Who Got Us Into These Endless Wars?

By Pat Buchanan

New World Order
Who Got Us Into These Endless Wars?
Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- “Isolationists must not prevail in this new debate over foreign policy,” warns Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). “The consequences of a lasting American retreat from the world would be dire.”

To make his case against the “Isolationist Temptation,” Haass creates a caricature, a cartoon, of America First patriots, then thunders that we cannot become “a giant gated community.”

Understandably, Haass is upset. For the CFR has lost the country.

Why? It colluded in the blunders that have bled and near bankrupted America and that cost this country its unrivaled global preeminence at the end of the Cold War.

No, it was not “isolationists” who failed America. None came near to power. The guilty parties are the CFR crowd and their neocon collaborators, and liberal interventionists who set off to play empire after the Cold War and create a New World Order with themselves as Masters of the Universe.

Consider just a few of the decisions taken in those years that most Americans wish we could take back.

After the Soviet Union withdrew the Red Army from Europe and split into 15 nations, and Russia held out its hand to us, we slapped it away and rolled NATO right up onto her front porch.

Enraged Russians turned to a man who would restore respect for their country. Did we think they would just sit there and take it?

How did bringing Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia into NATO make America stronger, safer and more secure? For it has surely moved us closer to a military clash with a nuclear power.

In 2014, with John McCain and U.S. diplomats cheering them on, mobs in Independence Square overthrew a pro-Russian government in Kiev that had been democratically elected and installed a pro-NATO regime.

Putin's response: Secure Russia's naval base at Sevastopol by retaking Crimea, and support pro-Russian Ukrainians in Luhansk and Donetsk who preferred secession to submission to U.S. puppets.

Fortunately, our interventionists failed to bring Georgia and Ukraine into NATO. Had they succeeded, we almost surely would have been in a shooting war with Russia by now.

Would that have made us stronger, safer, more secure?

After the attack on 9/11, George W. Bush, with the nation and world behind him, took us into Afghanistan to eradicate the nest of al-Qaida killers.

After having annihilated some and scattered the rest, however, Bush decided to stick around and convert this wild land of Pashtuns, Hazaras, Tajiks and Uzbeks into another Iowa.

Fifteen years later, we are still there.

And the day we leave, the Taliban will return, undo all we have done, and butcher those who cooperated with the Americans.

If we had to do it over, would we have sent a U.S. army and civilian corps to make Afghanistan look more like us?

Bush then invaded Iraq, overthrew Saddam, purged the Baath Party, and disbanded the Iraqi army. Result: A ruined, sundered nation with a pro-Iranian regime in Baghdad, ISIS occupying Mosul, Kurds seceding, and endless U.S. involvement in this second-longest of American wars.

Most Americans now believe Iraq was a bloody trillion-dollar mistake, the consequences of which will be with us for decades.

With a rebel uprising against Syria's Bashar al-Assad, the U.S. aided the rebels. Now, 400,000 Syrians are dead, half the country is uprooted, millions are in exile, and the Damascus regime, backed by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, is holding on after five years.

Meanwhile, we cannot even decide whether we want Assad to survive or fall, since we do not know who rises when he falls.

  • Anyone still think it was a good idea to plunge into Syria in support of the rebels? Anyone still think it was a good idea to back Saudi Arabia in its war against the Houthi rebels in Yemen, which has decimated that country and threatens the survival of millions?
  • Anyone still think it was a good idea to attack Libya and take down Moammar Gadhafi, now that ISIS and other Islamists and rival regimes are fighting over the carcass of that tormented land?

“The Middle East is arguably the most salient example of what happens when the U.S. pulls back,” writes Haass.

To the CFR, the problem is not that we plunged headlong into this maelstrom of tyranny, tribalism and terrorism, but that we have tried to extricate ourselves.

Hints that America might leave the Middle East, says Haass, have “contributed greatly to instability in the region.”

So, must we stay indefinitely?

To the CFR, America's role in the world is to corral Russia, defend Europe, contain China, isolate Iran, deter North Korea, and battle al-Qaida and ISIS wherever they may be, bleeding our country's military.

Nor is that all. We are also to convert Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan into pro-Western preferably democratic countries, and embrace “free trade,” accepting the imported merchandise of all mankind, even if that means endless $800 billion trade deficits, bleeding our country's economy.

Otherwise, you are just an isolationist.


Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

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    1. Assad is the last ‘strongman’ in the Middle East who is making an effort to stem the spread of radical Islam. Saddam Hussein, Mubarak, and Khadaffi were doing their part too. Instead they were all condemned by the UN for ‘alleged’ human rights violations. That’s “who got us into these endless wars”.

    2. “If the American people ever allow the central banks to issue their currency the banks and corporations that grow up around them will first thru inflation, then deflation rob the American people of all their wealth and your children will grow up homeless on the continent that their fore fathers conquered.”
      Thomas Jefferson

    3. The answer is simple. The NATO rules of war and being PC.

      Throw on top of that , ballless leaders. The US has the capability to end the isis threat in 2-3 months. Just ,no obe wants to make the big decisions. And no…i don’t mean dropping the bomb.

      1. I think that you should say United Nations Rules of War. Since the United Nations was established, there have been zero victories and a continuous state of war throughout the world.
        It seems to me that the “Elites” want to bleed the nations of young men and women who might stand against them and brainwash those who are gullible and are hoping for womb to tomb care.
        Name one conflict involving the UN where either side has won or those who are winning have been forced to stand down and yield ground to the opponents? Example: Israel against Arab Nations. South Korea against North Korea.

    4. Having been born in 1932, I remember a few things that most of you kids do not. For instance, how to win a war, for I can still remember where I was and what I was doing the night of Sept. 1st, 1939, when the radio announced that the Germans had gone over the Polish border, and Dec. 7th ’41, and March 24th ” 44 when Mom and I dropped Dad off at the induction center. Here’s how it was done in the last war that the Republic fought and won. 1. President goes to Congress and lays out reasons for declaring war. 2. Congress debates this to decide if the threat to America is so dangerous that citizen’s rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness should be put in jeopardy. If so, they declare war. (Note that Wilson got 59 nay votes on April 6th 1917, and FDR got one nay vote on Dec. 8th 1941.) 3. Roll back all prices and wages to what they were two months previous. Freeze ’em. Set up the Office of Prices Administration (OPA) to administer that and rationing. Yeah! Rationing! Donald Trump gets the same amount of ration points that Joe Schmo gets. 4. Sell war bonds! That soaks up all the spare money from government contracts that folks can’t spend because of rationing! $18.75 gets you a bond that you can cash in for $25 after the war is over. The war is mostly paid for by the time it’s over. 5. Start the draft! Form the biggest army, navy and air force you can. Build the best equipment you can. 6. Use maximum force over minimum time! That comes from von Clauswitz too. War is destructive of economy so make it short. 7. Beat the bejases out of the enemy! 8. Set up something like the Marshall Plan and give the survivors a good peace so there isn’t any reason to have to do it again. Of course, you then have the problem of what to do with all those war industries that have been created and how to handle the unemployment when all those war contracts get cancelled. I don’t know how to handle that. Neither did Harry Truman or Ike. That’s why we have a military/industrial complex.

    5. In the past I rarely agreed with Pat, but in this case I do. Unfortunately, that military /industrial complex that Ike warned us about is was already too big. Every military school in the world teaches von Clauswitz’s definition of war as “diplomacy, carried on by different means.” This is incomplete. War has always been about transferring wealth. When Caesar or Ghengis Khan conquered a place, they took theenemy’s land and the cattle and the goods and the women and enriched themselves. Today, we are more subtile. The vice President’s corporation gets big no-bid contracts to do things for the army that the army used to do for itself, and transfers our wealth, via our taxes, to the corporate treasury. In the past 60 years, we have gradually morphed into an empire rather than a republic. Now the big push seems to be to disarm the public, in case anyone thinks though that phrase “whenever any government becomes destructive of these ends it is the right of the people to……..”

    6. Our interminable wars are fought to enrich the bankers and provide corporate welfare to the Military Industrial Congressional Complex (MICC). It’s that simple.

    7. Please don’t forget to include the Globalists in the United Nations in your list of suspects. They send “teachers” and other “experts” into countries on the pretext of helping modernize that nation’s agriculture and educational systems and then appear not to understand when the folks there turn against their own government. Whereupon the UN sends in “Peace Keepers” who pillage, rape and plunder while making the “civil war” much worse and doing very little to keep the peace in fact, in some cases taking one side or the other.
      Look at the Korean Peninsula, it has been in a state of war since 1954 with not peace agreement in sight and a maniac in the North threatening to turn the whole place into smoking glass taking Japan and eventually the United States with it.
      In my view, the United States should offer aid to countries that have been our traditional allies. We should be working here in the Western Hemisphere to build partners that strengthen the economic capabilities of our Nations. We should be straight forward and transparent with both Mexico and Canada as opposed to treating them as adversaries. The borders, both North and South should be strengthened and laws that we presently have on the books regarding immigration enforced. I do have a plan to handle the illegal immigration policy in a humane and honest manner which I have sent to some of our politicians, but the response is severely underwhelming.
      All we, as citizens, can do is demand that our representatives do what they were hired to do, represent us. If they don’t, then we need to replace them with someone else, That may mean a new House Member every other year and a new Senator every six years but it has to be done in order to make those clowns understand that THEY WORK FOR US, WE DON’T WORK FOR THEM!

      1. HEY DUMMY; LOOK at SOUTH KOREA which is now doing excellently WELL as a Republic with freedom and a load of economic development. NORTH KOREA is a perfect example of the type of country The shrill Hag Hillary wants to turn the USA into and pat ( the spewer) Buchanan is right there with her.
        The MISTAKE in Korea during the war was in NOT letting MacArthur go ahead and clean out the military supplies in China across the Yalu river. IF that had been done, there would be ONLY one Korea, A FREE ONE.

        US ARMY 1966-1969
        Korea 1967-1968

    8. Wow, I thought the Council of Foreign Relations rumor was just another conspiracy theory! For someone like Pat B to come out and say, “The guilty parties are the CFR crowd and their neocon collaborators, and liberal interventionists who set off to play empire after the Cold War and create a New World Order with themselves as Masters of the Universe.”gives the whole rumor credibility. I could not get a bigger shock from my pasture fence.

    9. Let’s get real. Since WWI, every war we’ve fought has had precious little to do with ideologies and purely political motivations, and everything to do with making money. Big companies have made even bigger money off the backs of soldiers and their families. Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler warned us about what was happening to this country in his seminal book, War Is a Racket, and was then abruptly silenced. Later, Eisenhower warned us of the dangers of the military-industrial complex, but by then it was already too late, because that juggernaut was already too bloated for us to do anything about it. It all makes one quite ill. The only way we can cure any of these cancers that have taken hold of this country and its government (which is only nominally”by the people”) is to go back to the first principles on which it was founded. Look no further than the Constitution. Anything beyond that is, as Maj, Gen. Butler put it, “a racket.”

      1. I greatly agree! It is all about $$, that is the only item that truly matters aa the end of the day in this country my friends…and how sad is that. If CROOKED HILLARY wins, well, it is going to be probably 8 more years of this mess, heck Barry Hussein NoBoma might as well just stick around and rent out the white house. . . . .So so sad what has happened to the once greatest nation.

    10. Pat, with all due respect, Monday Morning Quaterbacking doesn’t become you. While a lot of what you say now rings true, the people calling the shots Then, didn’t have the luxury of a crystal ball. It’s easy to throw stones & point the finger after the fact, however, since you were clanging a different bell at the time, the same is true. Your opinions are arrogant and self serving!

    11. George Washington in his farewell address warned the US to avoid foreign entanglements. But to the libtards and one worlders he is just an old dead white guy whose opinion means squat. While we are at it we need to dump the free trade deals and bring the manufacturing and jobs back home. There is a big difference between fair trade and free trade.

    12. Get educated – type in all seeing eye logo or all seeing eye famous people and see that the great seal of america the pyramid and all seeing eye are everywhere, cartoons commercials…. there is a reason to get people Used to the image…..

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