91-Year-Old Man Fights Back, Shooting Suspected Armed Robber

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91-Year-Old Man Fights Back, Shooting Suspected Armed Robber
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- FOX 2 News Detroit reports this week (8/23/2016) in Eastpointe, Michigan, a 91-year-old man has shot and wounded another man during an apparent robbery attempt outside a Detroit-area Rite Aid store.

Eastpointe Police say the intended victim was leaving his vehicle Monday morning when he was approached by a male subject behaving in an erratic manner.

The elderly man got out of his car and walked up to the Rite Aid. As he got closer to the front door, he saw the subject walking to him, holding something in his hand. The 91-year-old man shouted that he was armed and urged the man to back off.

Ignoring the warnings, the subject continued his approach with an unknown object held in his hand above his head. The intended victim pulled out a .38-caliber revolver and fired from a distance of about 10 feet, but missed. The subject kept coming and the elderly man fired again, that shot striking the subject in the neck.

The Eastpointe Police spokesmen said the subject had a piece of metal that he intended to use as a weapon. A Detroit News story quoted investigators saying the elderly man warned the second man “three or four times and even had the gun pointed at him … but the suspect kept coming and pointed an unknown object at the victim.”

The would-be attacker was shot in the neck. He was hospitalized and is in the County Jail on a $50,000 bond. The Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office has determined that no criminal charges will be filed against a 91-year-old concealed pistol license holder.

Prosecutor Eric Smith also authorized an arrest warrant charging the wounded robber with assault with a dangerous weapon.

Smith said “This is a textbook case for why concealed pistol licenses are issued in the first place,” “American citizens have the right to protect themselves in the face of clear assault.”


Another clear case where carrying a firearm saved the day! The victim at age 91 was in clear danger even if the attacker didn’t have a weapon.

Warnings were issued and ignored. Verbal warnings work statistically in about 19 of 20 incidents. Perhaps the first shot was a miss or maybe one of those evil “warning shots”.

However it’s worded in the reports, it was an even louder warning to the perp.

This is one of the 5% of wackos who will walk into a citizen pointing a gun as if they have a death wish. Always use warnings where time and distance allow, just stay ready in case they don’t work.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Can’t wait for the lunatic left to say he only had a book. Why would he be pointing a book at an intended victim? Mkudos to the man for defending himself, I think he must of been married to he 95 yr old lady who shot my cousins dog mistakingly thinking he was after her sheep in he corral . She missed his heart by only about 1.5-2 inches at most according to the vet!this was at a range of about 60 yards with a 22lr that most all farm and ranch houses keep hand out here in the west


“The intended victim pulled out a .38-caliber revolver and fired from a distance of about 10 feet, but missed.”

I guess I missed something in the translation from photo to written word ……………..


DRT would have been a better, less costly outcome.


Ah yes, the magical “license.” Suppose he didn’t have a “license?” Would the 91 year old intended victim now be in jail?

What legitimate purpose is served by this government permission thing? Nothing at all to do with safety, proven clearly by the states that no longer require a “permit” to carry, either OC or CC. Those of us who carry in these places have not put rivers of blood in the streets.

Why is that so difficult for so many people to accept? Ah! They want to control other people. That’s the only reason I can see.