Armed Homeowner Kills Teen Burglary Suspect

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. Read them and see went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from defense with a gun.

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Armed Homeowner Kills Teen Burglary Suspect
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( The Charlotte Observer reported recently (8/24/2016) a Mineral Springs homeowner fatally shot a teenager who is believed to have broken into the man’s home early Monday, the Union County Sheriff’s Office says.

Investigators believe the shooting victim, age 17, and at least one other person had broken into the house on Happy Hollow Lane shortly before the shooting at 3:50 a.m.

Officials say he might have re-entered the house to retrieve items left behind, awakening the homeowner. The homeowner, whom the sheriff’s office did not identify, began yelling at the suspects, who broke out a window and escaped the home.

Soon afterward the intruder and at least one other suspect returned, possibly to retrieve a book bag they had left behind. The homeowner saw him on the back porch and fired shots, fatally wounding him, then called 911.

The deceased had been found guilty of having weapons on educational property this year in Union County.

Detectives are still doing interviews and have filed no charges, the sheriff’s office said.


A tough case, it appears the suspect was outside when the homeowner fired. Viewing the three homeowner/burglar contacts as one over all event, the shots were fired at the end of one long incident.

Taking them as three separate events, we may have an unreasonable shooting here. The question is whether the subject posed a threat at the time the shots were fired. This is certainly a case wherein you want to speak with your defense attorney before making a detailed statement to any investigators.

When you hear an intruder- if possible call 911 first and leave the phone on so 911 can record the incident. Get the cops on the way and let them search for the intruders. Not only do they wear body armor but they have free lawyers!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Law Enforcement Officers solve crime after the fact. Bottom line is if you are not afraid for your life or those you love, then you shouldn’t shoot. It takes both sides of an aguement to learn anything beyond what you know!!! It is the old adage of : I may not agree with what you say but I will give my life to protect your life to say it!!! The second protects ALL the rest of our founding documents!!!


Who knows what was inside the backpack they wanted to retrieve, knife, gun, who knows.
I was in fear for my life, period.


seems like they’d already been inside, and were returning to reenter via a pathway they knew was open. In other words, being on the back porch coming in was the same functionally as BEING in. Seems this county Sheriff has a good viewpoint from which to decide no charges to be filed. Perhaps they understand well WHO writes their paychecks… homeowners such as this one, and not 17 year old scumbags. Not a great basis for a decision, but let’s face it, the sheirff IS hired to protect and serve. If they go round second guesssing the intent of homeosnwers… Read more »


“IF MORE THAN ONE, GO FOR YOUR GUN” (sign posted at the USBP’s range at F.L.E.T.C.). Some states, such as Arizona, recognize justification for defensive homicide based on numerical superiority. Just make sure the impact points are on the front, not the back, of the VCA.

Wild Bill

, When were you at the USBP Academy, FLETC, Glenco, GA?


I was at Glynco twice as a civilian contractor, demonstrating night-vison devices and IR laser aimers on behalf of a Tempe-based manufacturer for which I worked. One of my two visits coincided with my son’s graduation at the USBP Academy.
Demos were fun, since these involved darkened ranges. I felt like Count Dracula, since I did my work at night… Were you in the Green Machine?

Wild Bill

, Went to the INS Special Agent Academy (later ICE), Supervisory Special Agent, and Director BFU.

Jim Macklin

Every State has laws on the Use of Force and most have three tiers of law. First is the defense of human beings which will always cover self and family and possibly “others.” Second is defense of a dwelling, your home or apartment, a place where you sleep. This is often given the same or similar latitude as defending people. Third is defense of property which includes out buildings, barns and garages as well as cars, vehicle and animals. The laws vary from State to State and they do change over the years. Castle Doctrine, not all States have it… Read more »


Castle laws in all states have one thing in common, i.e., lethal force is not authorized unless a person feels their or an another persons’ life is endangered. Lethal force for any other reason could find a person facing criminal charges


@Saddletramp. In Texas, a person is justified in using deadly force to protect property; their own, family members’ even neighbors’. Deadly force is justified even for malicious mischief if it is perpetrated after local sundown. There is even a section wherein armed security officers may use deadly force to defend the property they are guarding in any scenario in which the property owner would be justified. Oh, and most states allow private citizens to arrest without warrant. In Texas a citizen may arrest without warrant for a felony in view or a misdemeanor violation of the public peace (which is… Read more »

Bob G

BillM: the argument we’ve all been having is whether or not a homeowner should be entitled to shoot someone on your porch. This incident is interesting because the suspect had already once been inside the house, but was not at the time of the shooting. As I said in an earlier post, there is no doubt that in CA, and I assume in most other states, this homeowner would face prosecution for what woukd be considered an unjustified act. I will agree that burglars can be the most dangerous simply because the fluid but encased environment allows the burglar to… Read more »


If they are breaking in and you fear for your life you can use deadly force. It would be the same if a group of BLM were coming at your house with fire bombs and threading you. You do not have to wait till they bomb your house or enter your house. That is the LAW of the land. Check it out.

I hate guns

It is a sad story, but two two wrongs don’t make it right. It was wrong for the teen to be there, but firing a gun and therefore taking matters into your own hands is not right either. From what I’ve heard, the homeowner will not be charged with any crime. I suppose that’s as it should be, but a young man died and I’m sure his family is devastated. If that had been me, I would have called the 911 operator and let the police do what needs to be done. I don’t know how the man feels about… Read more »


You should be charged with gross stupidity !


You do not understand the right of self defense. The guy was breaking in and was shot. He was a criminal end of discussion. No issue. I am amazed how you feel sorry for the bad guy. You hate guns? Why? You might not be alive today if not for guns. What has a gun ever done to you? Has a gun jumped up and attacked you? I feel so sorry for anyone as ignorant as you.


No. Self-defence refers to when you have to use violence to repel a credible threat of violence. It also means you have to stop when the threat is over. The “yeah, well they shouldn’t have been there” is “property defence at best” or “honor defence” at worst.


Very ignorant Gil. Self Defense is a RIGHT not a duty.. What planet are you from? Even the laws in almost every state cover that as a right. Please educate yourself before making ignorant comments.


Self-defence means *defending* your *self*. Hence the courts are only interested in what imminent threat you faced if you claim self-defence. Anything else is either property defence or honor defence.


P.S. Self-defence is supposed to be not so much a right as a duty. You have a duty to do what it takes to end a threatening situation. To call it a right suggest you simply want to kill people and are elated when someone crossed your deadline and gave the legal permission to shoot them dead.


No one said that Gil You are showing your ignorance about law and self defense. Or maybe you are just a liberal anti gunner.


Move out to a rural high crime area and let’s see how you (I hate guns)
respond to that situation.
You simply wouldn’t survive.


You and your idiotic attitude are what have created the problems in society today. Because of you and voters like you, criminals have far more leeway and far less punishments, making them bolder and more dangerous to the law abiding. Libturds like you support the killing of a defenseless fetus in the womb but insist on sympathizing with a worthless dirtbag. God says that those who condone an action are no different than those who commit the action! You condone criminal activity, I condone self defense!

Bob G

Guys! What the hell is wrong you all? I Hate Guns made a reasonable point, and it’s currently a valid perspective that should be heeded. Had this incident occurred in any of a dozen other states this homeowner would very well be facing prosecution. I think I Hate Guns is asking for the business by bringing his platform to pro-gun forums, but set aside his anti-gun stance and he’s just parroting – in his own way, which is his right – what the author of the story was partly trying to warn with this story. In my opinion, had this… Read more »

Wild Bill

G, Ihg’s comments are so uneducated and unthoughtful, that what you suggest is too much work. To put it another way, Ihg is f ked up in the head, and we can not unf k him.


Well said, Bob.


Very ignorant Bob. Nuff said.

Bob G

Well, hell, djr, I’m so glad you put me in my place with your well-reasoned and insightful comment. Bravo! You are a credit to the internet. A scholar.

Wild Bill

Ihg, Where do you get the idea that one can not take the law into one’s own hands? Have you never heard of citizens’ arrest or self defense? Go take some classes. “I suppose this…. I would have done that…how the man feels… ” When did America stop thinking? Your post may as well have said I am a know nothing with a head full of mush.


You must be a dumb Hilary supporter.


I hate guns, I don’t know where you live, or what the response time is for your local LEA. There are areas in this country that LE response time can be one hour or more, if ever! I retired with 25+ years in LE. I have sign above my door of my home that simply states, “NOTHING IN THIS HOME IS WORTH YOUR LIFE”. Somebody is in my home without my express permission, means that they plan to harm me, or my loved ones, or steal from me. Such actions will be met with a reaction, usually violent. Ihg, if… Read more »


I’m confused. On the one hand you start your post with the declaration, “I hate guns,” but then you turn around and declare that you are willing to use deadly force to protect you and yours. Saying you hate guns is analogous to hating hammers. Both are tools, both can deliver mortal injuries and neither do anything unless a human being makes them do something. Isn’t it somewhat hypocritical to say you hate guns but are willing to use them?

Help me out here.


This would be a sad miscarriage of justice if the homeowner was prosecuted for anything. Woken up, defending your home, and then having them return to defend it again has to be a trial in itself. But the criminals returning would make me think that they were there to do me harm. I think that gives him grounds to therefore assume his life was in danger and to defend himself, even if they were technically not in the house. The real injustice here is that an honest homeowner, minding his own business, now has to worry about going to jail… Read more »


That is why we have the Right of Jury Nullification. The jury can always refuse to find guilty. It only takes one juror to stop a conviction.


But they make every effort to hide that fact from the jury. The only way the jury can be informed is if you fire your lawyer just before the summation and then read the act to the jury as your summation.


True. That is why I am always commenting online about Right of Jury Nullification. If everyone spreads the information it will grow. Odds are you will have at least one juror that is a gun owner or sympathetic to gun owners. Help spread the word. Another point use the Hillary defense of no intent. Very hard to prove intent.