BIGshot SLAYER Broadhead Target Field Test & Review

By Jason Reid
Jason puts the BIGshot SLAYER Broadhead Target to the test with this field review.

Practice leads to full freezers.
Elk Hunting: I didn’t come all this way to miss.
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AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

New York, USA – -(  Targets. The sole objects which takes our frustration of practice on a daily basis.

Personally, I love putting the marketing of targets to the test. Before jumping into this review please understand I shoot more than most people do, should, or ever will. Plenty of missed deer in my early years of bowhunting has driven me to the mantra of, “I didn’t come all this way to miss”.

Just having a chance to draw on an animal is a privilege you have to fight for every day. If I didn’t hunt I can only imagine what else I’d do with the extra time. My family would probably throw their vote towards the get married column.

BIGshot SLAYER Broadhead Target

Targets have never lasted long in my house. Between my OCD with shooting and the other three adult bowhunters I share a target with, the abuse of targets starts almost as soon as the snow melts in April every year. The BIGshot SLAYER Broadhead Target I tried this summer on recommendation from friends. A larger target built for broadheads, at 28 pounds, this target is best suited for sitting in your backyard or on your local range. The target is built with anti-sliver foam technology to withstand the impact of arrows and specifically those tipped with broadheads. The target comes with two sides that have marked targets. One side gives you the ability to shoot at dots to help you get your elevation and windage dialed in correctly.

With plenty of dots to shoot at you can spread out the arrow inflicted abuse on the target. The opposite side of the target gives you an deer sized heart and lung target print to build your confidence on. After dialing in my bow with the dots, I immediately began shooting at the heart and lung target in order to build confidence for the hunting season.

Shooting too many dots can lead to target panic and frustration if you miss by a touch. Shooting at the opposite side gives you a better feel for realistic shooting situations.

Because of the size of the BIGshot SLAYER Broadhead Target I can practice at long distances in excess of 50 yards and not have to worry about losing an arrow if I happen to make a poor release. At long distances you want to be able to see how your arrows will react and this target helps you build that data.

The BIGshot SLAYER Broadhead Target material makes removing broadhead tipped arrows very easy. If you shoot field points into the target like most of us will, bring an arrow removal tool. The material is built to take the shots from broadheads, which does not lend itself to easy removal for field points. Just something to remember.

These next pictures I urge you to take with a grain of salt in regard to the aforementioned volume of arrows this target took over the course of the summer. This is the result of four bowhunters shooting 50-100 arrows into the target seven nights each week. If you shoot just a few arrows each week this target will last you multiple seasons.

BIGshot SLAYER Broadhead Target : Multiple adult archers sending a few hundred arrows into the target every night of the week for months.
BIGshot SLAYER Broadhead Target : The result of multiple adult archers sending a few hundred arrows into the target every night of the week for months.
BIGshot SLAYER Broadhead Target's big dots make sighting-in easy.
The BIGshot SLAYER Broadhead Target’s big dots make sighting-in easy.

In conclusion, the BIGshot SLAYER Broadhead Target is a great target for $70[less online]. It is big enough to take abuse from multiple archers and helps to build confidence on both dots and life-like sized vitals for big game. Shooters in their backyard and shops alike can benefit from the economic value and size of this target.

Get your BIGshot SLAYER Broadhead Target online at Amazon as well as at

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