Powderhook Announces Local Legends, Honors Wichita Man

Program recognizes men and women doing the local “boots on the ground” work of getting others into the outdoors and seeks to highlight the honoree’s work at a national level.

Local Legends Initiative
Local Legends Initiative

Lincoln, NE -(AmmoLand.com)- Powderhook today announced the creation of a new initiative, entitled “Local Legends.”

The technology company will accept nominations and recognize individuals and organizations for doing the critical work of helping their friends and neighbors find their way outdoors.

According Powderhook CEO, Eric Dinger, the program fits the way Powderhook looks at the challenges facing sportsmen and women of generations to come.

“Hunting and fishing license sales generate much of the revenue needed to support conservation work. It’s been well documented license buyers are declining as a percentage of the US population. At Powderhook, we fundamentally believe the only way that will change is to engage people at the local level in affecting this trend in their own lives. No program, no marketing campaign, no app, or website can do what the readers of this story can do by stepping up and getting involved. It’s up to us as individual sportsmen and women to do the work, and that’s why we’re exciting to begin recognizing the people that are doing so. A very simple way to think about it is ‘do more people go because of me, or do less people go because of me?’ If everyone could answer ‘more,’ like the people we’ll honor through Local Legends, the trend would change,” said Eric Dinger.

The first recipient of the Local Legends recognition is Mike Christensen of Wichita, Kansas, Executive Director of Pass it On – Outdoor Mentors. Mike has worked tirelessly to help kids in Kansas, building his local program into the national standard for getting underprivileged kids a chance to experience the outdoors. Mike is a willing collaborator and knowledgeable resource for dozens of youth mentoring organizations throughout the country. Through Pass it On, Mike was among the first to implement a First Hunt program, providing youth who graduate from hunter education their first opportunity to participate in a hunt. In addition, Mike was instrumental in creating the Digital Mentoring program, an initiative to help new people through their phone, no matter their age. But, perhaps the most impressive thing about Mike is he is an avid participant in his own program. Mike is now on his third “Little,” in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, the source of all the mentor matches at Pass it On, and he counts each of them as life-long hunters and friends.

Local Legends Initiative
First Hunt Participants in Kansas

The term local legend means different things to different people. But, a constant is a local legend knows or does something meaningful in a their local area. Legend in a difference context harkens a guide or map. Mike should be celebrated for his work in guiding thousands of kids and mentors toward a more hopeful future – a roadmap that likely includes more than a few hunting and fishing licenses.

If someone in your area is doing what it takes to be called a Local Legend, shoot Powderhook an email at [email protected].

Please include some contact info, along with a photo, and a few sentences on why you believe your nominee deserves recognition for their work.

Local Legends Initiative
Be A Local Legend

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