NRA Launches Ad in Opposition of Question 3 in Maine

NRA Political Victory Fund
NRA Political Victory Fund

Fairfax, VA -( The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) today launched a new radio ad in opposition to the Question 3 ballot initiative in Maine.

The 60-second ad highlights the numerous problems with the gun control initiative bankrolled by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The ad is part of the NRA’s comprehensive grassroots campaign to defeat Question 3 and is scheduled to run on radio throughout the state beginning this week.

“The people of Maine don’t want a New York City billionaire telling them how to live their lives,” said NRA-PVF Chairman Chris W. Cox. “Question 3 is an unenforceable, unfunded mandate that won’t do anything to prevent criminals from obtaining or using a firearm. Instead, it would turn law-abiding citizens into criminals overnight.”

If approved, Question 3 would force law-abiding gun owners in Maine to drive to a gun store, stand in line, surrender personal information and pay a transfer fee just to loan their hunting rifle to a neighbor for the weekend. This burdensome process would have to be repeated when the rifle is returned.

“This is about freedom. Question 3 would restrict the fundamental freedoms of law-abiding Mainers. All gun owners, sportsmen, and Second Amendment supporters should reject this New York City style gun control proposal and vote No on Question 3,” Cox concluded.

Question 3 will be on the ballot in Maine during the general election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

To learn more about the Bloomberg-funded gun control initiative visit

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