Nexbelt Tactical Belt – No Holes!? – a Perfect CCW Solution ~ VIDEO

By Mike Fernald / Turkey Hill Outdoors
Photographer Mike Fernald spends a year wearing and testing the Nexbelt Tactical Belt , here are the video results.

Turkey Hill Outdoors
Turkey Hill Outdoors

USA – -( The way that you look at your belt will never be the same again. The developers at Nexbelt have completely changed the game in a market that was pretty much stagnant.

Most people were just simply living with their old style of belt closures and thinking nothing of it.

The entire premise of the Nexbelt is built off of a completely innovative no-hole platform. No holes whatsoever. The buckle has an integrated ratcheting system that securely adjusts the tightness of the belt in ¼” increments. Thus giving the wearer 4 times the adjustability of the regular 1” hole spacing in a classic belt, without effecting the look and face of the belt.

Nexbelt Tactical Belt

The Nexbelt Tactical Belt series are composed of extremely high quality durable and stiff leather or nylon. This makes them the prefect tool to support a firearm in a CCW (concealed carry weapon) application. The belts come in a single size where the user cuts at a measured length to best fit both their waist and their needs. In an IWB (inside the waistband) CCW application, the user will cut their belt a recommended 3 inches larger than their normal waist size to accommodate a firearm and holster (it’s better to start too long than too short, once you cut it you can't go back).

Nexbelt Tactical Belt Ratchets = No Holes
Nexbelt Tactical Belt Ratchets = No Holes :

Once the Nexbelt Tactical Belt strap is secured and locked into the buckle the belt is ready to go, and ready to be adjusted to the absolute perfect length for your specific needs. No more punching new holes in your belt to get the perfect fit. No more stretching or warping of belt holes that compromise the way that your belt fits.

No more “I guess that’s good enough belts.”

These belts will give you a precise fit every time, which is invaluable when the performance of your belt directly impacts your ability to carry securely and comfortably.

Nexbelt Tactical Belt Leather Draw
Nexbelt Tactical Belt Leather Draw :

The Nexbelt Tactical Series of belts come in a variety of colors and styles to match any dress scenario that you may need. From working on the farm, to sitting in a board meeting in a suit and tie, Nexbelt has a belt that will suite your needs perfectly.

“Every day for the past year and a half, I’ve been personally wearing one of these belts, and can honestly say that it has completely reformed my opinion of a belts function and how important it is to have a belt that truly fits perfectly. The attractive styling is just a bonus.” says Mike Fernald

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About Mike Fernald & Turkey Hill Outdoors:

Turkey Hill Outdoors, LLC is an organization devoted to sharing our experiences and love for the outdoors and conservation, through video production and photography. We are devoted to telling the stories and sharing the experiences that make the great outdoors truly so great.

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    1. Hey, @DaProf –

      Thanks so much for your support of our belts, we really appreciate your support!

      Just wanted to let you know that our newest belt, our Survival Belt, is great for concealed carry. We’ve had lots of really good feedback from customers (and employees) who’ve used it for this purpose and love it. Our strap is high tensile strength, and the buckle has an integrated folding knife, bottle opener, ferro fire rod and LED flashlight. The price is a bit higher than our typical line of products, but we’re really proud of the finished result. This belt has been a dream of ours to bring to reality for a long time! You can check it out at

      Thanks again for your support!


      Thanks again

    2. Looks like a good product – but then again the military web belt has the same adjustment capability (or more) for a LOT less money. And since a lot of folks wear their shirts un-tucked, exactly what difference does it make what color the belt is or how ‘good’ it looks? NOT saying I wouldn’t use one but I don’t see any real advantage, well except for that wearing out the holes on a leather belt part 😉

    3. Having not seen the belt in “person” yet, I am throwing out some what if’s to see if there isn’t a make-do for shortening the belt until the mfgr comes up with a better idea. For any shortening of either type of belt, nylon or leather, we should be able to assume that the cut end will be pinched in a low rub low wear spot behind the buckle. With that in mind, I wonder if burning the edges of the cut nylon just enough (with a Bic lighter or other heat sufficient heat source) to melt the edges in place, similar to melting the ends of nylon cordage such as paracord or nylon rope? If the heat discolors the edges somewhat, no real harm done as that area is hidden behind the buckle anyway.

      For leather, my best guess for starters, cut to needed length and, before locking the cut end of the belt behind the buckle, place a drop of clear nail polish or maybe a drop of super glue on each end of the cut thread on the edges of the belt where they were cut through to remove the excess length. There may be some new type of epoxy glue that would work equally as well.

      The nylon web belts would be a simple matter as long as you did not get carried away and set the end of your belt on fire. Remember, for those who have not experienced this kind of “healing” technique with braided nylon, the object of the game is to MELT the nylon fibers together and not to incinerate them. Since I am not a leather guru, it seems common sense to make an attempt to “tie down” the loose ends in the stitching thread in some manner. Throw in some ideas, all you leather workers out there, eh???

    4. These belts are not actually designed for the end user to cut them to length. They are “laser cut and heat treated to prevent fraying” at the tip on the nylon version, at least according to the manufacturer’s website. They make no mention of trim to fit. Not saying you can’t trim the belt which is designed to fit UP TO A 50 inch WAIST (talk about one size fits most). Also you will need to restitch your belt if you buy leather and cut it to length.

      1. Not really sure what you are talking about. The video above clearly shows markings to cut the belt and the manufacturers website clearly states this as well ( ). I think the laser cut / heat treated tip you are referring to is the exposed end of the belt. The user cuts the end of the belt that is inserted into the buckle. I own a few of these and have cut every single one with no issues, leather and nylon. (talk about trolling)

    5. Haven’t tried them for concealed yet, but have a SlideBelt which operates on the same principle.

      Nice to have that “fine tuning” adaptability and easy on/off capability. And that cracking, etc., around the hole of the belt…not happening anymore!

      Definitely my choice for belts moving forward are ratchet style belts.!

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