Adrenaline Dump Training, Put Up or Shut Up

By Bob Harvey
I am reacting to a “Pro” firearms Youtube trainer who trashes an age old teaching, as if he is the only enlightened one. Then does not show what his advice is to overcome an adrenaline dump.

Adrenaline Dump
Adrenaline Dump : Learn How It Is Overcome
South Florida Gun School
South Florida Gun School

West Palm Beach, FL –-( I was watching a video this morning of a so called Instructor flaming about the age old standard of teaching the reaction and remedial of an adrenaline dump.

He was making fun of the instructional methods talking about fine motor skills vs. gross motor skills.

His comedy was funny although wrong on so many basis.

I am betting he has never been in a life or death fight in his life.

This is the YouTube tacticool techniques vs. real life (life and death).

Although he trashes an age old teaching, as if he is the only enlightened one. He does not show what his advice is to overcome an adrenaline dump. Training the mind and body to survive a fight is not a joke. Nor is it to be made fun of.

If you have a better training technique show it. If not, you should shut up or put a disclaimer on your videos that they are entertainment only.

Adrenaline dumps do cause a Fight, Flight or Freeze reaction. This is indisputable. Physiological and Psychological changes happen to your body and mind. If your training does not include working on this particular part of a violent encounter then your training is not complete.

What none of these so called experts can refute, is that the chemical dump from adrenaline (chemical discharge) does change your bodies ability to deal with stress and violence. Those chemicals do not dissipate quickly. And the effect on the brain and body can be devastating. Knowing how to deal with them when it happens is called a survival method.

Here is what happens, and it happens to almost everyone that is being hit with it for the first time and most always.

  • 1-Time Distortion-Speeds up or slows down
  • 2-Tunnel Vision
  • 3-Auditory exclusion
  • 4-Fine Motor skill decay
  • 5-Possible Color blindness
  • 6-Increases in speed and strength (although for shot periods of time)
  • 7-Increase in breathing and heart rate.
  • 8-Emotional change.

Adrenaline Dump : How It Is Overcome

  • 1-Awareness (know it is happening)
  • 2-Combat Breathing Techniques
  • 3-Movement
  • 4-Vociferation
  • 5-Violence of Action

My advice, Stop buying the BS on YOUTUBE, get good training and vett the trainer. Practice what you are trained to do, and your survival is possible.

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resistance is futile

Is that the killer rabbit from monty python?

Dale Gribble

Mr. Harvey

It would be nice to know which YouTube video you are referring to, since there is a virtual plethora of stupid ones to choose from.

Bob Harvey

Dale, sorry, I was asked to post the video by others. It is not something I would do. This article was to address those virtual plethora of stupid ones. Not just one specific.
Keep in mid, I run a business that has been around a long time. I don’t need an internet boxing match or dealing with someone’s ego that got hurt from my article. This is more a generality of the YouTube ninja, brand spanky new techniques because the old ones don’t work guys.
My last two sentences were the moral of the story.
Thanks for reading.