Obama on Radical Islam ~ “La La La I Can’t Hear You!”

Art by Michael Ramirez

Obama on Radical Islam
Obama on Radical Islam ~ “La La La I Can't Hear You!”
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USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Obama on Radical Islam ~ “La La La I Can't Hear You!”

“While our troops are getting attacked with mustard gas in the Middle East, President Obama is busy spreading climate change nonsense on Facebook.” ~ Andrew Mark Miller, writing on Young Conservatives.

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About Michael Ramirez

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Michael Ramirez, combines an encyclopedic knowledge of the news with a captivating drawing style to create consistently outstanding editorial cartoons on Ammoland Shooting Sports News. Share this page and help spread our pro gun, conservative message with humor. Visit : www.michaelpramirez.com

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  • 4 thoughts on “Obama on Radical Islam ~ “La La La I Can’t Hear You!”

    1. Our brave men and women of our armed services,the best trained, best equipped, most devoted to their country fighting force the world has ever known, have been, are now and will continue to be disadvantaged by the political elite, political correctness and unwillingness, for reasons unknown, to defeat our enemies and win the wars the aforementioned have entrenched the United States in.
      My son will be deployed, for the third time, to Afghanistan next year to proudly “carry on” the struggle many have lost , sadly, hope in.
      Please Pray for all of our sons, daughters, brothers,sisters,husbands and wives that have been called to duty. God Bless them!

    2. First off, we shouldn’t even have soldiers there. Secondly, our government leaders do not want to offend the terrorist they have hired to go to war with Syria. Their paid mercenaries.

    3. Climate change is real .. But it won’t kill you today.
      Radical Islam has it’s sights on us right now !
      First things first . Destroy them, then work on ,
      the long term problems in order of severity .
      Yes Obiwahn we hear you , you love isis cream .

    4. Pussy boy Obama would let radical Islam take over the US and never even admit it exists. Our POTUS is a POS!!!

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