Armed Computer Store Clerk Guns Down Robber

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Armed Computer Store Clerk Guns Down Robber
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( WLS (ABC) TV 7 reports in Carpentersville, Illinois this week (9/7/2016) Police responded to a report of an armed robbery around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Oscarin’s Computer Store in the 1600 block of Ravine Lane.

Two men armed with handguns walked into the store, demanded cash and restrained the employees with zip ties. Before they ran out of the store, one of the men struck an employee in the back of the head with a pistol.

The injured employee managed to grab a gun, ran out into the parking lot after them and fired several shots. Investigators have not yet determined how many times the employee fired.

One of the suspects was struck several times. The fire department transported him to the hospital, where he later died. The second suspect got away in a vehicle driven by a third suspect. Investigators have not said what the thieves got away with.

The employee who shot the suspect is fully cooperating.

The next day their flashing “open” sign was covered by bilingual signs that say the store will be closed for a few days for the investigation.

A neighboring business owner, said “I guess we’ll have to talk to the landlords about lights and cameras”. DUH


The employee showed his courage by chasing after the robbers. Very likely he stopped other future crimes and thereby made his community safer for everybody else. The possibility of getting killed deters most robbers.

That being clear, the downside could be difficult. Consider that the armed robber could fire at you also. Is the possibility of you being hurt or killed worth the risk? If he fires at you and misses, who might get hit then?

In many cases, the police, aided by witnesses can find and arrest the perp. If possible let the cops handle it. We are all sick and tired of these violent criminals but try to save your gunfire for defense of humans that are in danger at the moment.

The solution of adding lights and cameras will probably move the next robbery a few blocks. Actually putting violent offenders in prison works better!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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I must respectfully disagree with the author on one point. While placing violent offenders in prison is appropriate, putting them in the dirt is much better for several reasons. Number one being that they don’t commit future crimes. The second being that law-abiding taxpayers don’t have to subsidize a criminal’s vacation. Prisoners receive three meals a day, there are many prisons where they are not required to work, they are given free cable television, and receive free room and board. There are many Americans who never commit crime, and despite working full-time cannot afford cable television. There are many Americans… Read more »


I know plenty of computer techie geek types… every one of them carries. I believe you have embraced a false stereotype.

The computer guys I know are intelligent… sufficiently so to understand they need to carry personal protection at all times and places.


Could this incident result in the creation of a new gun rights movement? How about ‘#Geeks with Guns’?


Good for the shooter, and good riddance! But, is there justification for the use of deadly force once the threat to human life and limb has disappeared? A prosecuting attorney may indict the innocent shooter, but a sympathetic jury may let him off – UNLESS the dead felon is from one of the protected minorities..


I wonder if the employee was legally justified in shooting the criminal after he’d left the premises? He was morally justified to be sure, and is the hero of the day, I just hope a ADA doesn’t go after him.