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Create your scrape to draw those big bucks.
New Wildgame Innovations Dominant Buck Dripper Keeps Scrapes Active With 100% Buck Urine And Patented Glo-Cote Technology
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Dallas, TX  –-(Ammoland.com)-  Nobody knows the precise reason why a whitetail buck makes a scrape. Some biologists and behaviorists say they amount to a “shout out” to does that may be interested in breeding. Others go on to speculate that scrapes provide a kind of detailed data profile for every deer that visits. Another theory is that bucks make scrapes as territorial warnings to other bucks.

Regardless of the specific reasons they’re made, these signposts are indisputable, high-traffic destinations for deer – especially leading up to and throughout the breeding period. Furthermore, “active” scrapes – scrapes that are being used, or give the impression that they are being used – are the ones most-frequently visited, especially by mature bucks.

Savvy hunters keep scrapes “fresh” or even create new, mock scrapes in and around their hunting sites with the hope of drawing in the dominant buck – that target trophy animal who won’t tolerate risking access to his does by inferior suitors. But to create a convincing new scrape or effectively freshen up an existing one, hunters need the right stuff.

When hung over a scrape, Wildgame Innovations’ NEW Dominant Buck Dripper deposits 4-5 drips of 100% buck urine per hour. A patented one-way valve ensures consistent delivery and prevents air contamination for fresh-to-the-last-drop performance. Each three-ounce bag provides more, high-quality product for the money than competing products and lasts approximately eight hours.

But this stuff is right for more than one reason. Wildgame Innovations’ new Dominant Buck Dripper is UV-enhanced with Glo-Cote. Instead of solely appealing to a deer’s nose, the Dominant Buck Dripper’s contents emit an ultraviolet 360-degree visual queue he can see, too… day or night.

Exhaustive field testing has shown that food plots, bait stations, mineral licks and other attractant sites are 180 times more likely to be discovered by animals when treated with Glo-Cote. Additionally, these treated sites are typically discovered and frequented within 24 hours of application and receive significantly greater traffic and usage when compared to untreated sites and products.


  • Contains 100% buck urine
  • Create new scrapes or make existing scrapes irresistible
  • Glo-Cote UV enhancement for visual attraction
  • Patented one-way valve prevents air contamination
  • Fresh until the last drop
  • Consistent drip rate
  • Patented design releases 4-5 drips per minute from start to finish – approx. 8 hours
  • 3 ounce-bag provides more value than competing products
  • Especially effective during Pre Rut and Peak Rut
  • MSRP: $14.99

Wildgame Innovations invites hunters looking to increase the frequency and duration of visits to scrapes in their hunting area to use the right stuff. The new Dominant Buck Dripper is the only scrape dripper on the market designed to attract mature bucks through both smell and sight – a compelling one-two punch to the senses that will keep the dominant bucks on your hunting property coming back to investigate.

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