SHTF Intelligence Course – October 21-23: Idaho Falls

by Sam Culper

SHTF Intelligence course
SHTF Intelligence course
Oath Keepers
Oath Keepers

USA -( This SHTF Intelligence course is a three-day course that prepares students to gather intelligence information for post-SHTF community security.

Each training day begins at 0900 and ends approximately 1700 (5pm), with a mid-day lunch break.


  • Day One (Friday) – Operations Security (OPSEC) & Communications Security (COMSEC)
  • Day Two (Saturday) – Intelligence Gathering & Threat Analysis
  • Day Three (Sunday) – Intelligence Preparation of the Community & Area Studies


  • Operations Security Course – Optional $50 (One Day; Friday)
  • SHTF Intelligence Course – $250 (Two Days; Saturday – Sunday)

Over the course of three days, we cover the following topics:

  • threat identification
  • threat analysis
  • understanding your place in the threat environment
  • understanding the community security mission
  • intelligence support to our community security strategy
  • the Intelligence Cycle
  • how to gather intelligence information (specific for your locale)
  • how to analyze incoming intelligence information
  • how to set up a community intelligence section
  • the fundamental tasks and responsibilities of the intelligence section
  • Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield & Community
  • Area Assessments

We begin the course by exploring and analyzing the threats we’re likely to face during a SHTF scenario, and discuss the threat environment and mission of community security. Then we get into how we should configure our intelligence section. This is the ‘brain’ of community security. We work on understanding our SHTF mission and we conduct some threat analysis to identify what we should be preparing for. Then we build our intelligence team around the mission.

You’ll have the opportunity to do group or individual work where you’ll navigate the Intelligence Cycle and complete relevant intelligence products for your community. We discuss Intelligence collection and then we collect. Then we discuss Intelligence analysis and we then analyze incoming information in order to produce intelligence. Over two days, you should be able to get a great start on your Area Assessment and complete the basics of Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield & Community.

What we do over these two days is train students to become the ‘intelligence officer’ during any SHTF scenario. The student will have an understanding of his/her roles and responsibilities, be able to direct collection and then produce threat intelligence. That’s our number one goal, by the way, for any SHTF scenario – produce early warning and threat intelligence. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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