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Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter Doug Koenig tries for another championship title at the 2016 NRA Bianchi Cup.
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

USA – ( – This is the year the world’s most prestigious handgun championship becomes twice as difficult.

To take the Cup, top competitors have to shoot the four stages of fire twice, combining their qualifying score with their second round of shooting the plates, the barricades, the practical, and the mover. Julie Golob joins John Scoutten to present the coverage from the NRA Championship of Action Pistol in Columbia, Missouri.

Plus, the movie guns Clint Eastwood ordered for his film, American Sniper. We go inside one of the largest movie prop house armories in Hollywood to see how Chris Kyle’s rifles were recreated for the big screen.

And, the rimfire pistol from World War Two, that never went to war. The High Standard is now one of History’s Guns. Tune in Wednesday to Outdoor Channel!


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We go inside one of the largest movie prop houses in Hollywood to see the movie guns Clint Eastwood ordered for his film, “American Sniper.”

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