National Hunting & Fishing Day: Tips for Your Fish and Game

FoodSaver GameSaver’s Silver
FoodSaver GameSaver’s Silver Food Preservation System :

Boca Raton, FL -( Last weekend, outdoors enthusiasts across the country celebrated National Hunting & Fishing Day.

But what some of them might not know is that they can make their caught fish and game go further with a FoodSaver GameSaver food preservation system, which removes air and keeps food fresher up to five times longer.

Scott Leysath, the Sporting Chef and leading authority on the proper preparation of fish and game, has a few tips to share to make the most of that bass, venison, or whatever else caught this weekend, including for preventing freezer burn, cooking tastier fish, and more. Check a few of them out below – would you be interested in putting together a story before this weekend with this info? Let me know and I’d be happy to help.

FoodSaver GameSaver Hunting & Fishing tips:

  • Air is the enemy! Use a FoodSaver GameSaver Food Preservation System to save your game and fish and prevent nasty freezer burn. The GameSaver Wingman maximizes air removal, features an easy-lock latch closer, and sports an authentic Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Camo Pattern to match the rest of your hunting gear.
  • Label, label, label. You’ve packed all your gear but don’t forget that Sharpie! Make sure you label and date every piece of fish and game you keep in your freezer so you can keep track of what to eat first. When placing into your freezer, make sure to move the newest catch to the bottom and rotate older items to the top so you’re sure to use them in order.
  • Save those Styrofoam containers from food packaging! When you’re saving small game birds with a FoodSaver GameSaver unit, you can use Styrofoam trays on the top and bottom to help make sure everything stacks better in your freezer and prevent sharp wing bones from poking other items in the freezer. Make sure to thoroughly wash trays before re-use.
  • Dry your fish: before cooking, wrap your fish filet in a few sheets of strong two-ply paper towels and pat it down to make sure it’s as dry as possible. When cooking, dry fish will more readily absorb the flavors you add to the skillet, like white wine, lemon juice and butter.
  • Make cooking easier – before freezing, cut your game into smaller portions before you seal it with the FoodSaver GameSaver System so you don’t need to repackage your unused meat. It also makes it nicer for sharing with friends and family. For example, you can portion out venison and deliver it with a printed recipe for my famous Grilled Venison Thai Noodle Salad or any of the delicious recipes on

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