ISRA’s Smallbore Championship and More ~ A Message from ISRA’s Executive Director

Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Chatsworth, IL -( This evening is the last Smallbore League of 2016 at the ISRA Range.

This Saturday and Sunday at the ISRA Range, the Illinois State Rifle Association will hold its 80th Smallbore Championship, which is quite a feat. The first ISRA Championship had a 200 yard Smallbore Match, which was once the standard course of fire. This will be duplicated on Sunday afternoon and I encourage all Smallbore shooters to come out and participate. I would be remiss if I did not recognize Jim Miller for his dedication and hard work on this program. For those who don’t know Jim, he has done more than most people to promote the shooting sports.

I am excited to announce the 2017 Smallbore League will include .22 Long Rifle F-Class rifles. The NRA Smallbore Rule Book contains provisional rules for .22 Long Rifle F-Class matches and the Smallbore League will operate under those rules. For those unfamiliar with F-Class, the rules allow for the use of bipods and front and rear rests to support the rifles. The F-Class rifles also use telescopic sights; shooting coats are not required. The rifles are fired from the prone position.

The F-Class Highpower League is shot on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm and also 5:00 pm, for those who would like to participate or see what it is all about. The summer F-Class Highpower League will end September 28th this year.

Beginning Wednesday, October 12th, the ISRA Airgun League will be held from 5:00 pm-8:00 pm in the Range Clubhouse. This is an introduction to airguns, where you have the opportunity to use the league equipment and receive coaching in a no stress venue. We have airguns available that are AR-15 style, match rifle style, along with match pistol. All rifles, ammo and targets are included in the $5 fee (per shooter). We will have 10 targets that can be shot from the standing, kneeling, sitting or prone positions. Coaching for the shooters includes basic skills, as well as international position shooting. This is open to all ISRA members, and there is no need to be a range member. Last year, most sessions included parents and grandparents, bringing family members to learn safety and proper firearm handling. Participants mostly shot from a rifle rest on a table, in order to learn the way to hit a target and learn the basics of aiming and trigger control. For more information on this upcoming league, please visit our website calendar.

In 18 days, the first Presidential Debate will take place at Hofstra University in New York. What will happen before and during the debate, no one knows. I can tell you that gun owners in Illinois and across the United States have their work cut out for them. This is for all the marbles folks. Don’t be fooled by the polls, Hillary Clinton is still way ahead in the Electoral College.

The National Instant Check System (NICS) is on track to a record 30,000,000 background checks, by the end of the year. There will also be over 15,000,000 concealed carry permits by the end of the year, nationally. In Illinois, we are finally approaching the 200,000 mark for concealed carry licenses. Illinois is at 2,043,142 FOID Cards. I encourage everyone to get their FOID Card and ICCL as soon as possible.

Thanks for being a member.

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