Member of Congress Tied to Illicit HSUS Lobbying Practices to Resign

Congressman Ed Whitfield (R-KY) announced last week he will officially resign from his U.S. House seat which he has held since 1995 when Congress returns September 6.
Congressman Ed Whitfield (R-KY) announced last week he will officially resign from his U.S. House seat which he has held since 1995 when Congress returns September 6.
Safari Club International
Safari Club International

Kentucky-( Congressman Ed Whitfield (R-KY) announced last week he will officially resign from his U.S. House seat which he has held since 1995 when Congress returns September 6 2016.

Whitfield was strongly rebuked by the House Ethics Committee on July 14, 2016 for the special access and treatment accorded his wife, Constance Harriman, a registered lobbyist for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

While not recommending Whitfield’s censure by the full House, the committee’s rebuke was strongly worded and exposed HSUS’s comfort with slip-shod lobbying practices and its willingness to skirt Congressional rules.

The committee issued the rebuke after a review of 140,000 documents. Included in the committee’s report were 743 references to the HSUS and the Humane Society Legislative Fund. HSUS is well known for its opposition to hunting and for collaborating with fanatical, far-left causes favored by Hollywood and media elites.

In a previous post, Crosshairs noted the outpouring of media indignation that did not materialize after the Ethics Committee issued its public rebuke. Release of their report generated less than 20 media or print stories – a pittance given the high profiles both Members of Congress and the Humane Society pursue. How differently, we observed, would news be received of a Member of Congress giving special access to hunting advocates or supporters of the Second Amendment. Without a doubt, that scenario would have generated more attention or at least calls for further investigation—neither of which have happened in the current case.

To review, this week a senior Member of Congress will resign his seat under less than the most honorable of circumstances. His departure follows a public rebuke by his colleagues who also found substantial ethical and rules violations by a left-wing lobbying organization mentioned hundreds of times in official documents. These are not insignificant developments, no matter how swept under the rug they are by the news media. A simple change in the type of advocacy performed by the outside lobbyists implicated in this scandal and it would be grist for the mill.

Given HSUS’s obvious infractions of Congressional rules, now an established matter of public record, and lax advocacy standards—now resulting a Congressional resignation—Crosshairs hopes, and imagines, that more developments will follow.

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Take his UNDESERVED government pension away from him; WHY should he get to feed on the backs of taxpayers when he has acted like a low life slimeball.

Mark Lee

The HSUS is a sham outfit of self-interest and enrichment rather than an agent of change for the welfare of animals. I found this on, one of many who scrutinizes so-called “charities”. The HSUS is one of the major offenders and is universally reviled for these practices. Background: Despite the words “humane society” in its name, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) isn’t affiliated with any community-based humane societies or other pet shelters. HSUS doesn’t run a single pet shelter, nor does it serve as a national headquarters for humane societies that serve cities, towns, counties… Read more »


What a shock, another turd in Govt.

Wild Bill

@truckeral, To paraphrase Claud Rains from the movie classic Casablanca: Whitfield ” I’m shocked, just shocked to see government corruption going on here! ”
HSUS flunky: “Your bribe money, sir.”
Whitfield, “Oh yes, thank you!”


I had not heard of this, Ed is my Rep. I knew he wasn’t running for re-election but didn’t know why. Now I know why he didn’t like sportsmen. What a scumbag! Good riddance.

Wild Bill

I would expect this from a member of the Democrat party, but this from a member of the Republican party!? It almost leads me to conclude that the party system has corrupted all of the federal legislators.