2 Felons Charged After Posting Shooting Range Video To Facebook

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2 Felons Charged After Posting Shooting Range Video To Facebook
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- Chicago Sun Times reported recently (9/2/2016) in New York State, two felons were charged after one of them posted a video to Facebook of himself shooting a gun at a suburban shooting range.

A police officer was monitoring Facebook when he saw a live video of a man he knew to be a felon and gang member shooting a handgun at a range in Winthrop Harbor.

The officer was also able to identify the shooting range where the video was being recorded. The officer contacted police in Winthrop Harbor and officers were sent to the range. Police arrested the two 25 year old felons recorded on the video on State and local charges.

Both men were charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, a Class 2 felony. Bonds were set at $50,000 and $30,000.


Not smart but bad guys brag on social media all the time. A note to everybody that whatever you put on the internet is available forever!

We have seen perfectly reasonable defensive shootings turned into civil lawsuits by the shooter bragging on websites about the incident. The advice is always “don’t talk to the media” and double that for talking to the entire world on your website!

In the above incident, showing yourself committing the crime on a live Facebook feed, possibly sets a new standard of stupid.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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L.L. Smith

All liars should lose their rights to run for public office. Who wants a known liar in government? But wait. How do we get along with no government?

Mark Lee

Wouldn’t it be legal if the two were renting the firearms rather than firing what they brought? Unfortunately the article doesn’t go that far into detail.


Unfortunately, just being in possession at any moment is illegal.

Witold Pilecki

I used to be in the camp of no weapons for felons, but not so much any more….here’s why. First off, according to the tyrants that RULE over my state, I am a felon, although a non-violent “paper” felon. All because I refuse to comply with their unconstitutional/intolerable acts, passed “de facto”. I still have all my scary firearms, scary magazines, ammunition, and carry permit. I am not out to harm anyone, but will defend my life, loved ones, and property against criminal and tyrant alike. We are moving to the Free States of America in the very near future,… Read more »


Why have prison for felons if after they have served their time and are released they have lost their rights for the rest of their lives? Why not just execute them since “paying their debt to society” leaves them without rights?

Jimmy B

so many of us have spent a lifetime following the law and these people just have no boundaries at all but I guess that’s why they’re felons!


One BACK ON TH STREET the persons should also have ALL his RIGHTS returned!!


These two exemplify why cool & fool rhyme.


This months winners of the Darwin Award !

Edward Allen

I strongly encourage felons to post on FB live. Maybe then, we can get more of them off the streets.

jack burton

Monitoring Facebook?

I wasn’t aware this was a police responsibility.

Wild Bill

b, it is not a responsibility. It is an investigative technique.
@BikerDad, from earliest times felons lost civil rights, usually through execution. It is only a modern notion that felons not be executed. Loss of civil rights is part of the down side of committing felonies.


“From earliest times”??

Do you know when this particular infringement of civil rights was adopted in the US? As best I can determine, we didn’t do so until 1968. 181 YEARS after the Second Amendment guaranteed “shall not be infringed.” Prior to that, the last time individuals in America were prohibited from owning firearms by virtue of their legal status was 1865. The individuals in question were SLAVES.

TSgt B

To All: I think there should be an avenue for convicted felons to seek restoration of ALL rights after sentence is served and debt is paid. That’s the way it was before the Omnibus Safe Streets and Crime Control Act, aka – the “Gun Control Act” of 1968, was signed into law by rabid anti-gunner Lyndon Baynes Johnson, (D) Texas, POTUS. It was part of a deal he cut with the AFL-CIO (Amalgamation of Fags and Lefties – Communist Insurgency Organizations) that guaranteed union support of the democrat party and gun control if the unions were given “priority treatment” and… Read more »

TSgt B

True to a point, Wild Bill, but NOT for guns in the great majority of cases. That didn’t happen until the passage of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL “Gun Control Act” of 1968. Possession prohibition didn’t even apply under the 1934 NFA (as amended).


Funny, one doesn’t lose First Amendment rights when one is a felon, so why in the hell does anybody accept losing the right to self defense? Sorry, rather than trumpeting “bad guy does something dumb”, how about examining how the felon restriction is, in fact, an INFRINGEMENT.

david Solo

Are you suggesting that convicted felons should be allowed to possess weapons for their “self protection?” Didn’t they loose that right when they committed the crime of which they were convicted?

david Solo

Are you suggesting that convicted felons be allowed to carry a weapon for their “self protection?” It seems they lost that right when they were convicted of the crime they committed.


A person loses their second amendment right when convicted of a felony. What do the other amendments have to do with that? Clearly you need to research the laws concerning convicted felons. There is nothing that takes away the first amendment, nor any others besides the second. Don’t take my word for it, go do your own research. It’s just a few clicks away 😉


The type of felony should be a contributing factor as far as gun rights are concerned because after all even if someone has made mistakes in their life that does NOT mean they don’t have the right to self protection!


The right to self defense is, as our founding document indicates, “inalienable.” It CANNOT be surrendered, given away, nor legitimately taken. So no, they did NOT lose that right. Now, if you want to argue that they have the right to self defense, but not to effective self defense, then you’ll find yourself making the SAME argument as gun grabbers. Given the massive overcriminalization we have today, it’s likely that 95% of the people reading this are felons, just most haven’t been convicted. Yet.

Mark Are

actually that is UNalieanable and there actually is a difference. And you are absolutely correct.


I stand corrected, and thank you for that.


You should make a “few clicks” on the internet researching. You lose much more than your right to own a gun with a non-expunged or non-vacated felony (or certain state-specified misdemeanors such as domestic violence). You lose your right to vote… your right to the Federal Rules of Evidence (or your local state rules) exclusion of prior acts being used as evidence definitely can apply to you differently than non-felons (because previous crimes CAN BE USED as evidence much more easily for felons)… your right to full protection under the 2nd, 14th, and others can certainly be affected by felonies,… Read more »

Norman Potts

I agree. I have no.problem with non violent felons regaining firearms rights, especially first offenders. Gang bangers are another matter because they demonstrate a propensity for violence. Many states allow possession by ex fel9ns after theyes are off paper, or at least a judicial review. Federal law used to be that way.


A good use of fb for once


Yeah that definitely wasn’t the smartest thing for those two felon bonehead to do. If you’re going to to do something illegal like being a felon and in possession and discharging firearms you do NOT be stupid enough to video tape it at all. Much less posting on some public internet forum like Facebook OR youtube. If you do you’re just buying the rope for the judge to use to hang you. The law is trying to punish you, don’t help them do it! Sheeeeesh.