What To Shoot Today: Silhouettes

By Jeff Carol

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Orlando, FL -(AmmoLand.com)- What is your favorite “type” of target to shoot?

If you’re like the majority of our customers, you probably prefer a silhouettes targets.

Since these targets mimic human form, they are beneficial to anyone wanting to practice self-defense.

If you’re a novice shooter, you may be wondering, how do I navigate the different silhouette targets to find the one that best suits my needs? Hopefully here, we can help.

Baker Targets B21E-ProS Target
Baker Targets B21E-ProS Target

For starters, you may have heard of the B27 and B21 targets, as these are the two most standard silhouette targets around. B27 and B21 are simply series numbers, similar to models of cars. Each target has a different “look.” The B27, for example, is a waist-up outline of a human form that includes only the body and head, with rings in the body indicating the best hits.

The B21, on the other hand, is a waist-up, arms-included human outline, with one hand holding a gun behind the back. Rather than having rings which indicate importance, the B21 has numbers across the whole head and body, indicating the best hit. Take a look at our selection of B27 and B21 silhouettes. They come in an assortment of colors (black, red, orange, pink, and blue) for better visibility.

While many target companies offer standard B27 and B21 targets only, there is and an even wider array of silhouettes.

Man With Gun targets put you in a high stress situation, literally with a gun pointed at you. The MWG has separate scoring rings across the head and body, with an X indicating the best hit.

Baker Targets B60 Thug Target - Bad Guy Target silhouettes targets
Baker Targets B60 Thug Target – Bad Guy Silhouettes Targets

We have some silhouettes targets that are simply an outline of a human shape, instead of being full color. These targets are an excellent option for long-range shooting since they are much easier to detect at a distance. If you’re a Law Enforcement Officer, or are pursuing a career as one, Hostage targets will provide practice for a possible high stress situation.

One of our more popular targets, called In A Crowd, has you single out your target amongst a sea of similar silhouettes targets. This targets also offers multiple shooting options.

Is the shape of a human not real enough for you? If you want the real deal, we have targets that are just for you. There are real human bad guy targets to help prepare you for an unforeseen dangerous scenario like the Masked Mugger. The classic thug is always a big seller at all target dealers.

This outline is a majority of our silhouette target options here, but there are always more to aim at and we will follow up our next article on the varied bulls eye targets and the values of their differences.

Baker Targets INACROWD 250
Baker Targets INACROWD 250

Until then: Shoot more and Buy more Silhouettes Targets.

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