The Truth About the NY & NJ Bombings and Minnesota Mall Attack: WE ARE AT WAR

by Stewart Rhodes

Stewart Rhodes: Truth About the NY and NJ Bombings: We Are At War
Stewart Rhodes: Truth About the NY and NJ Bombings: We Are At War
Oath Keepers
Oath Keepers

USA -( Paul Joseph Watson with Infowars does a spectacular job exposing the media absurdity in response to the bombings in NY and NJ and the stabbing attack in MN, which all happened, September 17 2016, within a twelve hour period:

The Orwellian bias and naked propaganda of the leftist media, such as refusing to call acts of terrorism terrorism, and criticizing Trump for calling a bombing a bombing, really has jumped the shark and gone full retard. Which is why they have lost nearly all credibility among the great mass of the people.

It is so ridiculous that even the average formerly asleep “bread and circuses” distracted sheeple are now able to see it. That is a good thing.

But the “mainstream” media, and the SJW communist fanatics that infest the Democratic party (same thing, really) refuse to see how they are killing their own credibility and legitimacy. So be it. Let them keep responding to radical leftist and jihadist terrorism by ignoring it or by trying to blame it on “racism.” That only helps us wake more people up.

In response to these attacks, and the MN mall knife attack in particular, which follows close on the heels of San Bernardino, Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge, etc., Americans need to come to grips with reality staring them in the face, that there are internal enemies inside our gates who are at war with this nation, who will target men, women, children indiscriminately.

Therefore, Americans must GO ARMED AT ALL TIMES, because an attack from either a radical leftist or jihadist can come at any time, in any place.

The people in that mall were fortunate that an off-duty cop happened to be in the mall, and was able to shoot the knife wielding jihadist to the ground. What if he hadn't been there? That mall, no surprise, was a “gun free zone.”

So, a “law abiding” concealed carry gun owner would have left his or her gun in the car, and would have been artificially disarmed and made incapable of shutting down the attacker with some well administered lead therapy, unless they ran all the way to their car and then ran back. That is a fail.

The right response to this absurdity is what noted cutting edge firearms and tactics instructor/author Gabe Suarez wrote today:

The Crossroads Mall I am told is posted as a Gun Free Zone. from their website, it mentions – “No firearms or illegal weapons”. Well that is all very nice, but that didn't seem to stop the terrorist, so since the other side refuses to obey the rules, so shall we refuse to obey such silly rules. Carry your weapons everywhere…well concealed but ready at hand. Ignore the sign. The sign will not protect you…that much is clear.

Spot on. Go armed at all times, in all places, and ignore idiotic signs and rules. I also highly recommend that you read Suarez's recent books Killing the Active Shooter and The Final Weapon. Get your mind right, get trained, go armed, and be ready to be a protecting warrior when faced with evil rather than a bleating sheep, running away in terror, as this sad society conditions people to be. If you are present at such a terrorist attack, you are the first responder. We are at war. Act like it.

For the Republic,
Stewart Rhodes

About Oath Keepers:

Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution.

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  • 15 thoughts on “The Truth About the NY & NJ Bombings and Minnesota Mall Attack: WE ARE AT WAR

    1. Also, learn the specific laws of the state you are in, resident or visotir, learn the LOCAL laws. I don’t know about Minnesota’s laws about defying posted Certified Defenseless Victim Zones, as this mall is. I do know that in COlorado, simple possession of a firearm in such a zone is a crime. In my stant and the next one south, (I have the Mother May I Card from both, and carry everywhere), the law says private property can be so posted, must be posted according to certain prescribed requirements and with the specified sign, and if you are “discovered” in possession within such a zone, the ONLY consequence is that you MAY be asked to remove your weapon from the property, but you may return disarmed if desired. Onely THEN (refusing to remove the ovvending tool from their precious property) you MAY be charged wiht criminal tresspass.

      Few remember because this incident is counter to the mainstream media’s preferred meme, but three days before the alledged Scammy Crooks Massacre in Newtown, CT, a crazed shooter began what he obviously intended to be a major massacre. He had multiple weapons, and a gymn bag with quite a number of prepped magazines to fit those weapons. He entered the Clackamas Towne Centre Mall, south of Portland, Oregon, a “certified Defenseless Victim Zone” per company policy and non-compliant sings so declaring it, took up a position where two main inside walkways crossed, and began firing. Two died, he was shooting still, and a young man, with his Mother May I Card in pocket, and handgun in his waistband holster, moved TOWARD the shooting, drew his weapon, aimed at the perp, but held fire as there were too many innocents beyond the perp in his line of sight. Perp saw him, turned away and walked down another walkway and made the best use of his handgun that had been made all day.. he turned it on himself and thus ended the massacre. Two victims plus perp is NOT a “mass shooting”, thus it dropped down the rabbit hole for most. Nick, the Good Guy with a Gun, knew it was “officiallly” a Certified Defenseless Victim Zone, but also knew it was unenforceable due to sloppiness of the proprietors in not complying with regulations. I also know a woman who was in that same mall that same time, always carries, (incredibly skilled handgunnner) heard the shots, and began to move toward the sound when the iron grate of the store where she was came down… they had locked down the mall. NO WAY OUT. She was FURIOUS, but powerless. I have carried in there myself, knowing there would be NO consequences if found out, and I know many others who so that as well.

      Don’t know how Minnesota’s laws are in this regard… but before going there I will know. If its like Colorado, I will simply do my shopping elsewhere.

    2. Forever politicians fluid with I’ll gotten money don’t want us free. They want all of us to be subservient to them and not our Constitution. Thomas Jefferson wrote about this and encourage every Loyal Citizen to read his opinions and thoughts. We have to have Laws and we have to abide by them. However, when laws are written not for the good of society but for the enrichment of politicians, then tyranny prevails. As a citizen I don’t deserve a “free phone”, welfare checks because I don’t want to work, or be told I cannot defend myself and Our Country. While it is the responsibility of the government elected officials to abide by Our Constitution, it is in fact the soldiers, the first responders who hold this above all else. Watching this election, a thief, liar, and criminal declared by our written laws, is/has invited violence, disrespect to our Constitution, makes up lies that the media supports as if they are our voice. We have an ex-president whom repeatedly flew to an island to have sex with underage women. We have strict laws against that. He went out of country and can’t be touched. He is a monster by any definition. When top secret information was intentionally allowed to be passed to individuals, and kept in a highly vulnerable to attack by Our enemies, that is a punishable crime by Our laws. The masses however pray to the neon god they made. The solution is simple, stand during Our National Anthem, Salute Our Flag, and with fortitude, unite to Our values, fight those who want to be Kings over us, and refuse and challenge what the few are unfairly imposing on us. Yes, it’s my choice to drink a 24oz soda, to want Our tax money to take care of those that are hungry and just need a chance to live, and keep our borders locked down so foreign powers don’t invade Our Country. There are probably some good people in D.C. and State governments, but they are crushed by the non-term limit politicians. I suggest We The People throw them all out with every means at our disposal. I was taught by my ancestors and the military the 20 patriots cannot defeat 5000 in battle. But, I was taught instead of 20 have 5000 also and the patroits win prevail over the paid aggressors as it’s only money they believe in. When we go to the polls in November we must go in huge and unbeatable numbers. They will try and use every trick in the books to break us, but We The People outnumber them. And one thing we learned from current patroits and those that our Anthem and Flag honors, Our Constitution, Our Freedom, can be used to win. Ever notice the movie Mr Smith Goes To Washington is rarely if ever shown during elections? I have. That movie defines the tenacity if one man to live by his oath. God Bless America and does every day.

    3. It is interesting to note, and the MSM won’t report (since it doesn’t fit their liberal narrative), that the shooter in this case was not just “an off duty cop.” In fact, he is a part-time officer since leaving his position as police chief, but he actually makes his living running a tactical shooting school and range. He is also an NRA certified instructor and an active competitor in 3-gun and tactical shooting competitions. While the “off duty cop” part may be why he was “allowed” to carry in that dangerous GFZ, it was certainly his tactical training/instruction and experience in tactical shooting competitions that prepared him to handle the situation so well when it arose. So don’t JUST carry – go get some training, and practice regularly too, if you decide to carry a gun in your daily life (which I agree we should ALL be doing now, even if we weren’t already doing so).

    4. I prefer to be an equal-opportunity pointer of fingers: we should say that an attack from a leftist, a jihadist, or a right-wing zealot can come at anytime. Or for that matter, from any faction there is. History has shown that stupidity can come in any guise. So with that in mind, yeah, we need to be on our guard — against anything from anyone. 😉

      1. Robert – The problem I see with you equal-opportunity finger pointing is, I have not seen that many right-wing zealot’s do attacks. The media likes to blame an event on the right then when the facts come out it’s a leftist that did the crime. Just trying to keep the record straight!

    5. This is what you get when you have a crypto-Muslim president who does all he can (without admitting he is one) for his brothers. Raised a Muslim with Muslim relations, raised in a super liberal home by mama and educated and promoted by socialists and communists, used a ton of drugs, attended a radical church, becomes a so-called community activist, and is a liberal Democrat–what the hell should we expect–duh!

    6. The mall should be sued for failing to protect its customers. If you affirmatively deny someone the ability to defend themselves you assume a duty to protect them. Hit them where they care, in their wallets, human life is valueless t them.

    7. I’ve been saying this for months. Stay alert, stay armed, practice, the police will only show up after your dead. This article is dead on and our leadership is dead wrong. And if we don’t protect our selves we are just plain dead.

      1. We have been at war since the 7th Century when this phony “religion” crawled out of the desert and took aim at Europe and anyone else who was of a different Religion.
        Anyone who believes that Islam is a “Religion of Peace” has their head screwed on backwards. It is a Cult of fanatical hatred who will destroy our world as surely as I write this note. Its “founder” was a sociopathic pedophile who murdered anyone who disagreed with him.
        This war will go on until one side or the other is dead!
        If you don’t believe this, actually take time to read the Koran, it is a horror story that rivals Steven King.

        1. Agreed!!! Americans; read the koran and the two supporting books. You will see that islam is nothing but a “DEATH CULT” of anyone who does not follow the dictates of mohamMAD the “black stone allah” worshiper that can be found in Medina.

    8. When (if) the liberals every wake up and see what is really going on, the shock will knock them to the ground. Terror is terror and no amount of semantics. that the left uses, will change the facts!

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