10 Year Old Killed by Accidental Airgun Shooting At Firing Range

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10 Year Old Killed by Accidental Airgun Shooting At Firing Range
10 Year Old Killed by Accidental Airgun Shooting At Firing Range
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- WCMH-TV Channel 4 news reports (8/19/2016) in Garner, Iowa, a young boy has died after an apparently accidental shooting at a firing range.

Police say in a news release that the 10 year old, of Clear Lake, suffered a head wound Sunday afternoon from a pellet gun at the Garner shooting range.

The Garner City Administrator said Wednesday that the boy and a younger brother went to the range with their grandfather. He said exactly what occurred at the range Sunday remains unclear, but no charges are expected to be filed.

Police have characterized the incident as an accidental shooting death.

Local Media announced that funeral services are organized, and a benefit fund has been set up for the family of a 10-year-old killed in an accidental shooting. People wishing to give a gift to the family in the boy’s honor can donate to the Cade Hartwig Trust at Clear Lake Bank and Trust.


Gun safety rules apply to pellet & BB guns too!

Modern air & CO2 guns launch projectiles with what can be really high velocities. These obviously can be lethal if improperly used.

Children watch really stupid stuff with guns on video games and TV all the time. Adults must keep an eye on youngsters 100% of the time when learning about guns.

Years ago I had a case where an unsupervised 12 year old was critically injured when he shot himself in the chest. He was showing how tough he was to a girl of the same age.

He eventually recovered but the neighbors who gave him the unsupervised access to the air rifle lost lots of money in a lawsuit over his medical bills.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Silence Dogood

Bad things happen to good people and good families. Sad, very sad. This “story” should not have been broadcasted or posted. Anyway you cut it, it only plays into the hands of the GUN-HATERS; and their continuing lying mantra. May the memory of this child be a blessing to his family. STOP POSTING

2nd Amender

Being a ‘grandpa’, I find this distressing. I love my grandkids more than anything BUT……..

I would only take one at a time, to any gun range, if I was alone. Even other attendees are not going to watch my kin, so……………..


Wild Bill

@2nd Amender, The NRA Range Safety Officer course is really good.


The boy was supervised, his grandfather was present at the time of the accident.


Dachief1 – Just being at the gun range with the boys is not the same as SUPERVISION! A lifeguard at a pool is useless if he/she is texting on a cell phone and is not watching the pool. When youngsters are physically in possession of any weapon your eyes need to be on them. “He said exactly what occurred at the range Sunday remains unclear” meaning the Grandfather likely didn’t see what happened!


Supervised? Wouldn’t know it.


My sincerest sympathies to the family for their loss.
I can see this incident (and anything similar ) being conflated into a call for the “British” outlook on gun laws to include air & spring powered projectile launchers as “fire arms”.
Expect it.
Is there any mystery that the Eddie Eagle program was likely neglected by these children’s school system ?


I’ll catch a lot of heat for this, but Eddie Eagle is NOT a good programme, ultimately. It teaches children to be afraid of guns.. “don’t touch them, leave it right there and go find an adult”. What, and let the next kid find it and do something stupid with it? Far better to teach them in very real terms what guns can do, then teach them how to properly handle them. Eddie Eagle only would have had these kids telling Grandpa “Gramps, here’s this gun…. you take care of it”. What was certainly lacking is that these boys had… Read more »


Had your head inserted up to the shoulders long you moron?


Instead of just an insult why don’t you enlighten us on why you think differently. He’s actually correct on mush of what he stated many of they gun programs that are taught to kids are indoctrination programs to make them “hate” the sight of a gun, not to teach them proper safety and handling. Public schools don’t allow pro 2nd amendment programs!

Wild Bill

Depends upon the maturity of the individual child. Eddie Eagle techniques is good for all kids up to a certain maturity, then it is good for most kids up to another point of maturity, after a certain point, wrongly, and often measured by age, proper safety rules are appropriate. Individual maturity is difficult to gauge even by involved parents. Therefore, I think that we can see why the NRA Eddie Eagle is kind of a blanket program. Ultimately, it is up to the parents, some of whom abrogate their responsibilities, others of whom never achieved maturity themselves.


Accidents will happen when safety procedures are not applied


Gun safety rules apply to anything that propels a hard missile: guns, slingshots, atlatls, bows, etc.

Dave R



Gift them for what? Maybe a Darwin Award.

Dave R

What stupid comment to make to a GRIEVING family who have just lost a child. Yes it was a dumb mistake for letting a child shoot anything unsupervised. Geeze I guess if the shoe was on the other foot you’d SPEW the remarks from YOUR pie hole just a bit less harsh.


Don’t be a dick! There is a dead ten year old child and this is what you say. Just zip your pickle smoocher.