ATF Backs Off on Wetted Nitrocellulose, Smokeless Powder Production Uneffected

Wetted Nitrocellulose
Wetted Nitrocellulose
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Montana – -( Dear MSSA Friends,

The rumor is circulating that new federal regulations / reclassification of Wetted Nitrocellulose by ATF will put an end to domestic smokeless powder production in the U.S.

This is both true and not true.

The BATFE proposed a new regulation for the storage, transportation and documentation of “wetted nitrocellulose,” which is a precursor for manufacture of smokeless powder. This proposed regulation would make compliance so difficult and expensive that it could cut off domestic production.

However, because of industry input about the possible consequences of this proposed regulation, the BATFE has decided to withdraw it for further consideration. It could still happen, but for now it's on hold.

One concern is that this proposal and Internet attention to it could spark a consumer run on smokeless powder and ammunition.

Demand for powder and ammo is still a couple of orders of magnitude (or more) more elastic than the supply side can accommodate. So, this could create another run on finite supplies.

Those who follow Montana Shooting Sports Association legislative activity know that we got our Ammunition Availability Act passed into law in 2015. The AAA was/is to encourage the manufacture of smokeless powder, small arms primers, and cartridge brass in Montana. We launched this legislative effort mostly because there are only two producers of smokeless powder in the U.S. – all other smokeless we consume here is imported and subject to administrative control by the U.S. State Department.

We wanted to both encourage smokeless production in Montana, and to set a model for how that could be done in other states all across the U.S., to make our Right to Keep and Bear Arms less vulnerable to political interruption of powder supplies.

Stay tuned for more info about this …

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut

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    1. Any textbook has the formula for making nitrocellulose. Saw dust, cotton waste, and Nitric acid (HNO3) is what any terrorist needs to make their own explosives. Ban college textbooks, ban higher education! Make the world safe for the ignorant.

      Ban clothes since clothing allows concealed weapons. Ban running shoes since they allow perps to run away from police officers.

      Ban water because it is a greenhouse gas and thousands of people drown every year. Water is too dangerous for public use and access.

    2. All bureau of infringement employees should be required to read the 2nd Amendment every day. Eventually some might get it.

    3. no lead smelting and smokeless powder?? sounds like a plan on making the second useless becuase of no ammunition

      1. It won’t work! Many of us have a good stockage, besides there are enough of us to kill the enemy and take their ammo, battlefield requisition. I say Bring it on!

    4. Liberal Politicians will try anything to take our weapons away from us because they Know that they should be shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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