Neighbor Shoots Other Neighbor in Self Defense

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Neighbor Shoots Other Neighbor in Self Defense
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( The Pelican Post News reported last month (8/20/2016) in Gonzales, Louisiana that shortly before 8pm, on Friday night deputies responded to 4000 block of Fox Run Drive in reference to a domestic disturbance call.

Deputies arrived on scene and located a neighbor standing in the front yard of the residence holding a handgun. The neighbor told deputies that he came to the residence because he heard a disturbance and came to see if he could help.

As he approached the residence he encountered the 43-year-old male resident who was also armed with a handgun and pointed the gun at his arriving neighbor. The neighbor fearing for his life fired first, striking the resident and killing him.

As the investigation continued, deputies learned that the resident’s wife came to the Sheriff’s office back in February to file a restraining order on her husband. At the time of his death, that restraining order was active and the resident and his wife were due in court at the end of the week, 6 days later.

The neighbor will not be charged in the murder according to the release, according to the Chief Deputy of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.


A tough choice that was in my opinion reasonable and necessary intervention by the neighbor. There will be long argument here from the resident’s attorneys that he was minding his own business and the neighbor was trespassing on his property.

This could become a dicey case for the neighbor. Unfortunately, being right doesn’t protect you from criminal charges or a lawsuit.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Actually, it does, in some states, including LA-give you protection from a lawsuit. Louisiana Revised Statutes (L.R.S.) Title 9. Civil Code, Ancillaries §2800.19. Limitation of liability for use of force in defense of certain crimes A. A person who uses reasonable and apparently necessary or deadly force or violence for the purpose of preventing a forcible offense against the person or his property in accordance with R.S. 14:19 or 20 is immune from civil action for the use of reasonable and apparently necessary or deadly force or violence. B. The court shall award reasonable attorney fees, court costs, compensation for… Read more »

Wayne Clark

Amen! Tennesse as well.