Anti Gun Media & Universal Helplessness – Your Resistance is Futile

By John Farnam

Anti Gun Media
Anti Gun Media & Universal Helplessness – Your Resistance is Futile
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Our Media’s Agendum: “Resistance is Futile”

Curious the way our leftist media interminably wrings their hands over the difficulty, indeed impossibility, of accurately predicting random Islamic terrorist bombings, as just occurred in NY an NJ.

Simultaneously, they are silent about the hero off-duty LEO, properly and legally armed and carrying concealed, who courageously stepped forward and decisively ended the Islamic terrorist slabbing spree in MN, doubtless saving many lives.

Both the bombing incidents and stabbing spree happened at about the same time, in different parts of the Country.

Yet, the media chooses to focus completely upon the false belief of universal helplessness, insisting that “resistance is futile,” rather than the promise and dramatic success created by this one brave, and armed, citizen.

The media should be enthusiastically heaping praise upon this brave American, as an inspiration and encouragement for us all, with the joyous message of, “Yes, we can effectively fight back!”

But no, he is not even mentioned. Instead, the media focuses exclusively upon ecumenical hopelessness, reflecting their own dreary, defeatist ethos!

Our leftist media is determined never to portray guns, particularly when carried concealed, in a positive manner. Brave Americans, in and out of uniform, who own and carry guns can be assured they will ever be censured and denigrated by the media, no matter the circumstances.

The MN incident is a typical example!

“If we lived in a state where virtue were profitable, common sense would make us saints! But, since we see that abhorrence, anger, pride, and stupidity commonly profit far beyond charity, modesty, justice, and thought, perhaps we must stand fast a little, even at the risk of being heroes” ~ Sir Thomas More (played by Paul Scofield) in the 1966 feature film, “A Man For All Seasons


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Here in South Florida, I heard about this incident on NPR first. The commentator mentioned “off-duty cop”, but they went on to state that he was a highly experienced LEO with many years as an avid shooter and firearms instructor. Of particular note, they mentioned that he initially engaged the bad guy, shot him until he fell. When the bad guy got back, up, he shot again until the bad guy dropped. If I have it straight, the bad guy got up one more time and was again shot by this courageous officer until he dropped for the last time.… Read more »


Actually John, I don’t think it is “concealed carry” that gets them so upset (open carry seems to drive them nuts too), but rather the carry, or even worse the use, of guns by ordinary Americans. The fact that the LEO in MN was an “off duty LEO” is only reported because it seems to make him a “special class” rather than an ordinary citizen. In fact, he is only a part-time LEO, and primarily makes his living running a tactical shooting school and gun range. He is also a certified NRA Instructor, and a graduate of the Frontsight Institute… Read more »


Fighting back used to be an American tradition. If you’re going to die, or at least get harmed anyway, there is no reason to acquiesce. In Orlando, for example, there were two hundred patrons in the club and only one gunman. There must have been something to throw at him, someone courageous enough to tackle him while he was reloading, like in Arizona when Giffords was shot. Think of all the people at VT who could have been saved if Cho had been taken down. Books and chairs are heavy. Or if anyone had a gun….


In a large part of this country, fighting back still IS our way of life (especially those of us who grew up in John Wayne’s era! LOL)

I intend to remain in that “mode” – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I will ensure that my children and grandchildren have that exact same outlook. Oh, and on this 2nd Amendment issue… I cheerfully invite the worthless Liberal Left to go engage in an act of autoeroticism.