Wisconsin Wolf on Pet Dog Kills Growing – (Graphic Image)

Editors note: That brings the total number of known dogs killed or injured by wolves in 2016 to 17. As the season progresses we can most definitely expect more pets to be killed more as wolves expand their pack sizes.

Pet Dog Killed by Wolves
Pet Dog Killed by Wolves
Wisconsin DNR
Wisconsin DNR

MADISON, WI –-(Ammoland.com)- Three more Wisconsin pet dogs killed and another injured all in one week.

On July 26 2016, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated [killed] a 6 1/2 year-old female Plott hound in the Town of Corning, Lincoln County.

On July 29 2016, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves attacked and injured a four-year-old male Walker hound in the Town of Blaine, Burnett County.

On July 30 2016, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated [killed] a seven-year-old Plott hound in the Town of Washburn, Bayfield County.

On August 2nd, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated [killed] a 1.5-year-old Bluetick bear hound in the Town of Jacobs, Ashland County.

More information and caution-area maps are available on the gray wolf webpage.

Hunters are reminded to use the caution-area maps on the DNR website (dnr.wi.gov, keyword “wolf management”) to help reduce conflicts during this year’s bear dog training and hunting seasons.

**Anyone suspecting a wolf attack in northern Wisconsin should call USDA-WS immediately at 1-800-228-1368 (in state) or 715-369-5221. In southern Wisconsin call 1-800-433-0663 (in state) or 920-324-4514.

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for those that are saying they are only hunting dogs – Not pets – REALLY? did you actually Read the Article? It says both dogs killed IN THE TOWN of Corning and IN THE TOWN of Blaine. In the town does not mean they were our running their dogs and Hunting in the woods. And who are you to say people can not have a certain type of dog for a pet?

Chris Sarno

The dog depicted in the image is a good bear hound dog, good and dead! Its also interesting hearing you lecture your betters on how much you love your bear hounds, 85% of all such dogs are maimed or killed by bears or other wildlife, in Wisconsin wolves average thirty two kills a year, and knowing this little Miss Della, you still send your beloved pet out to die for your entertainment, and then have the gall to lecture us, the good people forced to ante up $2500.00 per mutt killed as to how much you love em! The good… Read more »


Shoot an shut up that’s all that is needed.


I’ve hunted in N WI for many years and it’s really interesting to see the transformation of the north woods. The only deer I see are in towns. That goes for coyotes too. Sitting in the woods 2 years back during gun season, not once did I see a deer track in the snow. My guess is the wolf population has reached a point at which their numbers surpassed the availability of food and will become more aggressive in finding other food sources. A wandering hound is on the menu. I agree that the wolf has a place in big… Read more »

Wild Bill

Does anyone know if these “gray wolves” are native to Wisconsin or were they transplanted by some governmental agency?


the gray or timber wolf has existed in Wisconsin for about 10,000 years since the glaciers melted.


Some wolves are surreptitiously buried in the woods with nothing else known. Now there will be more!


WI VET. Poaching is rampant. Killing alpha female or male wolves cause younger wolves in the pack to breed earlier than normal therefore increasing the wolf population. Shoot, shovel and shut up doesn’t work. And those bear hunters who shoot the bear dogs that don’t live up to their expectations…you are being watched too. Why not tie them up to some trees and abandon them. True stories. Reality hurts.

Sylvia Carter

stop blaming the wolf, every dog hunter out there sets his dog up, as they sit their ass in a truck drinking beer, but they are never held accountable for the death of their dog knowing the dangers, stupid asses your the worst predator, you set your dog up to be killed & then bitch about wolf killing dog when you knowingly set your dog up for that danger, stupid fricking humans, think before you bitch, your responsible for your fur baby, blame yourself for setting your PET up……try this dumbasses https://www.facebook.com/CoyoteVest/?fref=nf


You show your ignorance and prejudice up front, don’t you?


Fur baby??? You are a sick individual. And your description of dog hunters is all in that twisted mind. So with your concern for wolves and “fur babies” i assume you are pro life also?


Wolves are just doing what they do to survive. Wolves keep the land clean too. When domestic dogs and hunting hounds go into their space things like this here will happen. Part of the food chain.


the dog looks like it was half eatin, if that was a wolf kill and the wolf ate it, that dog wasnt big enough to fill the wolf..suspicious about this story


wolves kill for other reasons too, like humans. also a 200lb wolf may not be able to eat all of it in one sitting, or this may have been the 10th kill of a pack, and only a young small wolf was still hungry.


you may have a point on several kills and still hungry..unless there is an actual witness, i suspect something else…the wolves may be different in Wisconsin, but a dog kill here where i live has never happened..when a lion comes thru..the mule deer disappear for a few days then comes back


I don’t think there’s any doubt that these are dogs being used by hunters. They’re obviously upset to lose their “workers” to wolves. These poor dogs are nothing to these hunters but a tool to be used to hunt with. How come we’re not reading about wolf attacks? Seems that the people complaining that their “pets” are being killed by wolves would be filing complaints like confetti!

The wolves are protecting their young. Stay out of their space!


I am glad you put your own moral thoughts on others. you must be able to read minds.

Brandon R.

Ok….let me get this straight…..the dogs aren’t just sitting on the front porch of the house and the wolves come up and attack…..sooooooo, i’m thinking the hunters need to figure a different way of tromping through the habitat and home areas of these wolves.


the wolf population has grown way above the planned numbers and they remain protected. thats the problem


I think city twits who never go in the woods should stay out of adult topics. Maybe you wildlife hating lunatics that worship wolves should be force to pay for the destruction wolves cause. But we all know you immature little spoiled brats that never pay for anything.


I live in the country on a lake and the last few years you can hear the Wolfs at night and spot them on crossing the highway. We are not bear hunters but we do have 2 Britney’s and a 5 year old granddaughter who visit and plays outside. I have become very concerned about the safety of My dogs and my family with the wolfs so close they have come to our territory ,within a block and I believe Some of the comments have no merit to the problem that we have with wolfs in Wisconsin areas.They are not… Read more »


I live on a small lake alone with no other full time residents. Property that is almost surrounded by Nicolet National Forest. I have a canine pet. I see and hear the wolves which never cause issues. I DO supervise my “pet dog” when outdoors on all occasions. Sharks, lions, tigers, cougars are all predacious no matter what country one lives in. People learn how to cope with them. Not destroy them because their habitat is in the forest, ocean, mountains or desert. WI chose to allow bear training. MN chose against it. No other state but WI allows bear… Read more »


The Wolf problem is just another way the socialist agenda is destroying this great country our forefathers built.
I will kill every wolf i encounter. Believe me there is coming a day when even the socialist will be in someones cross hairs.


Jesus was a socialist they killed him to wtg Rufus

Wild Bill

@huck, I don’t think that socialism was invented in time for Jesus to be one. Who is they? What does wtg stand for?

Gary Wilson

How true. If not for socialists and the thinking that goes along with the title folks moms and dads could and would be most likely up a tree when it comes to everyday survival. Inadequate food, medicine, shelter, etc. Not being an elitist or nearly well off, I’ll probably need some assistance in my lifetime also. So here’s to the programs that promote providing assistance to those in need.


socialist, I don’t think Jesus was into helping the lazy…… he was more into teaching them to fish instead of giving them the fish! I’m thinking he had more of a libertarian tone!


Was it really necessary to print a picture of mutilated pet in the article? I think most of us know what wolves are capable of doing.

Wild Bill

@Doc, That is not a picture of a mutilated pet. That is a picture of the normal predator to prey relationship in the real world. It could easily be a picture of someone’s ten year old child. No mens rea. Nothing personal, just the food chain at work. You really can’t understand it without examining the body or at least a color picture. Yeah, I think that a picture is necessary.
Were those gray wolves introduce or are they native to Wisconsin? In Mn they have Timber Wolves that are native and have been there since the ice age.


as citizens, we are supposed to see all this stuff. its only recent that the government and news sites started censoring stuff, and onky recent that we have been screwed up. coincidence? i think not.


Doc,if this picture gets you all butt hurt go to another site. This site is for men. It’s critical to see this image to draw a conclusion as to the circumstances surrounding the incident.


Apparently, some people think working dogs have less value than wild wolves.

Hey idiots, theres a reason the wolf is the evil character in the fairy tales!


just maybe humans are not far behind. many northern wis. woodsman i know have starting carrying sidearms for self defense.


@Margaret,why can’t hunting dogs share a dual role as pets ? In my lifetime I’ve had two blue tick hounds that I used to track and hunt coons with.(I love coon hunting) ! If I wasn’t out in the sticks tree ing coons my dogs were at my house being pets,caged pets, but pets. Margaret,I do kinda know what you mean though.

Wild Bill

Who is the author of this article? Are you sure that “depredated” is the word that is meant in this article. My understanding of depredate is to plunder, not to kill. It rings of a bureaucrat trying to sound educated. Oh, and as to the gray wolves: gut shooting leaves no ballistics.


If you clicked on the link, you would see that the word is used by the Wisconsin DNR.


I will remember that next time I line up on your kind

Wild Bill

@Saddletramp, line up on my kind? Whatever do you mean?

Margaret G.

Ammoland: Why do you continue to describe bear hounds as “pet dogs”? Most bear hounds are not “pet dogs”. Additionally, hounders are running their “bear hounds” in wolf territory and warned by the DNR that wolves are territorial and protecting their pups this time of year at rendezvous sites. If bear hunters valued their “very expensive prized possessions” why would they deliberately release them in wolf alert zones? Perhaps your “sporting” news should detail the facts.


I hunt in an area that is more than 100 square miles. There is not one square mile in that area that does not have wolves in it occasionally. We had the first dog in the state killed last year in an area that had never been marked and was not ever marked after the incident happened. Much of the time these dogs are attacked by a lone male wolf no where near a den site. It is insticntive for these wolves to kill any other canines threatening there food territory. They run down and kill any coyote than can… Read more »


So you are some psychopath woman that get’s off on seeing wolves rip animals to shreds. I bet you some lazy city witch that never goes in the woods. Stay in your big city with your worthless opinion.

Margaret G.

freedom1080. Do you eat with that mouth? I live in northern WI in WOLF territory. USFWS/DNR. Learn how to treat people with respect. Wolves treat me better.

Harvey Emerson

Kill every wolf I see


why is that?..i have wolves comes thru and they never bother livestock or poultry, i just had a lion get one of my geese last night, now i have a vendetta with it..he,ll be back tonight and hopefully i will get him..


the animal world has no mercy..have you ever seen two bull elk fighting for the cows?..they fight to the death, for all you know, the dog in the pix tried to pick a fight, ive had wolves come thru several times and didnt bother anything..my dog chikind out and stayed in his house growling letting mr wolf know theres a do not disturb in affect..

Dwight Alton

And I guess you love to see a bear chased by a pack of dogs to the point of exhaustion and cornered or run up a tree so the “hunter” can walk up and shoot it. Real sporting.


These are bear hounds being run in wolf territory, on public lands. It’s all on the hound owners,not the wolves. These are definitely NOT lay-around-on-the-couch ‘pets”, these are dogs bred, bought, and trained to trail wildlife.People that chose to run dogs choose to accept the risk. Journalistic integrity doesn’t include hyperbole and misleading statements, last I checked.


Yes a little truth who are you? Some wolf pimp putting out hug worthless vermin wolves cause you are some psycho witch that loves to see dogs ripped to shreds. You need to check into the nearest mental ward pycho.

Ron Palmer

The groups that reintroduced the wolves can accept the risk. I will kill very wolf I see!


It is definitely on the owners, and they definitely accept the risk if they leave them to run with wolves, pun intended.


I live in wolf territory and no longer go near the woods with out being armed. There have been pets taken from yards and foals killed just outside a barn. Wake up bleeding hearts! They are becoming a problem when your not safe near your own home! And no I have not just built a house in or near the woods. I’m on a century old farmstead..