majority of the votes of even those parents who have children in the public schools. But that is where any inroads into the black vote can begin.

Here, as elsewhere, a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. That step should include appeals not only to black parents with children in successful charter schools, but also the larger number of black parents on waiting lists for charter schools, and anyone else in the black community who understands that a good education is the key for the next generation to advance.

The black vote has not always been a monopoly of the Democrats. From the time of Abraham Lincoln to that of President Herbert Hoover the black vote was Republican. Even in the depths of the Great Depression of the 1930s, the black vote was one of the few that went to President Hoover in 1932.

Even after President Franklin D. Roosevelt won over black voters in FDR's 1936 landslide, Republicans continued to get a significant share of the black vote over the next 20 years. But not in recent elections.

Someone on CNN said that if Trump were serious about wanting the black vote, he would address groups like the NAACP. That was in fact a big mistake that even President Reagan made.

Blacks voters are not the property of the NAACP, and they need to be addressed directly as individuals, over the heads of special interest organizations that have led blacks into the blind alley of being a voting bloc that has been taken for granted far too long.

Whether other Republicans will re-think their approach to attracting minority voters is a big unanswered question.

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  • 9 thoughts on “Trump Takes First Steps To Free Blacks Stuck In Democrat Voting Rut

    1. Infrastructure and schools have been decimated by decades of democratic rule… Unfortunately, both of those things have had a direct impact on he individuals who live and work in those cities, so the family unit as well as God have been destroyed and the welfare state was born…

    2. Most will agree the following statement is true and not out of context – “The Black community suffers the most from a breakdown of law and order”. What’s not part of the ‘context’ is that it’s ‘Self Inflicted’.

    3. I don’t understand why anyone ever needs to be “equalized” in the first place. Gross misinterpretation of the Constitution is the only problem. We all need to realize this and vote accordingly. All are equal. They just have to assert that individually.

    4. In 1960 JFK was elected President. The modern civil rights movement had begun during WWII as the nation mobilized to fight the war. Black soldier served under white officers, often in assignments only in combat support, such as truck drivers. Despite the great success of The Tuskegee Airmen, the armed forces were not integrated until well after the war.
      But black Americans had a taste of freedom in the war. It took another decade, but civil rights became a Republican issue, just as it had been before and during the Civil War and Reconstruction. President Eisenhower sent the National Guard to integrate the school in Little Rock.
      But JFK pushed the New Frontier which did expand the equality of the American citizens. JFK increased spending about 25%, almost all in aid to the poor in hopes that they would step up and join the middle class. The JFK assassination and the LBJ Presidency with The Great Society derailed the civil rights movement as government, particularly the old line Southern Democrats, discovered that the under class could be bribed with welfare “free money.” A Supreme Court decision struck down residency requirements for receiving welfare benefits and that triggered a migration of unskilled blacks from from the South to the industrial North and to Washington, DC where benefits were several times higher than in agricultural tobacco and cotton fields.
      But without the office skills or other education needed for employment, unemployment and welfare became a trap, it became economic slavery.
      At the same time the inflation caused by unrestrained welfare benefits, made worse by the 1974 Budget Reform Act which made welfare an untouchable Entitlement.
      The whole issue seems to beg the solution and restoration of a sound dollar and policies that will encourage young black men and women to finish their education and to avoid crime as their source of spending cash.
      This is not a scholarly monograph with footnotes. But any study of the decrease in the value of the dollar by 96% since 1950, and the other elements of the modern “Black slavery” created by voluntary acceptance of the welfare state and the propaganda of the “education is a white thing” are necessary to getting the Blacks to return to the Republican party, the Party of Lincoln who freed the slaves, is absolutely necessary.
      The success of Oprah, Tiger Woods, Justice Thomas and other truly free Black Americans is proof that much of te modern Black experience is self-imposed. Just my opinion.

    5. We need someone like Mr trump to reach out to everyone across the board to make america great again. BUT we need to do our part. We need to vote out all these lifers OUT.Look the beast and her buddys wants to kiil our bill of rights to join the NWO if you dont think so you better wake the hell up. Do some fact checking because its true. Here in MI we need to vote out stab-all and Gary the traitor peters they support all the clowns anti gun bills. Im going to do my part please do yours.

      1. Honesty hurts, Calling any Black Man a TOM is stupid in the extreme.
        Thomas Sowell and Justice Thomas are not Uncle Tom’s in the derogatory sense you implied by your comment.

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