ISRA Thursday Bulletin – September 1, 2016 ~ A Message from ISRA’s Executive Director

Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Chatsworth, IL -( Today is the unofficial start of Fall. Dove season starts today and the rest of upland game season; waterfowl and deer season will soon follow.

Sporting Goods stores and gun shops have stocked up with every conceivable item for hunting that you could want and probably more than you could afford, if you bought them all. I have read all the advertising and I believe if you used every gadget for deer hunting, you would have to kick the deer out of your tree stand, and even then, they would follow you home. All kidding aside, there have been great strides in hunting ammunition and firearms. There are even more good choices for women. Both Savage Arms and Weatherby are making excellent rifles for women. They are much more than just a youth model that will work, they have stocks designed for a woman’s body, making it much easier to manage recoil. Fabarm and Syren have done the same thing with shotguns.

In Nevada, a couple of house sitters were surprised when a home invader broke into the home they were watching. The home invader was even more surprised when, instead of finding his defenseless ex-girlfriend, he found an armed house sitter who shot him. Perhaps he should have followed the phone company’s advice and called first.

Although the 2016 Summer Olympics have passed into history, we need to take time and salute the women of the United States Olympic Shooting team. Ginny Thrasher received a Gold Medal in women’s air rifle, Cory Cogdell-Unrein won a Bronze in women’s trap, and the great Kim Rhode won a Bronze Medal in women’s skeet. This is the sixth straight Olympics Kim has medaled in. There are only two people who have medaled in six Olympics. When you consider there have been 184,869 Olympians since 1896, when the modern games were started, Kim is in a very exclusive group. Of course, NBC’s Bob Costa couldn’t find time to interview Kim Rhode on her extraordinary feat. Instead, he interviewed a snow boarder from the 2014 winter games who didn’t win anything. The Olympics are about winning and people doing extraordinary things. The anti-gun Costa must have forgotten why he was there.

The anti-gun forces in Illinois are already signaling their intentions for the upcoming legislative session. The 100th General Assembly will begin on the secondWednesday in January, lest you forget. Senator Julie Morrison (D-29) is holding substantive hearings on SB2103. SB2103 seeks to undo part of the concealed carry law which preempts local municipalities from passing laws contrary to and more restrictive than state law. If this were to occur it would form a patchwork of laws that would ensnare law abiding gun owners when they go from one jurisdiction to another. Nothing would make the anti-gunners happier. SB2103 will get a new number in January because it will have to be refiled, but it will be the same old baloney.

On Tuesday, Representative Sonya Harper (D-6) held a press conference on her upcoming proposal (no bill number yet) to assign serial numbers to every round of ammunition. This, of course, would make ammo unbelievably expensive, but the anti’s don’t care. A gang banger could steal ammo from you or some other gun owner and leave the shell casings at the scene. The police would then go after the wrong person, while the real perps escape. I’m sure the gangbangers love this idea.

I know you think these ideas are stupid and unworkable but that has never stopped any legislature before. It is going to be a long Spring Session.

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The ISRA will have a table at Maxon Shooters Supply & Indoor Range (Des Plaines) for their CZ Day, being held on September 10, 2016.

The ISRA will host a Sighing-in-Day on Saturday, October 22, at our Range, near Kankakee. This will include rifles, pistols, shotguns and black powder firearms. We will have people on hand to help you. Remember, you must sight in with the ammunition you plan to hunt with.

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  • September 4, 2016
    • ISRA Combat Pistol League & 3 Gun
    • Black Powder League
  • September 10, 2016
    • Illinois State Metric Prone Championship
    • ISRA Smallbore Founders Match
    • Defensive Pistol Series, Part 4

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Good read, thank you.