First Person Defender Season 3: Hostage Taken at Local Park

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Mandeville, LA -( When a relaxing day at the park becomes a high pressure hostage situation, one man’s actions can mean life or death for many involved, on this episode of First Person Defender.

The First Person Defender season three episode “Hostage Taken at Local Park,” reminds viewers how easily an attacker can take advantage of the un-prepared. Knowing how quickly a situation like this can go from bad to worse, trainer Chris Cerino works with the First Person Defender participant on precision shooting, emphasizing the importance of proper training, focus, and keeping a cool head.

First Person Defender is a web television series from Gun Talk Media that puts regular people with varying degrees of firearm knowledge into force-on-force self-defense scenarios using Simunition conversion kits and FX Marking Cartridges. First Person Defender gives viewers a unique first-person look at what it’s like to defend your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Watch Season 3 here:

The entire series of First Person Defender is available for free on Gun Talk’s YouTube channel (, and also on the Gun Talk Media channel on Roku (, Amazon Fire TV ( , and Apple TV (

About First Person Defender:

First Person Defender is a web television series produced by Gun Talk Media. The entire series is available for free on Gun Talk’s YouTube channel, and also at Gun Talk’s video website.

(“Gun Talk” and “First Person Defender” are registered trademarks.)

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3 years ago

This is an awesome series. I have been watching this show for awhile and really enjoy the training in reality that it provides. Get on YouTube and subscribe. You will not want to miss a single show.