Levi Morgan Stays Fit and Focused for the Hunt with MTN OPS


UTAH (Ammoland.ComMTN OPS™, an outdoor energy and nutrition company, is proud to announce well-known professional archer, Levi Morgan, has joined the fast-growing outdoor nutrition company to assist in their continued pursuit of shaping the hunting community.

“I’ve always been a bowhunter and a competitive archer,” says Morgan. “Several years ago I became very involved in fitness and serious about taking care of myself. Then I met a group of people and products that are as passionate about these things as I am. After meeting Jordan Harbertson of MTN OPS at the Las Vegas Shoot in 2015, I began using and testing MTN OPS and the results have been outstanding. I’ve seen vast improvements in both my mental and physical wellbeing. As a bowhunter and competitive archer, your mental and physical are inseparable; you need both to reach your target. After putting their products to the test I knew this was a company I could really stand behind and help promote as it so naturally fit with my personal goals and lifestyle.”

Levi Morgan for MTN OPS
Levi Morgan for MTN OPS

Morgan said he’s also proud to be a part of MTN OPS’ “Operation Conquer Hunger” where every purchase online is helps provide a vitamin nutritious meal to starving children and families in Africa. “From the quality products they produce to the their core values and goals, I look for companies who align with my own personal beliefs. This is why I’m honored to join MTN OPS as they stand for something more than just selling quality products; they are trying to make a real difference in this community. Their ‘Operation Conquer Hunger’ program is proof of their genuine desire to make a global impact by helping those who cannot help themselves. I want to be a part of promoting that change—I truly believe as we help others, we in turn help ourselves. I’m extremely optimistic about the future with MTN OPS and the opportunities that lay ahead. From a sheep hunt to a world championship, I have MTN OPS helping me reach my goals!” shared Levi Morgan.

“When I first met Levi, he shared with me his personal goals for fitness after I convinced him to give me the energy drink in his hand, in exchange for a healthy energy and focus drink alternative we create called ‘Blaze,’” said Jordan Harbertson co-founder of MTN OPS. “I still remember his response the next day after he took it, ‘Jordan, I need to know more, I felt amazing on that stuff!’ After staying in contact with Levi for a year, I am pleased to move forward with this partnership as it is a natural partnership for both Levi and MTN OPS.”

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About MTN OPS:

MTN OPS™ is an American made, family operated, performance-lifestyle company that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes outdoor energy and nutritional products. Every product is formulated under the guidance of certified chemists, nutritionists and researchers. MTN OPS takes pride in a rigorous approach to ensure the highest quality by constantly researching and developing new formulas with pharmaceutical-grade quality of ingredients, which are scientifically validated. Our products are manufactured exclusively in the United States in NSF- certified manufacturing facilities that adhere to stringent quality guidelines and GMPs, giving you the assurance that every product you purchase from us is safe and complies with the highest established quality standards. As the leader in outdoor performance nutrition, MTN OPS creates products that will improve your performance to help you Train Inside / Conquer Outside™. For more information, visit Getmtnops.com